Saturday, 11 July 2009

jack shit

The kids are at kindy, hub is asleep upstairs, Ryu is asleep downstairs and I am here. It is lashing rain in true form of the rainy season. Needs to rain as much as it can while it is still officially the rainy season. This much rain means however that my favorite route to kindy has to be driven with care - or not at all if hub had his way. Not because he is worried about us getting covered by a land slide but because the big puddles mean his beautiful hub caps get dirty. I turned that way yesterday morning anyway and decided to keep going and seeing as car would get a beating anyway decided may as well make it a bit fun. We hooned through the puddles, water flying, that big fooowuuush noise when you drive through lots of water. All fun and games.

After the kindy drop off yesterday coffee Chiemi and I went for a walk. The rain held off and we managed to walk and gossip for a good forty five minutes. Think we are going to head out for some mummy de-stress coffee and shopping sometime next week. She will drive this time as she forgot to mention when we took my car last week, that she gets car sick when she isn't driving and that her baby seat is so bloody complicated that when she goes in anyone elses car she just holds her baby. At one stage she asked to drive so she wouldn't throw up and I went in the back with her baby - all the while Ryu passed out in his car seat beside us.

After getting home, did a quick round of house stuff and then spent the rest of the entire whole complete day doing absolutely jack shit. Well, if watching Outrageous Fortune episodes back to back counts as jack shit that is. After watching so much kiwiana I get a shock back to reality when I've finished. Oh my god, almost forgot was living in house with straw mats, little old Japanese woman, and pachinko playing husband surrounded by rice paddies. House surrounded by paddies - not husband. Actually don't think there has been any ilicit pachinko playing going on lately. He would have to be pretty damn brave to pull that kind of shit after the goings on of the last few weeks.

Got another couple of parcels today. Loving it. One was a blue hand knitted jumper for Ryu from his great great Auntie in New Zealand. It is actually very cute and I will in fact put him in it if I can get his big head through the headhole. The other parcel was some more kiwiana dvds from blog friend in Tokyo. Thank you thank you thank you!! More excuses to spend more of my days doing jack shit. Actually is good for booby time - and there has been a lot of that lately. I can't remember but do babies have a growth spurt at about five or six weeks?? Ryu slept almost the entire day yesterday and only woke up to suck back booby, burp, throw a bit up, shit and go back to sleep. I thought I would be up all night last night after a day like that but surprisingly we weren't.

Oooh, we did do something else yesterday. Drove to hubs office. Not to check up on him but to deliver something he had forgotten. He was going to city for work but not leaving till eleven so we went in the morning. Ryu of course slept the whole way and I drank diet coke and belted out michael jackson tunes - they have nearly done their dash for the moment though.

Hub got home in time for the bath thing - although I put all three kids in and he did the changing. Actually come to think of it he had bath with Shou and I did Ryu and then Marina. Marina was being very cute - which was nice as of late she has started to get very defiant. She LAUGHS when she gets a smack on the bum or told off. Think I might have to start a grounding system already. Whey they get older and wonder why I wont let them go out with friends I will tell them they are grounded from that time they tried to stick all of mummy's english flashcards in the video recorder when they were two.

Hub was meant to be doing the farmer thing this morning but the rain has put a stop to that. Wonder if he'll want to pop out for lunch...

dewa dewa


illahee said...

they do have a growth spurt at six weeks. lucky you! ;)

i'm tired of the rain. rain, do please go away. we've had enough....

Corinne said...

Ash seems to have growth spurts every week, it feels like my boobies are constantly being sucked!
Glad you got a bit of a rest, doing nothing is lovely sometimes eh!

Sara said...

wow a kilo in a month!!
thats pretty impressive - might be able to package some to sell to sumo/wrestlers as a weight gain suppliment to get some new cash on the side (lol)

everytime I read your blog it seems that time has gone by so quickly - i can't believe its been over a month since he got here

how are you feeling? how is post-birth body besides being able to freely pee in a cup again?? very curious minds want to know