Thursday, 9 July 2009

Business Trip Shmisness Trip

Got the kids off to kindy, got a couple of parcels in the mail, spent the morning sorting house out and trying to settle a very wide awake Ryu. Met up with one Chiemi for lunch and the other for coffee here in the arvo. Hadn't seen lunch Chiemi (solar panal mans wife) for a while so that was good to catch up. Coffee Chiemi has been having some issues lately and we have been seeing a bit of each other - and mailing.

She mailed last night to ask if I knew such and such a person - a woman. I didn't. She found a suspicsious text from her on her hubs phone. He usually has his keypad locked and she doesn't usually look - think must be result of me telling her I check hubs from time to time. She got in bit of panic and confronted him last night. Found out over coffee that all OK but that her hub said to her that her actions of late must be because she is hanging out here a bit - this is the same hub who keeps all his overtime pay for his own pocket money - seeing as he was the one doing the overtime. Whatever. Just forget about the wife at home with a five year old, three year old and four month old doing 'SAHM' overtime. He thinks my hub is a true survivor for putting up with me. I think hub is too sometimes but I definately don't think I should be voted off the island.

Christ, if I leave the island it will be on a luxury cruiser with loads of Gin and tonics and twenty year old deck hands - if you have deck hands on a cruiser?

After Chiemis on parade I had to get dinner sorted (lasagne but not much love love) and English class stuff. My eight girls arrived at half four and it was a better class than last week although I had to tell one girl off because I am sick of them talking to me like I'm not their damn teacher. Am going to start being scary teacher - or at least give me some respect and do what I ask teacher. During the class hub rang. Hub, who was supposed to becoming home straight after work because have evening English class too, said that he suddenly got told he had business trip to city tomorrow and would be late tonight making whatever shite he had to make to take with him. I am so mature that I hung up on him. And then rang him back and asked him to please (may have omitted that bit acutally) be home by eight - when my English class starts. Yes, I have Granny K to ask but Shou would probably still be awake and on his own that would be fine but what if Ryu is nutting out too??

At half five had to leave a screaming Ryu with Granny K while I went to pick the sproglets up. They were super cute, well Marina was. Shou came running straight out to me while Marina cleaned up the toys, as per the teachers request. Good little girl. Gotta love little girls. Gotta love little boys too but Shou wasn't doing what he was asked at twenty months. I'm not sure he'll do what he is asked ever in fact.

They both ate their pasta - I tried lasagane on Marina a few months ago and she threw it on the floor. Just goes to show you just have to keep trying with foods when they are little. Was mighty fine lasagane though.

Showered the kids and then finally sat down to feed Ryu - who just about sucked my nipples off he was so hungry. Shou and Marina were quiet for a full twenty minutes while they were entertained by the Wiggles. Marina went to bed, Shou played roads, and Ryu sucked the other nipple off while I waited for daddy to get home. He got home at five past eight - my English students were here already. Ryu had been put down five minutes before they arrived and was / and is still asleep.

Despite hub being home practically the whole of the lesson he made no effort to try and bribe Shou away from the room I teach in. I wasn't about to be angry mummy so Shou sat in with me, putting stickers on my back and drawing on the tatami. Excellent lesson. All the while hub was in the kitchen three metres away grilling damn fish and hence stinking out entire house WHEN there was a beautiful lasagne waiting for him. SIGH.

Anyway, they are all asleep now. Long may it last. I am meeting coffee Chiemi after I drop the kids off at kindy tomorrow morning. We are going to start pushchair walking in the mornings. She lives right beside the kindy. We will be able to have good talk while we push our babies round the paddies.

I think Granny K is getting hub to hoe the fields on Saturday. She plants beans every year - every kind under the sun. Hub doesnt even really like beans so I wonder where the need to plant row after row came from.

She has been quite helpful lately - seriously. She seems to be as annoyed as I am at how many times I get the kiddy dinner, bath and bed routine on my own while hub is doing overtime. Could just be because she's worried we're close to doing a runner though!!



Midori said...

I am glad that Granny K is helping rather than hindering. Sorry your H isn`t being as helpful as you need him to be. I actually had to stop teaching at home for the reasons you described, could never get D to look after Joey properly if I was in the house. ((HUGS)) from me, I know how much hard work it can be. I guess the difference is that because I don`t have anyone to help me, I don`t get frustrated when no-one does! ;-)

illahee said...

sounds mighty busy over there! sorry your husband is being...less than helpful. hope that improves! and good job granny k. hopefully that will last a long time.

Corinne said...

Why the hell would anyone choose fish over lasagne?! He must be mad!

Rachel said...

Isn't there an old kominkan over the road from your house? Why don't you teach there?

I always had mixed feelings when DH comes home, looks at the food I've cooked then goes and simmers some fish. Hmm. But then, I did it to him yesterday. Came home starving, looked at the simmered fish, and rummaged in the fridge til I found...pasta bake. Sometimes you just gotta have something that hits the spot

Nay said...

I have to agree with Corinne, how could anybody choose fish over Lasagna!! Your hub must be crazy :P

I am glad that Granny K is helping out more recently. It must make it slightly easier on you... let's hope she stays like that and doesn't return to her old ways!

I'm sorry your hub isn't helping out as much as he could be... *HUGS*

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Sorry to hear that hub isn't helping out. My hub never helps with the bed/bathtime routine as he's never home at that time. I know exactly how it is, though I only have two kids to contend with!

I think you're very brave starting your private lessons so soon after giving birth. I've only just started back at work after a three yr "maternity leave!" I hope you're not over stretching yourself.

Glad to hear Granny K gets a mention on your blog. I was wondering what she's been up to. Nice to hear she is not causing you grief at the mo too.