Thursday, 2 July 2009

Early hours

It's nearly 1am - and I'm not still up because of anything exciting liking spending the last four hours trying to get back on the saddle. Ryu was having an unsettled evening and at 10pm it was pack him in the car for a drive round the paddies or just go up to bed with him. When I came back down here it was half twelve already!

If I thought yesterday's downpour was 'lashing' rain then today was the start of a monsoon - or perhaps a whole monsoon in the space of about forty minutes. It was madness - the kind where rain pours under the deck sideways. I had hung the washing out first thing and I can usually get away with this because the deck is well covered and for the most part the rain in Kunimi tends to fall downwards and not sideways. I therefore had to run out and try and bring it in - which really just resulted in me getting completely saturated. It eased off and hasn't been raining now for a good few hours. The river is now half full - it went from being a stream to a gushing river.

Takatora and his mummy came over this morning for a play date. Needless to say they arrived quite wet - and that was only from getting from the car to the front door. Takatora - high tiger boy, or perhaps expensive tiger boy, or even eagle tiger boy if you wanted to ignore the writing and just go on pronunciation. He used to be quite a naughty boy - always hitting Marina. He seems to have chilled out a lot which is good because they are expecting their second child in November - a girl. Takatora is the same school year as Shou and the new addition will be in the same class as Ryu.

One of their recent echo scans showed an abnormal amount of water (or something) in the brain. She had to go to a bigger hospital to get another scan -where she was recommended to have an amniowhatsitmecallit - where they stick big scary in needle in your tummy - while another doctor is monitoring the baby with an echo to make sure it doesn't move suddenly - to suck out some of the amniotic fluid for testing. How scary. They found out that the baby didn't have their biggest feared illness which means the baby wouldn't survive on the outside. She was going to find the rest of the results out tomorrow. Fingers crossed for them.

I popped to the supermarket in the pissing rain and then to the petrol station. It is amazing how much information two women can exchange in the space of such a short time.

Conversation me and the petrol station woman had...

her: congratulations on the birth of your second son.
Me: why thank you.
her: How do you read his name (hub chose crap unreadable chinese character)
Me: Ryu - I liked the other character better but according to hub the stroke order didn't add up to an auspicious enough life.
her: nevermind, lots of kids these days have characters you can't read
Me: at least it's quite an easy one for me to write.
her: was he a big boy?
Me: mmm, quite big. 3800 grams.
her: wow, was the labour long?
Me: eleven hours, the longest out of the three. He had some trouble because the cord was round his neck.
her: ooh
Me: yeah, he came out with a purple head.
her: really! with my first daughter the cord was wrapped round her neck so tight that when the doctor cut it he got a great spurting of blood on his apron - and she was breech.
Me: bloody hell. that doesn't sound too good.
her: no, the things we and our babies go through aye!
her: right, that's you filled up (as in car full of petrol). take it easy and enjoy him being a baby - they grow up so fast.
Me: right I will then. Thank you.
her: cheerio
Me: seeya

This was all said while the car was filling up. I imagine if hub had been having conversation with petrol station boy it would have been more like:
him: lots of rain.
hub: mmmm
him: ....
hub: ....
him: nice hubcaps.
hub: thanks.
him: ....
hub: ....
him: Right, see you.
hub: cheers, thanks.

The need us women have for telling and gaining information. That and trying to use up our how ever many thousands of words we need to in a day.

My English classes started back today. Two of the mothers arrived half an hour early with a prezzie for Ryu - and of course to point out all the foreign looking bits about him. What do you say when people say: 'how handome you are - doesn't matter how hard I try I am never going to get a cute baby that looks like you'

I mean, should I just laugh politely - like I did - or should I have said 'but if you get off with a foreign man next time the odds would be higher' - or would that just be wrong seeing as they are both happily married!

Well, it's past one now. I should really get to bed.

On the hub being a stupid dickhead front - he still hasn't redeemed himself and has infact turned into survival mode hub, whereby he forgets the origin of the grump and gets all silent and moody, and ultimately makes me feel worse than necessary and that it was all infact maybe something I did or said that started it. Me, being a bigger person (and therefore a lot more mature) will now have to go about fixing things up. I have decided thought that there is definatley something to be said for physical contact. This would seem obvious to any male of course. Good shag and everything will be forgotton. It's not even that though - it's the ankle rubs, the occassional hoping in the bath together, the cuddle at night...

All these things that are being missed out on now because am not pregnant anymore and have small baby to think of and look after - meaning when hub has his bath I have usually got my boobs out feeding.


Getting my boobs out used to be so much more fun when a baby wasn't scrounging their dinner out of them.

nighty night



illahee said...

i think yoshi and i had our grumpiest, moodiest fights just after tommy was born. not so easy to give and receive physical comfort when you feel like you've been handing out your body to everyone else all day long....

thefukases said...

had to laugh at the petrol station conversations- so true!!! K took Meg shopping while I was at home with a sick Amy and came home all confused 'this woman working at the fish counter was asking if you were alright and all this stuff- do we know her?' Nope, but I have bought fish from her every week for 3 years!

Tempting to say let your DH suffer, he was wrong but sometimes you could do with a return to normal relations and just need to suck it up, hey?

Luisa said...

ditto on the quick conversations at the supermarket with the checkout chick,petrol station guy, bank lady etc..kinda nice tho :)
oh, meant to ask, how did the blackout curtains work out? I took your idea and semi closed the amado in our bedroom, bub (7 months old) who used to sleep til a good decent hour of 7am had started waking at 5 everyday for about 2 weeks..summer light?? but the shutters seem to be doing their magic..back to 7-730..thanks for the great idea!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Illahee - you hit the nail on the head there. Thought it was just me feeling like this.

Love the conversations I have with my neighbours and the women in the convenience store/supermarket/dry cleaning shop etc... Nice to feel at home and very welcome in the community, eh?

L. said...

Funny -- last week Hub came home late, after earlier saying he'd be home for dinner. Something came up suddenly, and he didn't even bother to call, so of course I was fuming when he got home. He hardly ever does that, but he knew he was in the wrong....and he got MAD, and somehow tried to make it out to be MY fault. He said, "I would have called, but...YOU NEVER ANSWER YOUR PHONE ANYWAY!" And then he started muttering about "...what kind of a wife gets upset at such a SMALL thing...." grumble, grumble, grumble. He apologized the next day, though, so I decided not to blog about it, since so many people we know in real life back in SF now read my blog. I let him off this time!

Anonymous said...

I think the world would be a less knowledgable place if it weren't for women! We have the ability to communicate large volumes of information in a short space of time! I went to a talk recently and the key point made was that it's women who should be thanked for their involvement in the community. Our ability to interact with each other and men to influence things has had a significant impact on the world and bringing about changes for the better. Never underestimate the power of a quick chat! You'll be amazed at the wonders it can achieve! Katie "enjoy shite" yori