Thursday, 16 July 2009

Just another manic Thursday

Naughty naughty don't tell anyone but we've just had a naughty (ish) bath. It wasn't the full monty but enough to make me want to get up the courage to let hub get a leg over in the nearer rather than furtherer (?? farther away?? most farthest away) future. Perhaps more distant?? Don't tell anyone this either - but I get paid to teach people English. Gotta love Japan.

Ryu was being testy today - boob, shit, sleep, boob, shit, sleep.... repeat a hundred times. I realise that that is his job at the moment but christ, could he not give me half an hours peace. Any housework, dinner prep, English prep today was half done with him crying the house down. Needless to say I got jack shit done bar the essential stuff.

Hub had his business trip to Fukuoka. He was taking the train (closest station forty minutes drive away) so that he could get some sleep! Fair enough. I would have done the same thing. He didn't need to leave until after I had taken the kids to kindy - and was walking with coffee Chiemi. He got home at quarter to eight. Shou was still up but I sent them up to bed straight away and told hub to put the aircon on and close the door so Shou wouldn't hear my students come in. Shou was asleep in fifteen minutes - has been bloody ages since he's passed out that fast.

Granny K's eye is WORSE god damn it. I offered hub to take her to the skin doctor this morning seeing as he was going in that direction to catch the train - and then I would go pick her up. She declined saying she would sleep today and see how it was tomorrow?? How can you sleep a swollen eye off. Not a friggen hangover woman. So, if I had gone to pick her up today it would have been two hours of my and Ryu's day and I could well have gotten away with Ryu sleeping the whole time. But if I have to take her tomorrow then that is an hour each way, at least an hour wait, half an hour consultation and half hour to go and get whatever ten different types of medicines and drugs she gets prescribed. Awesome. Definitely no TGIF about that outing. In between all that Ryu will need a suck on some boob which will have to be in the carpark somewhere trying to get angle that hides big gaijin boobs from passing truck drivers - because I did nearly cause an accident trying to feed Ryu in the back of coffee Chiemi's car the other day.

Not quite as bad as expressing milk sitting in the passenger seat while going 100km on the highway. Been there, done that and at the time boobs were so damn sore I didn't care who saw me - or them.

I got a phone call today from NISSEN - a catalog / online shopping company. I have bought a bit of stuff from them before. This is the conversation I had...

NISSEN lady: This is blah blah from NISSEN.
Me: rightio
NISSEN lady: is this blah blah blah my name?
Me: Yes, speaking.
NISSEN lady: Thankyou so much for all the purchases blah blah.
Me: No worries, it was only a couple of cushion covers.
NISSEN lady: So, do you speak Japanese?
Me: Um, yes

What figgen language do you think we have been speaking for the last two and a half minutes?? Bloody inbred sales people. Is it a prerequisite for sales?? Ask customer lots of personal questions and then question their language ability??

In the end she wanted to sell me insurance. Bugger right off. I tried to tell her and she spoke over the top of me three times.

I hung up.

Well, think the boobs need to come out. For Ryu that is.

nighty night campers



Rachel said...

Cheeky asking if you spoke Japanese first, she didn't give you a chance to claim you didn't!

Are you doing anything next Sunday? Come to my house for a house party and Gion matsuri viewing session, chat, and nibble.

Lulu said...

Nearer rather than far off future perhaps?

I hate people in Japan that, after speaking to me in Japanese, ask if I can speak Japanese. But my biggest pet hate is when I ask someone in a shop for something in perfect Japanese and then they look at me blankly and say in English "sorry, english, no" or just do "english" followed by the dame hands sign cross thing that also pisses me off.

Seriously- did they not just here me ask where the yogurt was in Japanese? It is as if they see my face, freak out, and don`t even bother listening to what I say.