Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ten little toes.

Aren't baby fingers and toes just so kissable.

A good day for the bunster and I but not so good on the home front. Hub took both kids to the doctors. Separately because he couldnt take them both at the same time and Granny K had to stay home to instruct the washing machine men. He brought them both past here so I could have a quick cuddle and hello in the carpark. I cant decide if their timing for getting sick is extremely unlucky or actually rather good.
Rather good for me and unlucky for hub I imagine. He said he might have to work saturday and sunday to make up for it. Me thinks might be letting air out of some tyres after get home on Friday!

Time for feed and bed.



thefukases said...

Gorgeous picture. Really beautiful.

And poor M and S. I hope it's nothing serious. A couple of wipe downs with orange juice and I'm sure Ryu would start looking jaundiced and you could scam another day in hospital and avoid the Saturday mayhem. :)

illahee said...

adore newborn fingers and toes. he's got lovely digits!

kind of LOL at heather's previous comment. bet she almost wrote S & M...

sorry to hear your two little ones are ill, but good to hear your husband is there taking care of them. and granny k too, i suppose. take care of yourself! relax and 'enjoy' your time at the clinic!

thefukases said...

Yeah, wishing someone whose just given birth that the S & M gets better soon is a bit much pressure, huh? ;P