Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shit bloody Shit

I was putting Shou to sleep and had nearly fallen asleep beside him when hub came in and whispered in big loud man whisper that there had been a huge earthquake in New Zealand. My god, I flew out of that bottom bunk and down the stairs like I weighed only 50kg. It's amazing how fear can scare weight into submission.

Got on the net and found out earthquake hit the bottom of the South Island and while it was big (7.8 magnitude) it was quite far off the coast so only things got rattled round a bit. Nothing too major from the information I can find. I come from Napier which is half way up the North Island.

So anyway, a sigh of relief. New Zealand has shitloads of earthquakes every year and Napier had massive, town destroying, life taking one in the 1960s. Earthquakes are scary things and I have gone from growing up in an earthquake drill, emergency kit ready country to Japan - another country with more than its fair share of earthquakes but with a completely different way of thinking. I remember the last biggish shake I experienced here I was THE ONLY one to move to safer place - in fact I ran out of the supermarket with a basket full of unpaid food. I realise its not good to run outside all the time but still,NOONE else moved at all. They all stood there saying oooh, that was quite big, omoshiroii ne kind of shit. SIGH.

Anyway, in other news today..

Granny K's funny eye was apparently 'fertiliser' !! She was putting it on the beans - not sure whether she was getting the dirt ready or putting it on the beans themselves - and then must have rubbed her eye. In a way it is a good thing because I now have reason for putting my foot down about having shit like fertiliser up and out of reach of the children - which it hasn't been. She has it lying any which place around the back of the house. Well, that's not entirely true but still I would like a mini shed where she could lock shit like that, the weed eater and the chainsaw away. The swelling seems to have gone down a bit and she says it doesn't hurt - looks a lot worse than it feels.

Coffee Chiemi and I went walking again and she popped round for coffee (surprise surprise) before my English class at four - which her son comes too. It is her hub's birthday today and his grandmother (who lives ten metres from their door) was spending the afternoon making treats like fried chicken for his dinner. Walking again tomorrow weather permitting.

I thought hub was arriving home late tonight but he turned up just before seven. The dinner and bath thing was over - albeit with a few meltdowns from me because Marina somehow managed to spill banana milk half way up the curtain and then a whole bottle of water all over herself and the tatami mats. Two actions that although they were Marina in the end, would have been avoided if Shou hadn't left a water bottle out without the lid on, or tried to entice Marina out onto the deck while she was still sitting down finishing her dinner. I can just see the 'you should no better, you're older' line coming out a lot over the next few years.

Hub put Marina down and I put Ryu down and then Shou - which was where I was when news man Maki came in to report on earthquake.

I feel bad about the mummy meltdowns this evening because I had one this morning too - but that was more aimed at hub. He had strapped both kids in their car seats and I was just getting Ryu and locking the front door. By the time I got to the car Shou had unbelted both himself and Marina and they were both jumping round in the drivers seat. Hub was in his car (parked behind mine) with Granny K, who he was taking to the doctors about her eye. He sat and watched the mayhem that followed when bribing and coaxing Shou and Marina didn't work. He was two metres away and sat there and watched the unraveling of a mummy meltdown. As he drove out the drive, after I had rugby hold carried Marina around the car and into her car seat, I yelled out 'thanks very much darling' - he is lucky he didn't get the finger. I was so close.

I am so mature sometimes.

I then proceeded to drive the entire way to kindy with the hazard lights on. Thanks Shou.

Only imminent hazard was the gaijinwife.



Brit in Hokkaido said...

I LOVE this banner, please don't change the photo size. It looks awesome, esp. the All Blacks onesie!
Stylish quiff too :)
In other news; I wasn't completely sure,but now I think "The Kiwi" on my blog is actually someone you know in real life...we used to work together in Sapporo many years ago :)

Lily said...

I started reading your blog recently and I must say that your writing is hilarous. Thanks for sharing the chaos and laughs (all though I am sure not funny at the time). I am always interested in reading other Mom in Japan blogs with 3 kids. Hope you don't mind if I drop by to read here.

illahee said...

LOVE the banner, too, especially with the plea! rotfl

yoshi has done the same to me, except he was sitting in the front passenger seat!!! boy, i sure let him have it! men!!

shufuinjapan said...

Hi there, I used to live in Te Anau which is really close to the epicentre. Some mates there said it was big, but there didn't seem to be any big damage - probably mostly just a lot of trees fell over. I also get annoyed with the apathetic reaction to earth quakes here. Esp when there is one in the middle of the night and husband grabs hold of me so I can't run to safe zone until shaking stops. Not Cool!

Nay said...

I agree with Brit, your banner is gorgeous!! I wouldn't change the size at all :)

Btw, I had a 'Gaijin wife moment' with a big scary spider at the beginning of the week!!! LOL! I wonder if that trick will work for me like it did for you... haha!!

I can't believe you moved from one earthquake prone country to another!! What bad luck!!

I'm glad that Granny K's eye is getting better. It is definitely a selling point to getting that garage though for all of her chemicals...

Sara said...

I love the banner too!!!!
I (selfishly) tend to think of Ryu as my month ahead baby - seeing I was about a month behind you so I love seeing pics, hearing you talk about him etc etc

Sounds like quite a night with lots of spillage - not so fun.

And sorry to hear about the earthquake as well but glad that it seems to be far away from where you live and offshore enough not to cause much damage. I'm from a very earthquake prone place as well (Southern California) and like Tokyo we are all waiting for the "big one" which is supposed to come any day now...

Lulu said...

Glad your family are okay (it seems most got out okay without too much damaage)- my mum`s family is all in Auckland but NZ is still a small place so earthquakes are scary!

Love the banner- no need to change the size, I think it is cute! If you really want to change it you will need to resize the image in another program (paint if you use windows, preview if you use mac) and change the pixels to about 350 by 140 and it should be more "banner sized" - it will make Ryu look out of proportion though maybe?

illahee said...

lulu, shhh! we want a big ryu-kun!!

;) ;)

shufuinjapan said...

Hello again Gaijin Wife. Have you seen this?

I had to laugh...the guy talking about being in the bath is my high school principal!

Rachel said...

I loved the stories about light bulbs swinging and things falling off supermarket shelves and guys in bars thinking they were just drunk...that earthquake was the same size as the one that killed 68,000 in China last year! And bigger than the Napier earthquake. Just happened in the middle of nowhere!