Sunday, 12 July 2009

Pool Time

The house is quiet! Seems like a miracle to get some quiet on a Sunday. Even hub has gone to bed. I am pretty beyond tired but I really needed some no kiddy or hub time. Doing the kiddy thing by yourself is hard yakka but sometimes husbands can just hinder the whole happy family thing - as stupid as that may sound.

It was scorching hot today so the new paddling pool got blown up and Shou and Marina got their gears off and ran round naked in the garden for an hour before lunch and then again late afternoon. Shou is learning how to put his head under the water at kindy and he can do it now, fine. The thing is he thinks that Marina needs to be able to as well and therefore tries to teach her by holding her head under. It's a plastic ten dollar paddling pool with about ten cm of water in it, but still she flace plants the bottom, coming up wide eyed and spluttering a bit but otherwise all smiles. Shou got yelled at by me, and told that any more of those antics and the pool was going away. Hub's way of telling him off was to say..

'do that again to Marina and I will come in and do the same thing to you'


I asked him if he actually thought doing that was good parenting - he said he probably wouldn't but that he just said it to scare Shou.

Anyway, I am all talked out on the topic. There was a bit of cheerful banter with hub saying things like 'as per usual you think what you do is right and whatever I do is wrong', 'If I'm doing it all wrong then I just wont say anything to the kids at all.'

No argument, just a bit of friendly exchange of opinion. I think we will just have to agree to disagree on some issues.

The day was very nice though, albeit chaotic, mad and completely crazy. I don't think there were any major meltdowns but that was because mummy was on situation difusion patrol, if there is such a thing. I think I can confidently say that hub lacks the skills to be able to read into a situation and difuse it before it gets messy - in relation to the kids and me ;p

Shit, just had to deal to roach. Thankfully had handy tissue box strategically placed so could bash living daylights out of it. Have only had a couple this year but are having major issues with the flying ants. Well, that's what hub says they are. They are everywhere outside and I must have hosed about a thousand off the windows first thing this morning. You can get a spray here called 'mushikonasu' (no more insects). Complete bollocks. The insects in Kunimi thrive on this shit and I believe do infact multiply by the millions. Is just big spray company scam.

I was asked in a comment about post-pregnancy body. Stop reading now if you don't give a shit about leaky boobs and flabby tummies.

Post Baby Body

Weight - In order of babies I put on 12 then 15 and then 16 kilos during pregnancy. Lost it all post first baby but only half post Marina. I therefore started as a warthog before Ryu and ended up a water buffalo. I have lost 10 kilos in the five weeks since Ryu was born - but this includes 4 kilogram baby and gunky shit. Ryu is putting on 54 grams a day so in theory I should be able to lose at least this -which would mean 350 grams a week. The thing is that when I breastfeed I tend to want to eat - anything really, chips, chocolate, the side of the table, the remote control. I am going to resurrect Billy and his god forsaken bootcamp out from under the stairs tomorrow. Things need to get serious.

Boobs - They weren't small to start with and now they are just silly. Quite a bit bigger than Ryu's head in fact. No damn wonder really that he likes snuggling up to them. They haven't been perky for years so I haven't really noticed how much saggier they have become. All this sucking them dry can't be good though - especially as some of the nursing bras I have are just token bits of material made to house a milk pad so you don't leak all over your clothes. I'm not quite sure if I have anything that fits them that will let me get through an hour of Billy and kickboxing round the lounge.

Fuck it, I've just turned round and the supposed bashed roach is gone. Tis no wonder they are the only creatures that would survive a nuclear blast. That or they play dead really well.

Back to body hangups..

Tummy - I got attractive stretchmarks with all pregnancies. Third time round I expanded to a new level and got a new set. Awesome. They fade but I won't be parading round the streets of Kunimi in a bikini. I know I was heavier to start with and put on more weight this time anyway but I have very becoming flabby lower tummy that I didn't get to this extent the first two times. It is the main thing behind me not wanting to let hub get a leg over yet. I don't usually have hangups about my body enough to give me a complex about shagging - especially as hub really doesn't care (in a good way). But this jiggly bit of tummy is gross. Don't think billy will fix it in a hurry so I am going to have to get over it, or turn out the lights or...

War wounds - I didn't get the mirror out to have a look but I think they are all OK now. Obviously the lack of shagging means I can't tell how 'well' the wounds were fixed up, and thats something else that adds to the pure joy of wanting to get back on the shag wagon - not.

The aftermath - there is a name for the bleeding and discharge you get following childbirth. Can't remember but is a right pain in the ass, not literally though. I think that finally, five weeks on, mine has finally stopped. It went from very heavy the first week to heavy the second week and then not that much after that but still enough to warrant purchasing feminine hygiene products.

