Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Physical Challenge

Before going to bed last night I made the once in a life time mistake of googling 'birth stories'. If anyone out there thought mine was a bit too much then I dare you to google birth stories - no, I double dare you. Take that back. Physical challenge...

Thank god I didn't think about looking up things before Shou. I just read the stories in my 'pregnancy and you' type books and listened to what people I knew had been through. The site I ended up reading had a 'graphic' rating - rating stories (or rather photos) on a moderate to oh my fuckin god scale. Being only human I of course had to look at some of the more graphic ones - albeit with my hand over my mouth thinking no no no, I can't believe I did that three times. I never have been one of those woman who want to really experience the birth and be a part of it - (not that you can't not be of course) by catching their own babies or watching the whole thing in a mirror being held by the midwife or someone. I got hub to video Marina coming out but must admit I only watched vid once and even then I didn't slow freeze the frames to pause on head crowning or anything.

One of the stories was of a baby that was facing the wrong way - can't remember proper name for it, perhaps the upwards facing - that looks really freaky position. ALL you can see of the baby in the photo is the face - everything else is still on the inside. It came out face first, not head first. It is very freaky - in a totally naturally and enlightening and at one with the world kind of way. Another woman wanted an outside natural birth - on a mat under a pine tree singing kumbayah my lord. Well, not quite but it was very 'at one with nature'. My god, in comparison, I am so tame that I boarder on being a boring and extremely modest prat. Each to their own I guess.

Ryu and I went to the supermarket this arvo where I had great conversation with two vestlings I have never met before.

Vestling: what a lovely baby. How old is he?
Me: three weeks (really just over two but I felt I had to make him older or they would retaliate)
Vestling: three weeks!!! (they retaliated anyway) Oh, you poor wee baby. In my day we stayed inside for the first month.
Me: (polite laugh) If I did that my family wouldn't be able to eat.
Vestling: (raucous laugh) but you're quite big anyway. Looks like there's another one in there. Are you sure there isn't.
Me: not funny you silly cow (OK, so I said that in my head)
Me: (polite laugh) Oh no, just the one.

Ryu and I then made our way to the checkout where I got accosted by one of the ladies that makes the packed lunches. She 'took' Ryu off me and instructed me to finish my shopping while she held bubs. I was only slightly paranoid that she was actually a closet pig farmer and Ryu was getting swine flu while I paid for my groceries. I think with Shou I was a lot more paranoid about people 'taking' bubs off me for a hold.

Not sure if I mentioned that the 'work for food' thing for FBC worked out - although I have feeling they probably take anyone who applies. My first project was to write a short blurb about my favorite product and send it off with a photo - for the summer product catalog. Obviously I don't want pic of me gracing any magazine so Marina and Shou got the honors - holding natural apple sauce, something I use a bit of, especially for the baby food stage.

I got another request this afternoon too - to test out some English teaching books. My English classes start again next week so it will be nice to have some new material!

Ooooh, and that crap translation did a month or so back - getting double what I thought I would be getting so yippy yay, my mind is already clicking over as to what I can get with the 'extra' money I didn't think I would have.

Hub has just come in. The kids and I had a few minor meltdowns during the dinner and bath time, mainly because Ryu was awake the whole time also and even though I had to deal with the older kids first it still stresses me out being able to hear Ryu crying - even though I know it wont kill him and if he hangs out for another five minutes he will get a mouth and a half full of boob (melon!!) He (hub) is just having seconds of potato bake and Martha Stewart's meatballs (slight variation of as no Parmesan cheese so had to use normal melty cheese - still good though) When he has seconds of 100 percent western food it usually means he is doing it a bit out of kind. I think he has learnt that not being seen to appreciate a home cooked meal after wife has had to prepare it in between changing three lots of nappies, feeding and bathing, is really not in his best interests. Good man.

He also bought home a cold beverage, and some cheese so can't complain really. God, just had horrible thought maybe his leg is getting a twitch. Crap. Hope not. I don't think I'm quite ready for an international relations meeting yet.


In other news - got lovely parcel from Sister and brother today with goodies for Ryu, gossip mags, chocolate bikkies, maggie meal packet sachets and the likes. Yay yay. Gotta love care parcels.



anchan said...

Oh GW, I really needed a chuckle this evening - thank you! Here's hoping he has a 'dead leg'... Your kids are gorgeous - lovely to see that Marina now has a lovely head of hair! xxx

Nay said...

Shou and Marina could pass as twins!! Ryu definitely seems to have gotten the other half of the genes!

YAY for getting extra money on your translation job. It's nice when you find out you have a little extra money to play with, hey!! Imagine the possibilities...

Enjoy your care package :) I know from personal experience that getting care packages always brighten up my day - how could they not? :P

kasandora said...

treetopis also my favorite FBC product! I swear I buy 10 jars at a time and put it on everything!

illahee said...

ok, rude old ladies need a swift kick!!

mmmm, treetop. washington apples, yum!

thefukases said...

ohhhhh I've never eaten applesauce but your two could sell me it anyday!

I googled birthstories once too.... made me feel better actually when I realised that even people in countries with access to drugs didn't all have amazingly wonderful enjoyable births.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll take your word for it and stay away from the birth stories =) (and old supermarket ladies for that matter!)

I agree with Nay though, Shou and Marina DO look like twins! Very adorable ones, at that.

Rachel said...

Okay, I'm coming over to check out that care package! Aren't you lucky I have to work? You'll have it all eaten by the weekend I'm sure.

Try googling 'positive birth stories'. Or just do as thefukases and keep googling nasty ones so you know you didn't have it so bad.

I heard that the sound of a baby crying the MOST stressful sound for humans. Is it possible to get S&M to wait, or DH to do the job?

Luisa said...

oh man your kids are gorgeous!
I`d buy whatever they/you were advertising..(does that make me shallow?)

Sara said...

Sign me up for ordering some apple sauce from your two cuties!!!

And wow - honestly even for vestling that was pretty rude!! I was talking to Ryohei about why comments on weight here are so acceptable "oh you got fat!" etc.. and he says people are just "atama warui"

So nice to see a recent picture of Shou and Marina!! Are we gonna get any 3-some shots?

And... I am staying away from birth stories as its just too "real" at this point lol.

chrysanthemum mum said...

Gorgeous pics! They are adorable. Makes me realise what big whoppers my two kids are!

Old ladies everywhere in Japan seem to like criticising mums who take their newborns out in the fresh air before the month long quarantine is up. I also used the line about my family not getting fed if I didn't pop to the supermarket which usually shut them up.

Am just going to google "birth stories" now...hope it doesn't give me nightmares

Midori said...

OMG Have to admit the "you're quite big, is there another one in there?" thing made me sigh with relief that I don't live in Japan anymore. In the UK you wouldn't be arrested for slapping someone for saying that kind of thing (well assuming the arresting officer was either a hot policeman who likes busty women or a woman who had encountered lots of shit from people about their weight) but I used to encounter it all the time in Japan!

Sounds like everything is pottering along as well as it can be when you have a newborn in the house! LOL!