Monday, 20 July 2009

Reclaiming My Core...

Just quickly cause I really need to get to bed. Tis part of me turning over a new re-vitalized, healthy, fit, calmer leaf.

snort snort giggle giggle.

I'm serious though. Well I am at the moment. Who knows what that living with your mother in law, mother of three small children, married to a man who can't speak English wind will bring with it tomorrow. Probably a crate of sav and a thousand packets of crisps. But I guess I'll deal with that if it happens - no doubt by scoffing the crisps and slogging the vino.

A friend visited yesterday evening after our play date. She was going to pop in during it but I suggested she hold off until water gun terminator was over. She turned up just before dinner time which didn't matter as
a) the kids were getting left over pie and pasta and
b) it was only her - in a good way. ie; as in not someone I care sees the house and all of us in a state of social welfare crisis.

She brought back some DVDs I had loaned her - including my Core Rhythms Exercise DVD - I had so totally thought I had lent it to someone else. I think it's a sign you know. I'm starting it tomorrow. There is a lot of moving but no jumping as far as I can remember so putting the biggest sports bra I own on after Ryu has been tanked up on milk and the boobs are as empty as can be and should be OK. It is all about dancing your core away - or the flabby bits around your core at least.

Hello in there core, I know you're in there but I'm having trouble seeing you through the mass of post baby jiggle. Can't hide for ever though, I have too many nice clothes that need wearing before I get too old to wear them and damned if you're going to stop me. There's only so much I can leave to breastfeeding. The rest, god damn it, is my responsibility.

Of course this is very shallow. It's not JUST about the clothes. It's also about money - can't afford to buy more clothes as that would involve trip home as well as can't buy clothes here. It's also about health and how much healthy (in mind) I will feel when I can fit into jeans that don't have an elasticated top. And it's about vanity and getting a leg over - I think will feel more up for a bit more action packed leg overing if I wasn't feeling so yuck about the jiggle.

Not that hub gives a shit ... not judging by last nights leg overing. Two times in a week. Holy shit, that's a record of late. He was very touchy touchy today - a hug here, a wee pat there, a few 'suru?' (up for it?) s...

Not tonight though tarzan. Jane needs an early night.



thefukases said...

It's official.

You really are superwoman.

Exercise in and out of the bedroom already?

Shhhhh... don't tell my husband that's possible!

Midori said...

I agree with Heather. Completely and utterly super woman! :-)
It is nice to know that your H doesn't care one way or another. In one of his less nice moments when we were discussing our break-up in October, D commented that one of the reasons he ended up shagging around behind my back was that I had let myself go so much. Idiot. I was the same size after Joey as I was when he married me, just wobblier in certain areas!
Anyway, I digress. Feeling crappy about yourself is never a good thing and if YOU aren't feeling super sexy, then it is good to do something about it. I am about to start a mission of my own because much as Mal appreciates my squidgy bits, I am going to be a bridesmaid next summer and need to look fabulous for that so I am back on the WW wagon once and for all! We should start our own blogging diet and exercise club! LOL!

Sara said...

Wow... 2x in a week??? Back on the exercise wagon???

Very very impressed... wouldn't mind dealing with post-baby body if only the damn baby would get out already.

I've heard core exercises are really beneficial so let us know how you progress!!1 I've got a few exercise DVDs lying around but we don't have a Tv let alone a DVD player so I can feign ignorance a bit longer... :D

Keeeeeep on truckin'

illahee said...

woo hoo!

i woke up this morning and had gained a kilo over the weekend (though i'm not at all sure how that happened, though it may have been all the wine on sunday--we had several bottles of sparkly at the hostel (to share with everyone!!) plus your generous offerings...yeah, musta been the wine!!) and i just need to fit in my clothes!!

so, i figure with three kids for six weeks will be enough for me to figure something out for weight loss. playing every day at the park, that's going to be us. hopefully a side benefit will be exhausted children at the end of the day....

you can do it! let me know how the DVD works for you, i may have to get one for myself!

anchan said...

hehehe, lol at Heather's comment! Def don't let my husband know... it's been, ahem, a looong time...

Good for you wanting to exercise, it's too hot and sticky for me at the moment. But I've always got some kind of excuse.

Corinne said...

I agree with everyone, that's an amazing effort on both fronts!
I've always wanted to try the core exercises but could never be arsed. I do pull out billy and do his ab workout occasionally. Keep up the marriage rekindling for the rest of us!

Kelly said...

hahaha he says "suru?" that is funny.

he probably thinks he's died and gone to heaven. :)