Saturday, 6 June 2009

Silly Doctor

Doctor's shouldn't say things to freak you out. I have just had my 39 week check up. I didn't get round to posting yesterday because a friend came to visit and I was waiting to see if 6 hours of ten minute contractions was going to actually start getting exciting for you all. It didn't.

According to the Granny K tidal report 'oshio' wasn't yesterday, it is tomorrow. I don't actually know if this is correct though as nobody else I seem to talk to agrees!! She appologized for getting me in tidal frenzy.

So, the checkup...

40 minute baby monitor with some good niggles coming every three minutes according to the monitor but nothing to alarm the nurses.

Ultrasound - where babies face is still visible. ie, not facing in shoot out the saloon doors position yet - although according to doctor with subsequent pregnancies this doesn't mean anything as can turn head downwards literally moments before making descent. Got good 4D pic of profile.

Internal exam. It appears the saloon doors are still just swaying slightly in the breeze. 4cm. No progress.

When had last consultation with doctor - after I finally went pee. It took me another half an hour of waiting and half a bottle of water - he laughed as he said...

My only concern is that when he comes he comes fast

hehe (first time have seen my doctor laugh)

possibility he might come out in the car you live so far away


NOT FUNNY - luckily hub wasn't in the room. Usually it is the lady doctor that worries you but today I had the man so it has had more of an impact.

After the laughter had died down I asked if he was actually serious. He said yes. So, have popped in at friends house on way home to look up 'child birth car' in google. Hub was sure he had seen on TV that you should cut the cord but I was sure you didn't. A bit of research shows you shouldn't. This is why hub is a civil servant and not a doctor.

Anyway, dramas aside we are off home to wait for either waters to break or 'any type of pain that is more painful than any of the contractions of late' The pressure to actually KNOW that things are starting... bloody crazy.

Well, hub looking over shoulder, no doubt understanding nothing.

Keep you posted.



Nooh said...

Good to hear an update from you! Sorry to hear you are still with bun on the inside and I hope it doenst come down to oven>car! It cant be too long off now! You are in the home stretch! Open sesame!!!!!!

Slime said...

Packing a "car birthing kit" would be a good way to waste a little more time! LOL On all the shows I've seen, you just tie of the cord with a shoe string (make sure one of you wears tennis shoes in the car!) but you don't cut it!

What a ding-dong doctor! Getting you all worked up when you're nerves are already frazzled and you're already so stressed! Sending "bunster coming quickly, but not too quickly" vibes your way!

anchan said...

Arghhh... I thought that the (short) slience might mean something exciting was happening!

re: delivering the baby en-route, this has happened to 2 of my friends, and another friend thought she just needed to go to the loo and out came baby... DON'T cut the chord, you need to deliver the placenta, then the placenta needs to be held higher than the baby until help arrives! Good luck - and don't use any long-drop loos!! xxx

illahee said...

oh man...too bad you couldn't stay with jo for the next week or two!

sending 'no birthing in the car' vibes your way!

Rachel said...

without drugs the placenta won't come out for half an hour or more. Breastfeeding will make it come out sooner. No need cut or tie the cord, anything you use will probably bring a risk of infection, while the cord and placenta itself if not a risk. It's quite common for people to wait until the cord stops throbbing, or even until the placenta delivers naturally until they cut it. It's not intrinsically an emergency, just a baby coming. Happens every day. Try not to worry. I began to think having Erica slip out a little 'early' like that would be a neat solution to all my worries about the clinic rules!

Did you know that there are some people who keep the placenta attached, all wrapped up in newspaper or something, until the umbilical cord drops off naturally, like, several days after the birth? Not suggesting you try that, but hope it makes you worry less about what to do if the bunster slips out en route.

Sara said...

Ohh.. sooo not what you wanted to hear right?! Although bunster birth in car would be a great story to tell at birthday parties, weddings... etc etc.

Can't believe the stubborn little guy is still defying gravity!! Hang in there GW!!!

thefukases said...

One of the women in the hospital when I had Amy had delivered in the car (lucky it wasn't a K!!) and what shocked me most was that she still paid the 270,000 birth fee at the hospital!! Seems they brought mum and bub in attached and did the placenta work/ weighing and checking in the labour room. Still seemed a bit rude.... and took away my only reason for wanting an oops! birth. :)

You know we're on the edge of our seats for news so thanks for updating- especially when it's such a hassle!

Oh and I had wondered whether your DH reads/ understands your blog. Now I know why you can write what you do. :) Mine has taken my blog on as his English textbook....

Luisa said...

Hubby is a surfer, says oshio is tomorrow..high tides are really high, low tides are really low..
Good luck and hope to hear some great news soon!

Jo Tomooka said...

Don't let it pop out tomorrow, I'll be free Monday morning - or tomorrow after 10pm.. if you need any midnight help. I can just imagine what DH would do if you did pop it out in the car... perhaps it would be while he was making an emergency stop for himself! Good luck, I'm sure you can keep your legs crossed till the hospital... even if your husband can't!!

Nay said...

Gosh, I think giving birth in a car would be slightly terrifying... although I am sure that if it happens, you won't really be thinking about that and more about just getting the baby out!!

I hope that the bunster does decided to stay in until you at least arrive at the hospital!

He definitely seems to have a personality about him already though :P