Saturday, 27 June 2009

What's in a cm?

After taking the kids to kindy hub, Ryu and I went shopping. We had a list of very very exciting items such as

1.spray to kill the bees hive
2.powder to sprinkle round the house for the centipedes
3.gumboots for hub
4.gumboots for Marina (preferably pink - per hub's request)
5.Nightlight for Shou
6.Hair clips for Marina (preferably pink - per hub's request)
7.Some of those velcro plastic fruit that you can pretend to cut in half - kids toys. Friend in New Zealand wants some to give to people as prezzies.
8.Nappies - all three sizes.
9.Table - for Granny K. She has a low table in her room but her knees are getting a bit bad and she prefers to sit in a higher chair and not on the floor so she needs a bigger table. The requirements we got were height 50cm, width 42cm and length 73cm.
10. twelve million boxes of sav blanc and some sanity for mum

We managed to tick most of the list off. Obviously my wine and sanity weren't top of the list so they will have to wait. Marina ended up with bright yellow gumboots and an array of multicolored clips. We went to a huge home centre with a furniture store attached. We searched high and low for a suitable table and couldn't find one. We then looked in the DIY section and found a perfect one. Of course we had to buy the four legs, top and bolts separately for it but it only took hub three minutes and twenty seven seconds to put together when we got home. It would appear that the height (which was spot on at 50cm) is in fact too high and Granny K is going to saw three cm off and ten cm off the length - even though the one we got was only 75cm. Honestly, did she think we would find one with exactly those measurements.

Hub got in a bit of a huff and said the least she could say was bloody thankyou - which she did in her two year old kind of way - I guess if I have to say thankyou (or sorry) then I will kind of thankyou. She changed her tune about hacking the legs to bits though when hub told her she owed us 6000 yen. He then told her it would fit perfectly if she cleaned up her bloody room - and while she was at it could she clean outside her door to outside cause there was so much shite out there that he had trouble trying to find the perimeter of the house to sprinkle the centerpede powder around!!

At half 4 hub got a call from the foreign big boob loving man down the road asking him to cut grass right then. Hub laughed and after a bit of banter said he would be there in five minutes. He then got off the phone and said

hub: can I go?
Me: do we have a choice?
hub: not really.
Me: then just go and tell foreign big boob loving man to ring you sooner next time. Or, if it means you get out of whatever grass cutting it is then your big boobed (albeit leaky) foreign wife will flash her tits for him.

So, I had to pack Ryu in the car to go get the kids from kindy to then come home and feed and bath them before hub got home. He is just putting Shou to bed but I am half expecting him to come down to say 'shou wants to sleep with mummy'. I can hear them now in fact - shou wanting to go pee - but making a huuuuuuuuge production out of it.

We had fried noodles for dinner - we went to pick them up from the shop in Kunimi. The husband of the nearly vestling lady that does all the cooking got himself in a right tit over me bringing Ryu out before the one month home detention period was up. He got so worked up in fact that he had to leave the room!! The wife of course was happy to get a cuddle and ask me a multitude of questions about how much milk I had etc. He said something interesting though - and old wives tale I hadn't heard yet after ten years living here and three children.

'Don't get rain water in your baby's eyes before they turn three months (100 days) old'

He told me this just in case I was planning on leaving Ryu in the pissing rain. If they do get water in their eyes they will get some sort of eye-related illness or something. I wonder if the same goes for the other bodily parts?? Anybody heard this tale before? Hub hadn't.

I think we are having some friends over tomorrow morning - and if that doesn't pan out then hub will be taking Shou and Marina to the beach for the WHOLE DAY to look for crabs. Hope friends come to play though. Marina hasn't played with Erica for ages!



Rachel said...

It's raining but we're coming anyway.

Why don't you just tell everyone he's a month old? He's big enough. It worked with Erica, another monster baby. Everyone believed me, and once you're past that magic month, no-one cares.

I remember a few short weeks ago when 2cm meant THE WORLD to you....

thefukases said...

You're a saint! I can't believe you're doing Granny K's table shopping...
Hope the sticker chart is going well and you have a great time tomorrow.

Sara said...

Am I the only one who was amused by GW's hubs preference for pink for Marina?!

BG isn't even here yet and I've already been getting.. "Don't you have enough pink stuff??" (the answer is no!)

Never EVER heard the rainwater in the eyes thing.. maybe a rural Oita/vestling tradition?

The whole 1 month period thing is so silly... I will be lieing my arse off to any stranger person I meet who asks. Not all of us have the pleasure of having our blood relatives living in the same village/house/country...

And If we (I) did.. I would be getting myself out of the house anyways :P

illahee said...

i was so unbelievably happy the day all three of my kids fit into the same diaper....

i've never heard of the rain thing, either. hm..

illahee said...

um, i mean same diaper size LOL

gaijin wife said...

My god, 3 kids in the SAME nappy - that would be handy. Economical and it would stop them running riot!. Hmmm, I could give it a try.

Three weeks ago 5mm meant THE WORLD to me. Pity I couldn't just chop some legs off to make it better!!