Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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The Niigata Nimpu (as affectionately named by hub) has had her beautiful little girl. It altogether sounded like a pretty lengthy and horrific experience - and god she hasn't even posted the birth story yet. It has made me reflect on the birth of my three sproglets.

Shou was the first and well, being the first and all, was scary. Yes, people tell you you feel like you are going to split in two but you can't really imagine what the pain will be like until you experience it. Shou was six hours start to finish with no braxton hicks or pre labour contractions leading up to it at all. Luckily the organizer in me already had my hospital bag packed because he came out ten days early - and we now share a birthday.

Marina was a worry because from before thirty weeks we were told that if whatever it was that was showing up on the scan got bigger I would need an emergency C-section. That never happened though but we knew that as soon as she was out she would need tests. She couldn't hold off till her due date either and came out one day before. She was four hours start to finish and ditto no braxton hicks really at all.

Ryu was my longest and most painful experience at eleven hours plus the weeks of walking round with the saloon doors ajar and contractions most days including a whole day in false labour. As that happened two weeks before my due date, despite my pleas, the doctor wouldn't induce me. He came out one week before his due date.

And thank bloody god. After reading about the niigata nimpu's last few days I am glad I had 'normal' births. I'm not that keen on the sound of the 'stick' which was a whole lot of seaweed shoved up her bits to bring contractions on and help soften things up perhaps?? What is the equivalent in New Zealand? Surely the doctors in New Zealand don't shove seaweed up your fanny? Is it the balloon? When that failed to work properly she got the induction drugs that start with p and are something like pictacon? pictacin? picaton? picatin? pick a bloody vein and stick it in there you stupid inbred nurse. She got it wrong and the drugs leaked. This hasn't happened to me personally but when Shou was hospitalised for a common cold (bit of an exaggeration there but not far off) when he was about seven months old he had a drip and because he was a baby they put so much damn McGyver tape around his hand that it took then a lot longer to realise that it was leaking into his arm - they didn't realise till his whole arm up to his elbow was blown up like a friggin balloon.

Anyway, best not to spoil the birth story. I am just in awe that she got through it all with what seems to be a ward of incompetent doctors and nursers. She must be completely shattered and exhilarated at the same time. That feeling of 'I am woman and I bloody rock because I have just pushed very big head out small hole' feeling. Amazing.

So, even though you wont be reading this till you get home, congratulations on the birth of your absolutely gorgeous baby girl. Hub emailed me at lunchtime to see if I had checked to see if you had given birth yet. I had to remind him that my computer has been on for three days solid and I think I have arthritis in my hands.

SDGH&QL Baby Girl

(Sweet dreams, good health and quiet living)


Ruth said...

Obviously after reading that post I had to go back and read the Nigata Ninpu's blog. OMG, she deserves a medal and a huge lottery win after all that. Wow!! Nice happy ending though, her baby is beautiful.

L. said...

I am very glad that my first birth was in LA, not Tokyo, because Big Son was two weeks overdue and my cervix was clamped tight as a straight man's ass in a gay bar. I had two days of pitocin ("pit torture") before dilating one whopping centimeter, and getting the c-section I had long feared, but in the end welcomed. Ugh!

Hey, my word verification is "oviabryo." Doesn't that sound appropriately gynocological?

gaijin wife said...

She definately deserves a medal and god is that a cute baby. Ryu is only seven weeks and I can feel the newborn baby twinge already. Dangerous! I am going to have to stop reading pregnant women posts and keep my cervix as 'clamped tight as a straight man's ass in a gay bar' (god that made me laugh)

Renee said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting on Nay's Place.

All of your kids are super cute - why not go for a fourth?! Four under four doesn't sound too bad....does it?!

Nay said...

I think Sakura chan has been on everybody's minds the last 12 or so hours!! I keep going back to Sara's blog and just staring at her picture, lol! Isn't she just gorgeous!!

I can't believe how short ALL of your labors were - except for Ryu's I guess!!

anchan said...

Well, I don't know who you're all talking about so haven't seen any pics :-(
But this post makes me somewhat grateful that I never had to go through labour with any of mine, never even felt the twinge of a contraction! You all have my respect...