Monday, 13 July 2009


Chigaihouken (治外法権) - extraterritorial

This is what hub has been using lately to describe our house - and from what I can gather he means that the rules surrounding our life, our house are different to those of everyone else he knows.

ie: gaijinwife rules and gaijinwife reigns supreme.

Good enough translation don't you think :)

We are just having some 'couple reconnect time' (think I read that on This time includes a 3% alcoholic beverage for me and some homemade umeshu for hub, plus some cheddar flavored crisps from heaven - FBC. The kids were unusually well behaved this evening, hence why hub and I actually still feel like talking to each other!!

Picked the kids up from kindy after I had had a long talk to good friend in NZ. Her eldest boy is the same age as Marina and her second boy is four or five months old. She seems so chilled out about the whole mothering thing and I asked her what she did regarding discipline. She said she tries to distract oldest son with other things or ignores bad behavior. She has NEVER smacked him on the bum. I was in awe. So today, when Shou and Marina came home I put on my over genki happy mummy face and we all had a great time. Yes, I gave them a small iceblock before dinner but hey, it was 100% apple juice and really who gives a shit. Not big enough to spoil their appetite. Not sweet enough to have them jumping off the ceiling.

Shou ate ALL his tea on his own. It took a while but he did it, and without much coaxing from me. Marina of course scoffed hers back and proceeded to eat half of hub's when he got back at six. I put them all in the bath and hub got them dry and changed. Absolutely loving those baby baths. Ryu loves them too. Can't wait till he starts smiling so that I actually know he is liking it - at the moment the only sign I get is that he isn't crying!!

Coffee Chiemi and I went for another mummy pushing pushchair walk this morning. It must have been in the high 20 degrees already - and we left at 8am. We took the steep street (slab of concrete winding up side of hill) and I actually came home feeling it. As we were nearing the top of the climb a bit of a wannabe yakuza car came up with two wannabe chinpiras in it and turned into the old junior high grounds - there is nothing there now. Just empty paddock. I thought it odd and also best that we push pushchairs fast down other side. This was closely followed by another car with an elderly couple that turned into the same paddock.

The mind boggles.

I wonder what business they had together. Were the couple going up to meet their sons for a brunch picnic? Were they all going to check on their hash investment? Are the chinpiras bribing the vestlings out of money?

I obviously have far too much free time on my hands to even be thinking such things.

Was very odd though.

Anyway, coffee Chiemi is picking me up tomorrow morning and we are heading out of Kunimi for some out of Kunimi experience - which is almost as good as outer body experience but with nice coffee.

In other news..

Actually don't think there is any.

Nighty night.



illahee said...

go queen gaijin wife!!

thefukases said...

Ooohhhh what do I have to do to register as a chigaihouken? Very interested in that one....

And isn't it all sweetness and light when things go well? If only that could happen all the time.....

And seriously jealous of your walking buddy. If I were to get to Kunimi before 8am I'm pretty sure I'd have to miss the whole morning rigmarole as well. Hey! I'm there!