Monday, 29 June 2009

Stupid B****

Honestly, two rants in the space of twenty four hours. Could well mean the start of the end :)

At least today's rant is about Granny K and not hub. The kids had a relatively good night and even I woke up not feeling too like I had been run over by a bus. I smelt of milk though - which in the middle of soon to be summer is never a nice smell. That's the downer about feeding and sleeping at the same time. The baby starts with some furious sucking and just when the boobs are in full milk production swing the baby falls asleep and you wake up in a wet spot. Awesome.

The morning routine was going fine. I had a load of washing hung out and another just finishing when Granny K came in to do a load herself - which absolutely fine even though she said she was going to be using the old machine that she got the electrician to hook up outside - because putting in a plug yourself is just too difficult. I have two washing baskets - one was outside because I had half an hour before hung out a load and left it out there. The other was half full of clean washing on the couch. It was just a small comment she made - about why I couldn't go and get one of the baskets first. But why?? I have such big strapping foreign arms that carrying a load of towels really isn't that much of struggle.

Anyway, not ranting about a bloody washing basket. The good stuff came later when Shou, after repeating moves with the dragonfly net got it taken off him (by me). I put it up high and he had a meltdown - a lot better effort than yesterday's. I imagine half the neighbourhood heard him - or they would have if we actually had neighbours.

Hub left for work in the middle of the chaos - which was fine because it was 'my battle' anyway ;-)

Marina in the car and Granny K came in to keep an eye on Ryu while I got Shou in the car - he of course just wanted the net and wasn't interested in getting up off the dirty deck floor, let alone getting his shoes on and into the car. I asked Granny K to make herself scarce and said that if no one was at home then he would be more likely to want to get in the car. I put Ryu in his car seat and Granny K went into her room and locked the door.

Shou claimed he was going to spend the day with Granny - I said she had gone to the paddy and no-one was home. He nutted out a bit more outside her locked door and then she turned up at the front door - luckily I saw her first and whispered to her to please not make her presence known as it wouldn't help matters at all. She nodded and then ten seconds later yelled out to Shou that she was there but that she was going to be working outside all day so he had to go to kindy - but that she would get the net for him when he got back.

Shou runs to the front door and into Granny's waiting arms. She carries him to the car with me muttering under my breath that I didn't think it was going to work. What do you know and Shou would much rather spend the day with Granny outside than at kindy. She tries to put him in his carseat - not happening. Just then both Marina and Ryu start crying. I put Shou in the backseat and close the car door. I YELL (I know, very uncool to yell at old women) to Granny something along the lines of 'what the hell were your thinking - I specifically asked you not to step in and you did and now we are worse off than before'. She walks away.

Back away from the gaijinwife who is just about on fire.

Very wise.

Shou is not in his carseat and half way down the road I stop and we wait for five or ten minutes until finally I have persuaded him to get into his car seat - it isn't the kind of car seat I can just strap him into and be done with. He can undo the belt himself so he really needs to 'want' to be in it.

We get to kindy - via the juice machine. He NUTS out again and I leave him with the teachers telling me that it will be fine. Shou has puffy eyes from crying so much and I feel absolutely terrible - but not enough to not think that the situation wouldn't have been so bad had Granny K not 'tried to help'.

Think I will go and do some retail therapy and then perhaps set something on fire - unfortunate really that Granny K's room is attached to the rest of the house. I doubt she would stand still while I try and tie her to one of her tomato stakes either. Think I will have to settle for burning the stack of boxes waiting to be burnt instead. The shopping will be at the two dollar shop - I can go crazy and still not feel guilty!! Need to get some goodies for Shou for when he gets to the end of a row of stickers on his incentive chart - which has been printed out but still hasn't found its way on to the fridge yet.

Apologies for the rant. I feel a lot better. I imagine my poor long suffering husband will be working late today - don't blame him. Seems the better option lately!



shufuinjapan said...

Hi Gaijin Wife, It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job of keeping it all together with your 3 children and a meddling MIL. Good on you for having a rant!

sassymoo said...

Sheesh! Bloody Granny K....

Sara said...

Wow... Granny K sounds like she has no common sense at all...

Aggg.. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be trying to get all three kids situated and living and in one piece.

I guess the good thing is it won't last forever - eventually they'll grow up right, altho if they have hubs genes maybe not?

Poor thing - want to give you a big huge!! Hope the retail therepy helps out!

Sara said...

Big huge...?
I mean big hug.

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

There is nothing better that helps me with days like this other than "Retail Therapy"

I am the queen of RT! How hold is Granny K?

gaijin wife said...

Granny K is 73 - I think :) Seven more years until my 80 years!! The majic number I said I would stick it out till.

illahee said...

the woman was trying to one up you. seriously, if i were you i'd be BURNING UP ANGRY. sorry, i know this isn't helpful as a comment but i am totally getting you. what a c*nt. seriously.

good thing it backfired on her, too (not so much for you at the moment, obviously, but at least she doesn't get to be a smug bitch!) sorry, i'm still burning mad that she promised to give shou his butterfly net back. what a BITCH!!

Anonymous said...

I think hub and gk were trying to help the only way they knew how. But he should understand your position more deeply and avoid being nasty and cutting. Your homones plus 3 bubbas and the adjusting must be hard. Do you have blood (family) coming to visit you soon?

gaijin wife said...

anonymous - unfortunately not. I would LOVE it if they did. My brother and sisters aren't in a position to. My mother definately is but unfortunately travelling to the other side of the world to visit her youngest daughter and three grandkids is not high on her list of priorities it seems :(

gaijin wife said...

and I agree - Granny K definately has her heart in the right place most of the time. She is just bloody crap at sorting it out properly. Hub, well I think he is trying most of the time but I can't help thinking he is so damn immature some times. Chip off the old block perhaps.

anchan said...

heeheehee, it's been a while since we had a Granny K rant! I'm still in awe of you for putting up with her. So glad you feel better having let off steam here!

Midori said...

Ugh. Evil cowbag. I liked my MIL but even she had a tendency to pull shit like this from time to time. You really are handling it all so well though, you are a stronger woman than me as I would have stabbed her and claimed post-natal depression by now!`