Bum grapes - definitely a topic of discussion the first week or so. After coming out of the clinic though i didn't use my supply of bum bullets or cream. It was just laziness on my part. They have however been sucked back up and not sore at all. Yay yay, because they were pretty gross.

Hair - my hair is naturally curly/afro. It lost some of its curl after Shou and Marina but this has come back this time. I don't think I'm losing too much this time round either but then I can't remember when that happens - is it straight after or have I got it coming up. I lost a bit with Shou.

Well, I think that's it. Your body gets a pounding going through three pregnancies and three births in three years. I have no illusions of getting my 18 year old body back but getting even a resemblance of the body I had five years ago is going to require some serious effort and a lot of backing away from the Australian cheddar.



L. said...

You have to flush the dead roaches (and centipedes!) down the toilet because this is the country of TERMINATOR BUGS that come back to life.

I never lost the flabby tummy after the third, but I have gotten very good at dressing to hide it.

And I have a vivid memory of a young Japanese nurse watching me breastfeed my newborn son and observing with amazement that my boob was much bigger than my baby's head.

Corrina in Kag said...

At least it wasn't a flying roach! Those are just gross and.... scary really. That's what Dh's are for!! Dh always uses "majic spray" - sorry can't be bothered to changed to J font and they can't walk in the foam so we get a chance at a good bashing. I have just come home from a good gossip with my friend upstairs - single sadly so doesn't really understand- about Dh. was a right ass tonight but I really should be understanding as he has a hormone imbalance illness, but there's only so much a girl can take right?
hmmm I write so long I should get my own blog!!!
All the best with next week - it's beastly hot eh.
South Island girl in Kagoshima.

kasandora said...

diet buddy here...

augh, I am lucky enough to have an apartment owner that sprays some serious (ok, maybe not lucky) pesticide around our apartment to keep any creepy crawlies away....we see a roach out on the street now and again, but I have never (knock on wood) had one in the apartment YET...

I can imagine after 3 pregnancies you would take a bit of time to get back into shape...I waited a year and a half to do anything to get back into shape after Nana, and I still find it hard to get motivated from time to time...slowly I can see my university days body coming back, but I can still pooch out my stomach and look at least 6 months preggo if I try.

illahee said...

ah, i've always been fat. the flabbieness is new, though. need to seriously cut back on the sugar myself and try to improve that...

i think the hair starts falling out about 3 months after giving birth. you have a couple more weeks until that should start.... ;)

Luisa said...

hot water works well with cockroaches after you mash them (if you can manage to get them to the sink)..

Onto other stuff, the after birth bleeding stuff is called lochia..

I think you are doing a fantastic job with your kids, I`m in awe of anyone who can handle three kids (mostly) on their own.

shufuinjapan said...

Hello! I feel your pain re the giant army of bugs that are pretty much all just barging on through the "defenses" like window nets. I am using Mushikonai...slightly diff to Mushikonazu? and now have bug cemetry on every window sill. I only live in the semi countryside but there are soooo many more bugs here than when we lived in "town" - if you can call it that. I have also had some luck with spraying roaches with water and even that bleach stuff you spray on and leave in the bathroom (I found that roach IN the bathroom!) - seems to temporarily drown them, then you flush them away before they regain conciousness! Hideous creatures.
Best of luck with getting your body back...and thanks for all the honest info about what one could expect after the baby arrives.

Corinne said...

Ewww cockie season is horrible, we haven't had any sightings in our new house yet but I'm sure it will be soon, then I'll be breaking out those traps with the sticky floor!
I've heard that the baby body is supposed to go back to normal in the time it takes the pregnancy, so 9, 10(?) months?? I guess your body has been hit with 3 in a pretty short time so you may need an extension! But with all the running around you do I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time!

Sara said...

I was the one with the gall to ask such a question... but was just curious as what to expect after watermelon meets keyhole...

Since your baby producing days are over now hopefully this time next year you will be back in shape and better than ever and with 3 kids to run after seems like you could even work off a bit of chedder now and then if you find yourself giving into temptation ;)

Lulu said...

Man I would be stoked to lose 10kg after birth of baby in 5 weeks- you are doing awesome.

I wish I had a giant kiddy pool with 10cm of water to lay in- Shou could even put my head under and I wouldn`t mind.

Neighbours would be pretty scared by pregnant foreign girl in baby pool though...

Midori said...

Lulu- I lost 8kgs in the day Joey was born alone.. is amazing how much weight the baby etc. actually consists of!

Is interesting to read how giving birth has affected other women`s bodies. You kind of forget the toll it takes on you even with just one baby so I can`t imagine 3. (Although you would assume that the first takes the biggest toll..)

VERY glad that I don`t live in the land of cockroaches anymore. I think one of the big reasons I am reluctant to move to Perth. I really really don`t want to live somewhere where cockroaches are the norm.