Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Go go gadget nipples

I breastfed my kids for a few reasons, the main ones being...

1. thats what everyone I knew at the time was/is doing
2. surely it's got to be easier than making formula in the middle of the night
3. I got these damn things for a reason surely more worthy than what they had been used for up until time in question.

Really the only piece of advice my eldest sister gave me was to feed my kids with a bottle every so often from the word go so that they get used to it. Why? in case you get knocked for six with a bitch of a cold or you wanted to go out with the girls or you are just sick of having your boobs out twenty four seven and want bubs to have a bottle or get someone else to feed him/her. I followed this advice and all three kids took / take the bottle fine. And it has been a godsend - mainly because I need a bit of down time out with family or friends now and then to stay sane - and this downtime usually involves a beverage or two of some kind.

I stopped breastfeeding Shou at six months because I got pregnant again with Marina. Marina stopped at about the same of her own accord. I would like to feed Ryu for a year but we'll see how we both go. I must admit that breastfeeding in summer is not that nice. Sweaty big boobs thrust in your face on a hot day, and the only thing on offer is warm milk. Gotta be nice. I wish I could ice it or froth it up a bit or add some flavors every now and then. What will it be today Master Ryu? Booby on the rocks? Baileys and Booby perhaps??

Anyway, onto the title of the post... go go gadget nipples.

At the moment hub is sleeping in Shou's room on a futon and I have the big queen size bed to myself - and Ryu of course. He sleeps in his cot when I can be bothered but a lot of the time he takes up my side of the bed while I sleep on hub's side. We have one of those lights with a remote control so I can keep it on dim. This was mainly so could see when changing shitty nappies in the middle of the night. He has stopped shitting during the night now though so I try and keep the light off.

I think my nipples, in the big wide world scheme of nipples, ar pretty decent nipples. Not too big, not too small rah rah. But god there are times when I wish I could push a button and they would turn into go go gadget nipples. Those times are...

1. when Ryu is beyond himself with hunger and has the whole stevie wonder head thing going on. Need me some go go magnet nipples so that his mouth can connect on the first try and not on try one hundred and seventy three.
2. when it is so so damn pitch balck that I can't even find the remote for the light. Need me some go go glow in the dark nipples.
3. when Ryu is still kind of asleep but wanting a feed and is in a funny position. Need me some go go go-round seek-and-find missile nipples.

I am a bit lazy when it comes to breastfeeding. I am sure that a lot of mothers would have reached a much better pattern/schedule by seven weeks than what we have. My mother asks after our nightly schedule every time I CALL HER. I'm not too arsed about it though. I'm sure it will sort itself out. Afterall he isn't going to be demanding he sleep with mummy and suck boob when he starts school.

Christ, well I hope not.

Anyway, in actual news...

Was lashing rain this morning so couldn't walk with coffee Chimei. Came home after dropping the kids off at kindy and had big sleep with Ryu - after not so good night last night (hence prompting nipple blog). Met my friend 'blender' for lunch and then we came back here for coffee and cake - which I don't believe earns me any GW points towards my weight loss. I did however go for hour long walk this arvo - just me and Ryu so powered along. Had an english class and then went to pick the sproglets up. Hub was home early - well, in time for the bath chaos at least. They are ALL asleep now so I can't see me getting a leg over, which is a shame because I really needed the points today.

Actually hub has a sore back and if it is still sore tomorrow morning is going to take day off work and go to doctors. I don't think it's my fault. Our international relations meetings weren't so enthusiastic that he would put his back out.

Give me a swing and then ... well, then we might be getting into old man sore back territory.


Bloody hell, almost forgot. This is what hub made Shou for breaky this morning.

Tis a fire engine omelet and crab weeners (kani kani - Marina's favorite word) God, crab weeners sounds terrible. What I mean is small sausages cut in the shape of crabs.


Midori said...

That is a very cute brekkie. Very impressed that your hubby cooks breakfast for the kids. Just another affirmation of what a useless wanker D was!
I BF-ed Joey for two years. The first 2 months were hell though and I struggled alot with all sorts of things, had mastitis a few times and had to use nipple covers for a long time because thanks to my semi-inverted nipples (TMI perhaps!) Joey had a hard time latching on and wrecked my nipples in the first couple of weeks. One has yet to full recover and it does make you wonder why I stuck it out for as long as I did! LOL! I think my main reason for sticking it out was sheer stubborn-ness (everyone told me to give up , especially my mother who had never been able to BF successfully) and also laziness as it was SO much easier than having to do X number of bottles every day. I do wonder what will happen if I have kids here in the UK though. It would definitely be more difficult to BF for as long as I did with Joey (as in theory I would have to go back to work after maternity leave etc.) but I definitely miss BF-ing and that feeling of closeness. I swear my milk ducts still tingle and I feel like my milk is about the "let-down" whenever I see friends BF-ing their babies!

michaelalegge said...

