Thursday, 23 July 2009

GW Point System

English class finished, the kiddlywinks in bed and hub and I are sitting here companionably (WTF, is that even a word??) sharing a beverage. I forgot to mention that I put a little love letter in his wallet yesterday along with some 'pocket money'. It was really just a 'thank you darling for all the work you do. Have a nice day' kind of bollocks. He was chuffed I think. I am still a learner in the lessons of how to please your man by really doing not much at all.

Interlude - watching fantastic Japanese TV program where the famous silly people have to put hands in box and guess what they are touching - current thing is a hedgehog. The previous box was bullfrogs. God, I love Japanese TV.

Ryu and I had a lazy day today seeing as my afternoon class has been cancelled over the summer holidays. Went walking with coffee Chiemi and her son this morning - an hour but only at five year old leg pace. I was still pretty knackered though and Ryu and I had lovely snuggly sleeps for an hour and a half when got home. Got up, rang sister and then had phone call from friend in NZ.

Friend and I weigh exact same weight at moment and both want to lose the jiggle so have set a goal to lose six kilos by 20th of October - which is just before her school reunion. She reminded me that we had the exact same conversation a year ago - well not exact same but similar weight loss rah rah. Then I got bloody pregnant and everything went to custard. So here we are again and damned if I'm having this conversation again next year. Unless its more along the lines of 'you know, I really hate that I can't break 65 kilos'...

So, anyway to rise to the weight loss challenge I have devised a gaijin wife points system. I did weight watches back in the day but this is not like that point system. This is a try and get as many points as you can system. Points are allocated for different things that will aid in the weight loss - and I am going on the theory that a healthy mind equals a healthy body - and in a very very very round about sort of way that a healthy relationship and everyday life plays its part in a healthy mind which leads on to healthy body rah rah.

Everything below gets 2 points.

1. Twenty minutes of exercise (DVD, walking, raking leaves rah rah bollocks)
2. Drinking more than one litre of water (because I am crap at drinking water)
3. Having no more than 3 non-water beverages a day (coffee, tea, beer, diet coke...)
4. A frolic in the shower or bath with your significant other (add an extra point if you are in a compromising position that uses usually unused muscles)
5. Not eating after 8pm
6. Getting into bed (your own to sleep) before 10 pm)

Everything below gets 4 points.

1. Eating healthily the whole day - which really means no crap and none to only moderate amounts of cheese.
2. Getting a leg over (add two points for anything that involves hub not being on top and five billion points for anything that involves a swing)

I am trying to think of how many points I need to reach before I get a treat and what that should be.

On that note - after our sleep this morning I put my core rhythms DVD on and did about twenty minutes, gave Ryu a hug and danced round the room for ten minutes, put him back down in the bouncer and then spent ten minutes raking the leaves on the lawn. Also did a few token stretches and situps - and in doing so realised that my 'ouchy core' is not actually my core at all but the muscles above that. Must be from doing more than just token amount of situps on Tuesday. Is still sore.

Well, is nearly ten. Can't see myself getting two points by running up the stairs in the next two minutes. Haven't earned many points today actually so maybe I could make some up by getting a leg over.

And getting the swing out perhaps.



Midori said...

LMAO. I think this is a MUCH better system than the WW one. I think I am going to have to join you in this system. I already have 4 points today..

Sara said...

Ohh GW points - might want to think about getting a patent out on them. Seems like they'd be quite popular!!!

As for treat - how about a massage/facial type thing. I know my treat of choice would be some sort of horrible chocolatey or cheesy food but I guess that would set me back one go on the swing ;)

Oyomesan said...

Love the points!

I reckon lifting and carrying children must count as many points - you mums forget that's hard!

Anytime I go near friends' kids (which isn't so often) I come home amazed at the new arm and back muscles I've awakened!

Lifting kids - 2 points for a baby and 3 points for older. Squirming toddlers are extra I think.

anchan said...

hahahaha, love it! I think I should sign up!

Nay said...

Oh, I love your Gaijin Wife point system!! Sounds like something I would benefit from (when I get the motivation to exercise :P)

What about leaving your hub at home with the kids for an entire night so you can go out with friends as a treat!! That would definitely be movitation to sticking to it...

L. said...

I wateched that same TV show! Amazing the guy kept his hands in the box after the snake bit him.

And I very sure that MY treat would be an alcoholic beverage.