Sunday, 21 June 2009


Sundays - always a trial when you have two hurricanes and a small tornado on the rampage.

Started the morning off by giving Shou the last of his birthday presents. He got remote control fork lift from Granny K on his actual birthday on Wednesday so I saved a few other ones that had arrived so I could use them to bribe him in times of world emergency, and so that things would get broken one at a time instead of everything getting trashed in space of one hour.

This morning's prezzie was a 'hyper rescue' fire engine type vehicle. Solar Panal man's wife bought it over on Wednesday. It comes with batteries - which means.... hours and hours of family entertainment in form of screeching fricken fire engine siren. We have had about a hundred fires out on the deck today - all that needed Shou's immediate attention and the siren on for at least ten minutes each time. After today I have decided that when Tyson (solar panal man's son) has his next birthday I am going to find him the biggest most noisest most loudest most annoying toy I can find - and then give it to him with a year's supply of batteries. What are friends for after all.

Solar panal man and his wife and son came over without warning today to see bubs. Shou and Tyson had great play and Marina, my little girlie sweetheart, acted all shy and well, rather not like herself at all. Almost what I imagine other little girls that aren't related to the tasmanian devil act like. It gave me hope. We got given some sweet corn and some pineapple. Yum, yum, yum. Marina chomped back both and think will have to get some more corn tomorrow, if not just for me because she only let me get a mouthful.

Not much else to report. Might try and get an early night.



Rachel said...

Sleep well all of you! I have a great toy for your solar panel man - a walker toy that DOES NOT TURN OFF. Honestly, it sings ten songs in a row every time you so much as look at it, and there is NO off switch. Needless to say, I never replaced the batteries in that one once they ran out.

maggietoki said...

Why do people give those kind of presents??Madness....

illahee said...

i try to give non-noisy presents, or at least those with an off switch. hiro received one from my mom's friend, who thought it would be a funny joke on my *mom* to give him a noisy toy. it doesn't have an off switch, and makes noise 30 seconds after it finishes it song to remind your child to play with it. ugh.

have a great week!

Nay said...

What about a drum set for solar panel man's child?!?! That would make a lot of noise :P

Oh yum, pineapple!! I love fresh pineapple :)