Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pumping Hearts

Remember the bloody big pink pumping heart from a week or two back? Well, it has been on my mind a bit and the fact that it seemed so odd that the subject of a mail about delivery lunches would be a pink pumping heart. I looked at all the subject lines of my recent emails. The common subject moving pictures are the pumping heart / two hands together / an eye with a tear / and two hands doing a double peace sign / happy face / question mark ...

I went through the emails that accompanied these subjects and after intensive research have realised that each subject picture has specific words that set it off...

two hands together - have 'onegaishimasu'
an eye with a tear - have 'gomen' or 'zannenn' (sorry, or that's a shame)
double peace sign - have 'tanoshii' or 'yokatta' or something similar (fun or good)
happy face - more of the same as double peace sign
question mark - has a question mark in the message somewhere

and the bloody big pumping pink heart - has the word 'love' or 'like' in the message. I have had this from a friend in NZ who texted saying she loved the plastic fruit I sent. To complete my research I then sent an email from my gmail account to my phone. I wrote in Japanese 'I like asparagus'. I left the subject blank but when it turned up in my phone, what do you know there is bloody big pumping pink heart.

So, DOCOMO people, where do you get off randomly inserting your own subject pictures into peoples messages. I am very nearly ready to hold you personally responsible for huge argument we had about the fuckin big pumping pink heart. Great program you have for picking up the key words or whatever but be warned, you may be causing damage where it's not needed.

I am still weary but not as much so - especially after a whole day today of watching over hub's phone. He left it here this morning and when he rang and asked if I could drop it off if I was coming over that way I said I had a, b, and c to do and that I wasn't going in that direction - half an hour drive away. There has been no movement on his phone at all. He did ring up at lunch time to ask if anyone had phoned - stupid thing to do because that just makes the female mind wonder if he was expecting anything, and if so who, what, when, why, how ... ??????

Anyway, enough about phones. Who didn't sing 'total eclipse of the heart' at some time today? I decided, at eight minutes before Oita was getting it's best bit of the eclipse to pack the baby in the car and drive down to the beach. I passed lots of people outside having a naughty squiz at the sky without their special glasses on. I was expecting it to become all dark but Oita didn't get the total eclipse - we only got a 90 percent or whatever. It was still very cool though and the low cloud cover meant you could see it without having to squint or shade your eyes. The sun became a perfect crescent like the moon. Very cool. I hope the people that paid shitloads to go stay in a tent in tentsville down on that little Island in Okinawa (was it Amamioshima) got to see it cause the weather was a bit shit there too apparantly.

In other news, my core was a bit sore today so I did my step DVD instead. I have three completely different exercise DVDs - core rhythms, Step and Billy. I don't think Billy will be doable unless I tape my boobs with sports tape and not too keen on that because shit thats gotta hurt pulling it off. The step DVD was even a bit booby jiggly so think will alternate the step with the core rhythms. Walking was cancelled again this morning due to crap weather but things looking up for tomorrow.

Shou and Marina were running rampage and creating general carnage at six o'clock this morning when I heard a smash. I went into the alter room and the watermelon that Granny K had on offer to the gods was on the other side of the room and a plate was broken on the opposite side. Now, I have no idea what happened and after closer inspection the kids appeared fine. I put on my angry mummy face but didn't yell at them (as am in process of introducing scream free parenting techniques - snort snort giggle giggle) and told them to sit down because I was going to bring Granny K in so they could apologise.

I bring GK in and Marina and Shou are siting quietly in the middle of the room. I ask what happened and Shou said he didn't know. I asked who did it and Shou said it wasn't him. Marina was left out of the questioning as at the moment she has only just come to grips with saying 'suika' watermelon. I ask them to please sit properly (on their knees in traditional Japanese style) and to say sorry. They both bow down completely at Granny K and say sorry.

It was THE CUTEST thing ever and Granny K and I were doing our bestest at keeping straight faces.

Hmmm, what else. The measles is going round at kindy - starting in the little kids group where Shou and Marina are. They both got it a year and a half ago - when Shou was one and a half and Marina was three months. Shou got the real thing but Marina only got a splattering - probably because she was still being fully breastfed. The doctor was infact surprised that a baby that young who was being breastfed would get it at all. The teaches at kindy reckon they could still bring home the virus and pass it on to Ryu - but surely he wouldn't get it that young. But then maybe my measle defeating fighters being passed on to him via booby aren't that good. Fingers crossed anyway.

Shit, am missing gyoten news. Hub still at work but home soon. Coffee Chiemi and I are going out on Friday night by ourselves.

As in no kids.

And no husbands.

And, there will be beer and perhaps a chuhai involved.

Am very excited.



Helen said...

I sang Total Eclipse of the Heart on Sunday at Karaoke. It's one of my favourites, and it wasn't until I was in the middle of the song that I remembered there would be an eclipse this week!

I've got hubby trained to do the (Turn around) bits too!

And, how is the core rhythm dvd? A student of mine did it, but I'm interested because it looks like dancing.

gaijin wife said...

Helen - LOL at your hub doing the turn around bits.

The dvd is really good. You can definately get into the groove. I'll definately post about how I get on. There are two ladies taking it - one is good, the other is annoying though.

Sara said...

Have fun on your girls night out Friday!!!!! You def. deserve it and drink a chu-hi for me since no doubt I will still be heavily with child at that point :P

A bit impressed with the suika and plate breakage?! Shou and Marina must be pretty strong!!!

Found some New Zealand Red Chedder at the local Khaldi onsale the other day and made me think of you :) My first NZ made cheese - and its delish!! What the heck made you come here (LOL)

Night night GW!!!

Anonymous said...

Well it has been warned to all of the snoopers out there re the animated subject lines.Bloody Japanese phone company. And thank you, should I ever happen to see boys phone. He's an icon freak geek anyway...
Hope you can look back and laugh at the situations caused one day.

And I too will investigate core rhythms. Do you need quite a bit of space and good shoes? I am getting too complacent and body is getting lumpy.


gaijin wife said...

Michaela - no to either of those. Fitness people probably would tell you you need good shoes but I have been known to do it in barefeet!! Naughty.

Spacewise - there's no grapevining around the room and a lot of the steps are quite small so not much space needed. You could get away with two tatami mat size.

Ruthie said...

That's crazy about Docomo putting in emoticons willy nilly. You should write to Gyoten News and get Nakai kun to do a special on it. Then they can have a cheesy reinactment with you as a crazed wife!
Shou and Marina apologising sounds so cute and very impressive!
Best of luck with your exercise Dvds, my exercise has dwindled to a ten minute walk to work in the mornings :(

Midori said...

Oooh... girly night out will be fun! :-)

The emoticons thing sounds weird. Very glad I live in a country where phones barely take photos, let alone put random emoticons on messages! LOL!

illahee said...

funny about the sorry from shou and marina! my kids will NOT say sorry (and so, apparently, i have to stop pushing it or there will be resentment galore. *sigh*) but i bet it was so cute!!

am jealous you have a girls' night out! have fun!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

How lovely to have two kiddies who apologise in such a cute manner. James used to say sorry, but of late refuses to apologise for anything even accidental things.

Glad I no longer have a docomo phone. The random icon inserts are a bit weird, eh? Great bit of research you did there, by the way.

Enjoy your girls' night out. I'm having a night out too on Saturday. Cheers!

Corinne said...

Nice, girls night out! Have fun! lol at the pumping heart, that's so Japan, they assume that everyone wants/needs the cute pictures.
The image I had of Shou and Marina was so cute!