Saturday, 18 July 2009

In need of another match...

And no, I don't mean to set fire to Granny K's room. How could I when her eye is still so bad. That would just be cruel. Actually she has been doing quite a stellar job lately and we haven't crossed mean gaijin and mother in law paths in a while. Her eye is not getting better and if there is no improvement I will strap her into Shou's carseat (she'd probably fit) and take her to the skin doctor on Tuesday - Monday is a public holiday. Sea day or something equally random.

So, the match... I think I read in a cosmo article once that in order to 'rekindle' your relationship you should try shagging every day for a week. Don't worry, I've only just got back on the bike and don't plan on doing the tour de fricken anything anytime soon, but maybe one day. I'm sure hub would be up for it. God, that's an understatement - he seems to think we need to make up for lost time while I was feeling big, pregnant and heinous and post birth while I was just feeling big and heinous. I still am feeling like that but a bit of dutch courage and I turn into a bit of a skanky hoe it would seem. Thankfully I have breastfeeding as an excuse and dutch courage skanky hoe nights are few and far between.

Hub had work today, or rather he felt he needed to go to work for the day. The office has a completely crap computer system whereby if the tax boys want to sit there punching in shitloads of data (which they have to do this time of year - and about four other times during the year) then it bungs the system up and all the other offices have trouble printing out stuff. THEREFORE, the tax boys have to do all number punching innering before 8am or after 5pm. Me thinks the city office needs to upgrade from Windows 98.

He took the sproglets to kindy and then left for work. Ryu and I went back upstairs and had some of that lovely I-have-no-recollection-of-pushing-that-big-head-out-that small-hole time. He is six weeks tomorrow and getting to that really lovely baby stage. Don't get me wrong, all babies are gushy, warm fuzzies lovely, but I do like it when they get past that panic survival arm flapping stage. Ryu is SO CLOSE to doing the big cheese too. Can't wait for the smiles. As it is he just does the pre-smile stare. You know he is thinking about smiling but can't quite coordinate the 'I really want to smile at mummy cause she look silly' with the 'really need to move those muscles on the side of my mouth'.

It's only a matter of time though.

And then it's only a matter of a bit more time before he can voice that the only reason he is smiling is because mummy looks silly.

And by that time I will be thinking that the idea of another cute little baby maybe perhaps just one more time isn't so bad.

And If I'm still blogging at that time then can someone please come down and hit me over the head with whatever it takes to squash any fourth child thoughts.

As for the rest of today - Ryu and I went to meet daddy for lunch. Dropped him back off at work, did some shopping and came home. Had quiet afternoon doing boring shit like folding washing and mowing the lawn. I tried to get Shou off to sleep tonight with a CD of Japanese folk tales - he loves momotaro and hub or I always have to tell it to him during his increasingly ridiculous and long pre-sleep antics. I was hoping that I could get him to listen to a CD instead of us - especially me as my version is complete bollocks. I made it up based on what hub told me. When I listened to the real thing tonight I got quite a shock. Poor momotaro - my version was a complete rightoff compared ot the real thing.

Turns out the CD worked for twenty minutes and then Shou did big crap in his nappy and hub went up to change it and get him off to sleep. Hub has most probably fallen asleep as well. Perhaps I should have some dutch courage and go and sneak in for round two - just to make sure he took all the minutes correctly at the last meeting. Had a night in between though so wouldn't count towards the one week needed to 'rekindle' our relationship.


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Mine is huge to! I am not sure how to make the pictures smaller. If you figure it out, please pass the knowledge to me!