Lol re Stevie Wonder head. Took me a few seconds. I totally get it. It's cute when they do it but it can beco
e frustrating. The amount of times I wished for a
special straw that attaches while he's in his bassinette.
Joe is still Bfing at 11 months. I will probably stop around 18 months. He doesn't take the bottle so I have no idea how to put him to bed after that.

Nay said...

Breastfeeding is one of the those things that I really want to do but am afraid that I am just going to suck at it :( I have heard that Japanese clinics are really helpful in explaining to you how to do it so fingers crossed when the time comes I will be ok :)

It must be so frustrating and nerve racking at first though... I would be panicking that I wasn't feeding the baby enough. I can kind of understand how Sara must be feeling right now. I hope she gets it under control :)

I can't believe your DH made breakfast for the kids!! And what a cute breakfast too. I think you have a winner on your hands there Gaijin wife :P

Violet said...

I am so going to introduce a bottle early if I have another as I tried too late with my son and he thought it was funny but had no idea what he was supposed to do with it. So I never had any real time away from him until he was weaned (at 14 mths). I nearly didn't know what to do with myself with all the freedom! And before weaning I wondered if I'd be like some of the mums who say they miss it and guess what? No not at all!

thefukases said...

he he I'm in the lazy BF club too. I used to just hike up my shirt without totally waking up and I'd wake up the next morning with one deflated sack where babe had smorgasboarded all night long and one melon that was throbbing and ready to burst. Made for some rather odd shaped cleavage!

Glad to hear the sleeping arrangements are working out. Marina is fine on her own? My second did that first, too...

And your hubbie makes omelettes?? Good lord. My kids are lucky if daddy remembers to put milk on their cereal!

gaijin wife said...

Heather - YES to the throbbing ready to burst melon - usually encased in saturated booby milk bra, pj-top and sometimes sheet. Love it, love it, love it.

You do realise that husbands can be sent back for omlette making reprograming. Please bear in mind that omlette making not that common in our household - hence hub took photo of it to show me!! Must admit that more than not he is the one to feed Shou and Marina. Usually vegemite on toast or hub's all time speciality - natto eggy rice with cut up seaweed on top. Yuuuuuu mmmmeeee. Not.

illahee said...

LOL some of the vile things that yoshi has given the children in the morning. and when i was pregnant? *shudder*

i could never nurse while lying down. my boobs are too massive (not bragging--you've seen them!) i had to sit up every time and then hold everything in place (*sigh* ah, to be a B cup....) i would always sleep with the dim light on. we still do, except for tommy. just made it easier for nursing. love the idea of glow in the dark nipples, though!

Melanie said...

hmmm...glow in the dark nipples. That does sound handy for a little one, though I`m thinking our DHs would be taking advantage of them also, since they would be easier to find.

Rachel said...

Don't know if this will help right now, but Erica has got all those skills down and finds it all by herself now. I have also figured out how to feed from both while lying on one side, a bit of a wiggle, and there you go...Erica now likes to take her pick. This one...okay, no, I want THIS one now...

I never gave my second a bottle, and the third only a few times. They can drink from a cup or sippy cup soon enough, and before they can, I'm not that keen to go out away from them for much longer than the space between feeds anyway.

ailsa said...

BF is a distant memory for me but had to laugh at your nipple inventions - had they been on the go then, I would have used a couple!

Lucky Shou with a fire-engine omelet, nice work dad (just goes to show that men CAN cook when they want to!)

Kim said...

GW - thanks for your comment on my blog! Your writing always gives me a good endorphin chuckle!!!

illahee said...

ok, tagged you for a meme!

Khea said...

That was a fun read! I even learned a couple things =O I sure hope I can get the hang of breastfeeding quickly, it sounds like it can be so painful and frustrating at times. Maybe if I were to start off with a pair of these go go gadget nipples you speak of, it'll be a breeze!

Brenda said...

LOL, I'm sure the hub would be thrilled with go-go-gadget nipples!

Wow, all these BF moms! Kudos to you all! Never had even the slightest desire to do it w/ any of mine! Making bottles wasn't a big deal at all, and they all thrived on formula.