Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Two Testis - Thank God.

Well, I definately didn't wake up as super mummy this morning as planned. Think I was more bitchy sleep deprived mummy. Shou woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at ten to five!!Could mummy please repair his airplane - which was two bits of rolled up newspaper stuck together with tape in shape of cross. I took him downstairs, put the plane through a vigorous warrent of fitness and then taped up the bits in need of repair. Then tried to persuade him back upstairs - he could even come in with mummy if he was quiet and didn't wake the baby. No go.

So bitchy sleep deprived mummy put him outside, on the deck. In form of time out I guess he should have stayed out there for three minutes - a minute for each year of his age. Isn't that the recommendation? If so then means I could tell hub to bugger off for 44 minutes at a time!!

Finally managed to get back upstairs where mummy got told to go away and hub was flavor of the month. He slept for another hour thank god.

Got them to kindy and came home to clean, get English ready and get dinner sorted before heading off to meet friend for lunch.

Met her for some corn, ebi (shrimp) and blow torched (aburi) something or rather. I am so predictable. I may venture out and have some salmon or squid but this is my usual menu. Went to the kiddy shop and bought Marina some shoes and shorts. Ryu was a gem and slept the whole time until he had to get weighed for his one month check!

Got to the clinic early and needed a pee. Didn't have to do pee test last time for the one month checks but thought would ask anyway. YES - so away I go and my god, how easy it is to pee in a cup when you haven't got a nine month pregnant belly to contend with. Had blood taken too and the dreaded 'internal'. Not as bad as was expecting and doctor gave me clean bill of health and said 'nandemo shitte ii yo' - you can do anything now. Hmmmm. And I don't think he was talking about going back to my rigid rock climbing regime.

The doctor there to give the babies check ups tried very hard with her English - despite hearing me talk in Japanese to the nurse. However, the only English I really understood was

He has two testis.

This is good news, very good news indeed. For a while there I thought Ryu was going round with just one big ball and not two. What a relief. His hips are fine, no lumps in his tummy, neck on the way to holding big head up rah rah. And for the major stats - he is now 4900 grams, so has put on over a kilogram in one month. He is 3cm longer and his head has grown 8cm - which I don't think can be right surely?? Especially as his man chest has shrunk by 5cm.

After check we hightailed it home in time for a bit of boob before English. Class went fine. Hub rang half way though to say he might be late but would definately be home as early as possible tomorrow night when I have my 8pm class. I asked if he could please come home early on the odd night when I didn't have anything. He didn't protest and was home tonight just before six.

I got the all OK for having a bath again from the doctor - here they tell you not to have one for the first four weeks after birth. I even put Ryu in the big bath - with me. The first time. It was lovely. Shou and Marina were clean and running round the house with dad chasing them trying to put their jim jams on. But I didn't care. I had a beautiful little baby all cute and rolley and naked. Ryu loved it.

Hub has just gone up to bed and I think maybe I should too. Need to get into routine of getting to bed earlier. Am sick of self waking up as bitchy mummy.

My old work place rung up this morning and offered me a days interpreting next Tuesday. Thank god I had Ryu as an excuse. I haven't interpreted for academic related meetings for long time so would have been very scary - as is summer review for the univeristy and all the big wigs are there. Also, the university is currently on one week break due to three cases of swine flu being reported. Obviously admin staff haven't been sent home though. So, while it was nice to feel loved and wanted I turned it down.

Seriously time to sleep.



Ruth said...

I suppose the admin staff didn't go home during typhoons or snow storms so there was no reason for them to leave during swine flu!!

thefukases said...

yeah for getting through the dreaded one month checkup ok. :) The girls pediatrician insists on using his Latin on me. *Everything* sounds fatal when you say it in Latin!

Shou is 3 but still in the mimanji class right? That was my worst period with Meg- way to energetic to need the long mimanji naptime which meant she woke up ungodly early...

I take time outs myself. :) Only I get a cup of coffee and to sit in the sun as I think about my behaviour. :)

illahee said...

i lock myself in the toilet for time outs. :P

ah, i miss the mommy and infant baths....

Nicole said...

you are doing so well!! I have only just got into reading your blog - bit slow on the uptake :-)
Congrat on the weight gain and testies, I am glad all the important bits are in order. Hope you get LOADS of sleep tonight and I remember the lovely deep Japanese bathes - so nice

Nay said...

Glad to hear the one month check up was fine :)

Lulu said...

Yay for one month check-up success and Ryu`s too testes! Shame you are still breastfeeding otherwise you should totally celebrate with wine.

Oh wine, how I miss thee.

I think "mummy" time outs are just as important as "kiddy" ones! Haha, locking yourself in the toilet sounds like a good idea...