Tuesday, 4 August 2009

De-Polyping Granny K

Well I do get two GW points for being in bed by ten but I wonder if I have to give them back for getting back up! Shou was being a rascal - for lack of a better word to describe my first born son. Hub was trying to get him to sleep but not having much success so super mummy took over and was asleep herself in five minutes. I presume Shou feel asleep sometime after!!

I have just had a huge piece of watermelon - and my excuse for eating this late is that I really needed to clear some space in the fridge which has been invaded by the oversized watermelon. Ryu has just had his late night feed and I hope that keeps him tuckered out until at least three. Please darling. I know you can do it.

Granny K had her checkup this morning and had to have two polyps (polips?? can't be flagged looking up) removed. It didn't sound too pleasant and she has had to stay in the hospital tonight. Hub had one removed a couple of years ago and was home in a few hours. Granny K is on a drip and not allowed to have dinner!! The results of the biopsies (another ??) come back in a week. I am off to go and pick her up tomorrow I think.

Someone mentioned in a comment that the photo of Shou and Marina holding the apple sauce - and the blurb I wrote saying how fab it was - have apparantly been appointed to someone else. It would seem that according to the latest FBC catalog I am now Wendy from Kanagawa. Wendy - on the almost zilch off chance that you are reading this, is your new code name now Katy from Oita? I don't really mind what FBC decide to call me, and I can relate to the pressure of having to get those kind of things done on time, but really in all truthfullness, I think I buy enough cheddar and apple sauce that I deserve my own name under a picture of my children! The catalog obviously hasn't reached the far corners of outer Kunimi yet.

Ryu and I had a fabulously lazy day today. Had a big nap this morning after our walk and then this afternoon I do believe I occupied my time doing ditto on the morning routine plus a trip to the shops. Ryu got accosted by a lot of people out for a bit of gaijin rolly thigh cuteness. Luckily I wasn't on my 'I'm a gaijin and who gives a fuck' rampage - when I get into one of those moods beware the next vestling to come up and claim how foreign my baby looks. How big his eyes are. How 'high' his nose is and who good my boobs are for breastfeeding.

Hub has taken Thursday off work and we are taking Marina to the skin doctor to get the birthmark on the back of her neck check out. Hub thinks it is bigger than it used to be - and we got told to come back if it changed size.

Well, I am yawning away. Better go snuggle with my boy - Ryu that is. Hub got some snuggle loving last night :)



illahee said...

hope granny k is doing well, and also hope that marina's birth mark is fine.

Kristen said...

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, "O Ningyo san mitai" to my daughter when I was living in Japan, I could buy a house. Kinda glad I don't have to put up with that anymore. I love reading your blog :)

Corinne said...

hehe I got my FBC catalogue today with the photo of Shou and Marina from "Wendy." That sux, although all your readers know the truth!
Hope Granny K is ok!
I think bedtime points still count, there was some efoort on your part...

Rachel said...

Don't worry too much about that birthmark, it'll grow as she grows. Lena's has stayed the same size in relation to her arm - which means it's WAY bigger than it was when she was born. But, good to get it checked out anyway. Which doc did you decide on in the end?

Midori said...

When Joey was younger he started responding to "kawaii" more than his name because wherever we went we would get people squealing "kawaii" and pointing at him. We also had all sorts of random stupid comments that like you say, would bother the shit out of me most days but some days I would be serene and just think "Ah well, at least they think he is cute and chubby rather than them paying attention to him because there is something wrong with him.."

Makes sense to get the birthmark checked out. I am sure that as Rachel said, it is just growing in proportion with Marina though.

Hope Granny K is ok as well.