Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Comparing Sprogs

It was bloody disgustingly hot today - 31 degrees I think which isn't so bad but the humidity.

How Japanese I have become - starting something with a comment about the weather.

Went walking with Coffee Chiemi and her boy and the babies first thing this morning. It lashed rain for about forty seconds half way through our course. The babies were dry though and it was quite refreshing in a muggy, sweaty, gross kind of way. What with white not being the most flattering color it didn't turn into a wet t-shirt competition - although I was wearing a white and black stripped tunic thing over my capri yoga pants - and therefore must have looked like a half drowned pregnant zebra to anyone driving by. How flattering.

Came home and phoned NZ home while doing random things like giving Ryu some booby, having a cuppa, and starting to clear out the Tupperware drawers. I have a general list of things I need to get done before the end of August - or really by next Friday which is when I have a weeks work starting. Only the mornings but enough to mean nothing 'extra' around the house will get done. Of course having a list means I usually procrastinate by doing every thing that isn't on the list first. So today it was kitchen drawers.

Dad was the only one at home when I rang, bar the builders on the roof. Sister and Granny A were out walking with the girls. Dad is a great conversationalist though and I got all the news from home which was good - although it made me feel even further away. Hate those times when you just really want to be able to get in a car and drive an hour or so to see your parents or a sister or a brother. Or at least only be spending five dollars on a talk to Japan for all you want weekend. Why hasn't Japan picked up on this?

I went upstairs and put Ryu down for his nap and what do you know, I wake up and it's nearly bloody lunch time. Tag team Ryu over to Granny K while I have a shower and then we head off to the next town to try and pick a re-charger up for my camera battery. No luck though bugger it. Was a nice drive though. Sleeping baby, loud music, coffee, singing songs to self, and anyone else that happened to be stopping beside us at the lights.

Home for lunch and to finish the kitchen drawers. Make a shit ass half attempt on dinner while watching episode of Gray's anatomy for about the fifth time - that one after the one where George and Lizzie have a mutantly pissed shag. Man comes around to unblock the upstairs toilet. Did I mention I flushed my big hair clip down it? As in one of those clips you can put your whole hair up in. The man thought a plunger would do the trick but ended up having to go back to his truck for secret toilet unblocking tools. I left him to it with a pile of towels. Half an hour later and he comes down dripping in sweat (upstairs is like a damn sauna). Said hair clip is no longer blocking up the pipes. Said hair clip will no longer be needed for hair put uppering duties.

Coffee Chiemi and son come over for coffee and chat before English class. Only two boys today so we just dossed round doing flashcards and ABC puzzles and watching a bit of what I thought was going to be Baby Einstein Shapes but was in fact Baby Bach - so no words whatsoever. Nevermind though we just went through and said everything in English. Such a random collection of vocab on those things. The little girl that comes on randomly throughout it looks 'just like Marina' according to the boys - but me thinks that was mainly the blond hair and the big forehead and the whole 'foreign' thing.

Hub got home in time to help with the dinner thing but had to go back out at half seven to drum at one of the 'obon' (festival of the dead/ancestors) dances. In our area if someone dies there is a dance at their house during the following year's obon season - obon officially starts today and lasts until the end of the weekend I think. Today was the day you are meant to go to the family grave and 'bring home' your ancestors. They stay at the house (kind of like an ancestral sleepover without the chic flicks and popcorn) and then you take them back to the grave on the 17th - I think. Hub has to drum at two dances that honor the dead from the previous year and another three dances that are held every year.

Granny K and I were talking (as we seem to be doing quite a lot lately would you believe) and we are going to try and take ALL THREE KIDS to the dance on Friday night - it is just up the road at the temple owned by the ex-mayor of Kunimi. It is a relatively enclosed space and lots of people just go to catchup and don't actually dance, which means there might be a pair of vestling hands to hold Ryu if he wakes up and I am too busy making sure Marina and Shou don't make a dash for the road. Hub will be drumming again so I imagine Shou will stay close by and Granny K reckons Marina will groove with the locals.

So to the title of the post - here are my three sproglets all at about two or three months.

In order that is Ryu, Marina and Shou.

Oooh, hub just walked in - drumming finished two hours ago but he went on his bike so methinks there was some sake consumption going on.



Lulu said...

Oh man I know Ryu is the only one that is still 2-3 months old but i just want to pick up all of the kids and snuggle them! They are so adorable! I think Ryu has a very cheeky look on his face.

Love the new banner up the top of the page! Nice to see all of the kids!

Funny you mentioned the baby einstein bach- I just ordered it the other day. Along with another baby einstein about a farm I think. Oh who knows.

Happy Obon?! Can you say Happy Obon? Probably not- we celebrated in July so Shun is just work as usual. Just hub have tomorrow and Friday off?

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - hub has no holidays but not so bad as kindy as has no holidays :) Don't order baby einstein -laguage lab or whatever it's called. not so good.

You will have your very own one to snuggle soon!! It's harder to get the snuggle vibe when they are 'Toddlers Running Rampage'. Have to keep reminding self that they are my little cuties and they aren't really out to get me and make my day bad they just can't help it at the moment. Occupational hazzard of being a toddler I guess.

Tammy said...

Can you download Skype & talk from the computer?? If fam back home has it, it would be free. Even if they don't and you talk computer to phone, it shouldn't be so expensive. Especially if you tell Skype you're in NZ. Check it out.

illahee said...

oh, your babies are so CUTE!! i especially like marina's photo, but i think i have a soft spot in my heart for little girls. esp. little girls sandwiched between brothers!

Rachel said...

love the foot in photo 3. I have too many photos of my cute babies - plus random mother's foot!

Melanie said...

I definitely think Ryu and Marina look alike in their pictures but that could just be the angle since the picture is just about the same spot.

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

go granny chats, always interesting when you find out bits and pieces about the family and such when youre in a mood to listen to them ;P

I`m not a fan of the baby einstein stuff either..Alex loves the vacuum..she fell asleep to it all the she`s crawling and standing she chases after it!

Ruthie said...

I agree with Melanie, I think Ryu and Marina look the most alike but I definitely like Shou's pose the best! Thye're all so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! Shou's skin seems to be slightly darker than the other two, are you sure they have the same father? hehehe! You and hub sure do know how to make gorgeous children!-Enjoy Shite Katie

Gaijin Wife said...

You're right. The boys have darker skin than Marina and Shou's is defintately the most olive. As the first born, and conceived a year into our marriage I was still actually thinking hub was a bit hunky so no doubt who the father is.

And for the record the postman didn't get a look in for the other two either!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! You know I was only joking! Funny how kids from the same parents can be painted with different brushes! Although I think all mixraced kids are gorgeous, yours were extra blessed with the good looking genes :) If you ever wanted to make some money you should look into selling your eggs and hubs sperm! Katie "enjoy shite" yori- P.S I don't have a blog but you can add me as a friend on facebook- I'm on both Nay and Laura M's list.

Midori said...

Aww.. cute kid pictures. :-) They are all so beautiful! Am exhausted just reading about your day! I love Greys Anatomy too, currently waiting for a new series to start here in the UK and it is taking an annoyingly long time!