Monday, 17 August 2009

Back on

The English teaching job might be back on - but it still means driving the extra distance and leaving Ryu with Granny K between 8am and 1pm for four days in a row starting next Monday. Hub got a bit of a shock because the travel agents rang at about seven this evening. They run not only a travel agency but also an outdoor education and learning centre from the same premises. I used this travel agency last time we went home so hub knows the name.

He presumed that the only reason they were ringing was to tell me something about tickets - no doubt for me and the kids - because no doubt we were booking flights to runnaway!! This was fuelled by a conversation we had yesterday. Argument rather, about some crap but that ended with silence followed be me saying 'oh, by the way can you bring a passport application for Ryu home tomorrow?'. Ouch.

Anyway, everyone was actually in very good spirits this evening. Hub got home just about as fast as humanly possibly considering logistics and dinner and bath time followed with little fuss. One of the kindy teachers bought a far too big 'big ass beetle' to kindy today and apparently Shou kept it in a container and around his neck ALL DAY. When I went to pick them up she said he could bring it home. Shit.

Got home and the first thing Shou did was look for the other big ass beetle that they got the other day. Is a slightly different type and his big 'hasami' clipper things. I thought it must have run away but what do you know it crawled out of one of Shou's toy fire engines when he brought it inside. Wasn't very genki though so Shou decided he would risk having a hold - bad move brother. Got the big chomp and started waving his hand round with beetle chomped on for dear life. I get up and like a good mother run to the other side of the room! Hub had to come and rescue Shou and his finger. I doubt he'll be doing that again for a while.

Granny K came in this arvo to give me the grapes that had been at the alter. She said that Shou and Marina must have opened the box and had a couple. I said that must have been it. Thank god she didn't come in last night when they were practicing for the grape hurling and squashing festival.

Took the family wagon in for an oil change this morning, earning me several hundred good wifey points which could have been reason for hub's record setting home time. While the car was getting sorted I took Ryu for a walk round to my old boss's house. His daughter and her baby were visiting for obon and I ended up staying for a coffee, chat and leaving with a new handbag. They had had it sitting wrapped up in their lounge and were meaning to give it to me as congratulations for birth of Ryu prezzie. Is a mummy bag - with waterproof lining and different compartments for bottles and nappies but is relatively small and quite hideous infact. It will have to grow on me a bit before it becomes my daily bag I think.

Finally got around to ordering a camera battery pack on-line today. Might actually get some more regularity in posting photos.

Well, hub is twitching like he wants/needs some maintenance.

What's a girl to do.



illahee said...

sounds like a rather lovely day!

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Wow. you are a braver woman than I.
I think I upset my little brood of Kindy boys the day in June that I told them that no, they were not welcome to bring in huge ass beetles to Kindy, and no, I do not approve of whacking trees with huge butterfly nets to get cicada down.
The closest we get to wildlife on my watch is the fish tank :)

thefukases said...

Ahhhhh, at least you can see the bigass beetles- we still have MIA here a handful of slaters (dango mushi) and three crickets. Oh, and I think the headcount on the suzumushi is down but apparently they eat each other so I'm not counting that one.

Poor Shou's finger. Amy did that at Kinder and got a cuddle and a bandaid fom the teacher. meg did it at home and got a 'that was silly, wasn't it?' life's so unfair...