Sunday, 19 July 2009

Play Date & Scary Popo

Today we had some friends come and play. Illahee and her brood of beautiful children drove all the way to our little corner of the paddy to play. I have met Illahee once before but reading her blog and vice versa it feels like I have known her for a lot longer. We talked and talked and I got all my English words out for the week, while the sproglets got naked and played outside. In the lead up to their visit I was inside looking after Ryu and making some stuff for our lunch. Hub was outside watching Shou and Marina in the pool (at nine in the morning!!) but was more fixated on shining his hubcaps. Illahee assured me that her hub wouldn't know the difference and he didn't but I think hub felt better in the knowledge that they were shiny - like me and my bench I guess!!

When they first arrived Marina was still asleep and when she came downstairs after the rest of us had had lunch it took her a wee while to check it all out - then of course she felt fine as and ready to get naked with the boys. She was pretty excited to have Tommy to play with. God, being able to play in the pool without getting your head held under - what fun. They had a great time. Tommy is three days older than Marina. Check out her mullet. (photo removed due to too many hits and downloads by skanky persons wanting pics of naked chilren - fuck right off)

Shou enticed Hiro into running round with the water guns and in the end picking on the little kids - or rather drowning them with water. All fun, although I do think Shou rarked the other kids up a bit.(photo removed - ditto)

And because she wasn't running round naked with the boys here is a pic of Sasha on the swing, looking as cute as ever.

All the kids had a great time and I think the person (??) that came out the worst off was perhaps popo chan - Marina's doll. She's a bit scary - what's a bet she had it off with chucky in a past life.

I had hung her up to dry from her feet but when I checked later she was in 'mid-cartwheel'. Hub apparently felt sorry for her. As if being hung up by an arm and a leg is any better?

And just for good measure... Because we love poorly taken dark photos of extremely cute babies.

After a great day (thank you!) our visitors left, Shou and Marina picked at whatever we had left over and then it was bath time and bed. They both zonked pretty quickly. Ryu is also swaddled to within an inch of his life and in peaceful slumber.

Hub has had a few beers after his hard day running round after the kids, and is looking at me as if his leg is getting a twitch. Hmmmmm.

To get a leg over or not to get a leg over, that is the question...


Later - watching an MJ special on satelite - the 30th anniversary or something. He is a bloody legend, and above all else such an entertainer. His songs, I mean who can say they really don't know the words to at least one of them! A true rockstar. If I could moonwalk and type at the same time I would be...


Sara said...

Ohh looks like a fun day!! I can't wait to have playdates like that in the future.. and hey... with all those kids around they seem to tired themselves out pretty quickly, eh?? Maybe pop out one or two more and you won't have to worry about the getting them to bed issue?!?


Love the pics too!! Very surreal to see two bloggers I frequently read's children playing together!! Looks like so much fun!!

Jealous of your blue skies as Niigata was rain rain and more rain today. Perfect weather for a three day weekend :P

Nay said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day!!

That is the day that Sara, Lulu and I dream of doing!! I can just imagine all of us plus the kiddies trying to fit inside one apartment though. One of us will have to buy a house or something first :P

LOL@ Sara's comment about popping another one or two out. It sounds like a great idea actually :P They will be able to play all day with each other that any night time sleep schedule won't be needed because they will be so exhausted from playing all day!!

Go on... just one more :P 4 kids sounds perfect to me...

gaijin wife said...

Come on Sara, come on Nay, enough is enough. I think pop out and fourth child no longer belong in the same sentence. If you put hub in the count then there is four kids anyway!!

Playdates are fun fun fun. And in a few years you will all be doing them too! The bonus is you will have a beautiful little MILO wagging his tail at yours!! Still jeaous Nay.

Midori said...

That sounds like the perfect day for you guys.

Oyomesan said...!

Keep the picture the size it is! It's a great pic!!!

Shall I post a similar size one of MY baby...the cat??? I could wrap a towel round his ears and he'll look just as cute. Not.

Anonymous said...

That's a classic picture of Shou "rarking" the little kids up! Play dates are so fun! I can't wait till I have kids so I can have some! Sounds like the whole family enjoyed the play date! - Brisbane no "Enjoy shite" Katie yori

Lily said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like such an awesome day. I hope someday Illehee's, your gang and mine could get together when I have to do one of my PIL visits. Where the heck would we fit 9 kids though eh!
Illehee is great isn't she-so down to earth and easy to talk to. Iineeeee!
Maybe we can use the cottage I will build for Granny K with MY LOTTO WINNINGS ;)

Brenda said...

Hooray for bloggy kid playdates! I didn't realize you and illahee lived near enough for get togethers!

Love the "naked in the pool" pix, always a classic! I took one very similar when Gabi was about 2, took them to a local drug store to be developed. When I went to pick them up, they called the store mgr over so she could tell me that their store didn't develop "child pornography" and I'd have to take my film somewhere else!!!!!!

The Boss said...

What a beautiful wee man! dont worry about making the photo smaller you should frame it, in fact may be the one you send in to the modelling agencies for extra income..... Would so love a cuddle and a play, shame its a few grand and two days travel! Big hugs and kisses from auntie xoxo

illahee said...

we had a great time, too! all my kidlets went to sleep quickly (sooooo different than the night before) even tommy, and slept until seven this morning!!

thank you so much for having us over AND giving us lunch, we all had so much fun! even yoshi thinks your husband is kind and easy to talk to, so hopefully we'll all be able to meet up sometime soon again!

Anonymous said...

Ryu is smiling!! All the kids are beautiful eh!
Great garden etc...We live in a typical apt with a small balcony. Ahh to think of living in NZ with a deck and garden and clean air. I like here though I think part of it is the people and the nature of their culture. ATM. Will you fellas ever consider a stint in NZ?


Anonymous said...

Hey Katy
Looks like loads of fun --- and glad you are getting your leg over again (or letting a leg get over you.. whatever) ... action in any form is all good!!
love Nicole