Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Oiwai Dinner.

This is the dinner you get the second to last night of your stay. The menu hasnt changed and I have had this EXACT meal three times. As nice as it was I do not plan on having it again! The food here is very good but have fridge in room too so can stash emergency choccie and the likes.

Looks like the kids are on the mend. As much as I have missed them I still they are both ok for kindy on Saturday so I can get the bunster settled in.

Must go. Boobs being demanded.



Jo Tomooka said...

Hi.. I had really hoped to get back in to see you before you are released back into the "real" world but things are not looking hopeful! Hopefully I can get to Kunimi to see you next week... enjoy the rest of your stay!

Lulu said...

It looks yummy, although I do know all I would eat would be the fish and rice. I am going to need an emergency stack of a lot of food when I have to stay in the hospital after goma-chan is born. Unfortunately I do not like much Japanese food.

That said i think it is so funny that you get the same meal on your second night there. And that you have had it three times.

Hope Ryu gives your boobs a break soon so that you can come back and show us more gorgeous photos of your new son!!!

thefukases said...

The *same* meal? Make sure you finish it this time so they won't serve it to you again, hey? ;P

My last meal at Amy's hospital came with wine. Very odd thought I- and only I judging by the other 5 women in my group who all drank it up...

Apparently you get really good food if you're in over New Year... hmmm maybe not have another child just to try it good though... ;P

illahee said...

yum! my last hospital stay also included a glass of wine, but it was 'non-alcoholic'. hmmmm

i always brought a huge stack of granola bars with me. and visitors nearly always brought me snacks.

Oyomesan said...

Looks good!

Are those real china plates or plastic ones???

My single friend stayed in hospital at Xmas and had great food...AND she avoided all the boring bonenkais...she said she's do it again for sure.

Gina said...

Yumm your meal looked great! : )

Nay said...

I'm sure I commented on your post just after you wrote it... but something went a little haywire and now I can't find it :P I probably stuffed up somehow, lol!

I can't remember exactly what I wrote but I think it was along the lines of the food you get looks good but I couldn't imagine eating it everyday... I am always worried that I am going to starve or something when I am admitted to hospital. I am such a fussy eater :P

deenster said...

Congratulations on your beautiful little boy! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Kind of a weird question....but I have heard that some birth clinics in Japan offer to serve your placenta in a meal during your stay. Does yours? Do they send it home with you? Does this vary by clinic? So curious!

gaijin wife said...

deenster - my clinic fortunately didn't offer to cook it up for dinner and down this way I haven't heard of that before. When I asked to see it the nurse was very good at describing the whole thing though. So good in fact I completely lost my bottle to ask if could take home to plant under Shou's tree.