Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunshine at Last

Ryu was being a fussy bugger last night so it was surprising that I managed to get through today without a snooze. I could have, I could have lazed on my fat arse all day but I chose to take advantage of the weather.

Ryu and I went for a long power walk on our own - the 4-5km circuit. Took an hour and I felt sufficiently exercised at the end of it. Did a few rounds of washing and cleaning,tidying the remnants of the weekend carnage away. We then went for a drive to get boring shite like paper to print out our thankyou notes on - that are going to be stuck on the mini waffles when they get here maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. Fun fun fun.

The afternoon - you mean other than checking the computer every ten minutes to see if the Nigata Nimpu had given birth yet... um not much :) This is a name my hub made up. I called her by her name but foreign names are confusing - especially as she has the same name as my sister. God, when I talk to Shou and tell him to get the blender out so we can make a shake, hub thinks I'm talking about my friend Belinda!!

The kids were good - making up for their monsterous behaviour yesterday methinks. The teachers didn't say anything when I picked them up from kindy so the shits yesterday must have been a two off.

Hub did have a very daft moment this morning though.

I had misplaced my phone so rang my number from the landline. It was on vibe and hub said it was coming from in the fridge - obviously hanging out with the rubber bands in there. It was actually down the side of the couch which is a good three meters away. Hmmmmm.

Definately an early night tonight. So that gives me 2 GW points for a before 10pm bedtime. Along with my 2 points for water and 6 points for exercise that gives me ten points.


I think ten points at least a day should be my goal. I was bit crap on the food front and can't be flagged getting the gears off to get a leg over so will have to stay at 10 points for today. Maybe hub will get lucky tomorrow...



Midori said...

What a great name. I keep checking on the Niigata nimpu as well. Really hoping she has some good news soon. Labour really is a bitch, makes you wonder why we all want more babies?! ;-) Oh no wait, it is just ME who wants more babies! LOL! :-)
I am loving your point system!

Nay said...

I have been living on the computer all day!! I can't believe all the crap poor S is going through!! Definitely puts me off having children in Japan, lol!!

tj-injapan said...

great work today on the GW points. So what do you get to do with all the points you accumulate?

oh, and say hello to "Blender" next time you speak to her (gee that made me laugh!)

Corinne said...

Well done on the points! I may have to pinch the idea, although I'll probably give myself points for having one tim tam instead of 3! I'm also checking on the niigata nimpu, hopefully some good news soon!

thefukases said...

Go you on the GW points. Crappy weather here still and I'm using it as an excuse not to exercise. Also using it as an excuse to eat massive amounts of chocolate and ice-cream. Hmmm, not sure how that works out!