Thursday, 18 June 2009

Naked Ryu

So, what is nearly as bad as spending your birthday in labour?


I know, I know, not bloody fair but what can you do.

Feeding booby to a new born while sitting on the toilet with a bowl beside you to chuck up in. Well, I didn't actually feed him on the toilet but I did spend close to four hours in there with the both-ends-bug. Hub reckons it was what Marina and Shou had but it only lasted four hours. It was pretty violent while it lasted but then it was over. I was in no state to get the boobs out so hub gave Ryu his first ever proper bottle - 120 ml. He sucked it back, leading to complete slamming of nipple confusion theory. What bollocks. If you have a hungry baby who sucks like a vacuum cleaner then nipple, teat, hose, ...

Hub did ring the clinic though and they said breastfeeding was fine even though mummy was doubled over the toilet. So, during the night he got boob. And, during the night he chucked up. And, during the night his tummy was a rumbling and rolling. So, if in doubt feed the baby bottle. We got NO (zilch, zip, nada) sleep last night. Mummy was not a pretty sight this morning and we had our first post new baby meltdown - why??? because Shou, at five in the morning, was insisting that daddy open the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs the whole way instead of just leaving it slightly open. Oooooh, the tears, the shouts of unfairness. Mummy lost the plot and sleep deprived-still got a sore fanny-been throwing up all night mummy had to mummy-handle Shou down the stairs and through the half open gate.

Somehow we managed to feed them and get them ready to kindy. I think I even got a kiss in the car - from Shou that is.

Ryu and I spent almost the entire day horizontal - after the minimal of cleaning just in case some random want to see your baby-and give you money in envelope person arrived. Nothing all day though which was good. I think I am almost back to normal. Well, as much as ever will be possible.

So, Yakiniku didn't happen last night and judging by the smell of the kitchen Hub spent last night pretending he was tencho (owner) at ramen shop. The table is set now for our dinner - hub just upstairs putting the devil child to sleep.

Hub couldn't make it home in time for bath time tonight so I had ALL THREE KIDS in the bath at the same time. Tis one of the seven wonders of the world how you can manage to bath a three year old a one year old and a new born at the same time. Well, probably not. Seven wonder would be being able to accomplish this feat AND take photo at same time. Unfortunately every spare hand and foot I had was being used and I have yet to become so good at multitasking that I can take photo by placing phone between scrunched up nose and mouth. I will practice though.

But for the mean time, a naked Ryu from yesterday's bath when it was just him.

Shou is very intrigued by the gross cord bit waiting to drop off and is insistent that it is just bit of poo that mummy needs to wipe off. The cord bit bled a bit yesterday - I remember with Shou that when this happened we rang the clinic, thinking that he was perhaps bleeding internally and all blood seeping out through belly button as Shou was slowly dieing. Nurse reassured us that bit of bleeding all OK and that cord probably about to fall off.

Well, best I get dinner sorted and started.



thefukases said...

oh wow. what a welcome home!

I'm amazed you still had milk to give. I got a bug while Meg was 6 weeks old (and K was conveniently lapping up free goodies and continental breakfasts at a convention in Paris...) and I couldn't breastfeed. It was horrible but after 24 hours all was back to normal- well almost, still haven't forgiven K.... ;P

And 3 in the bath? superwoman! Hope you're feeling better and the bug has left the house!

tj-injapan said...

gratuitous naked baby shot - love it!! I love the curled up arms look.

so sorry to hear about your bug - what a day/night. hope you get some sleep and recovery tonight and you are feeling better soon.

illahee said...

oh no, what an awful birthday present! i hope you are feeling much better now. poor GW! take care.

bathing with all three at once? you are a brave brave woman....

Rachel said...

Nipple confusion exists! Amy nearly stopped breastfeeding because of it, until I put her on a bottle strike. It's just got the wrong name - they're not confused at all, it's a bottle preference, because it comes out faster so it's easier for them, then they get fussy at the breast, then Mum thinks she has no milk...I've seen this happen SO MANY TIMES please don't undermine the idea.

Obviously no prob for you, you're one of these women whose boobs are like a gushing tap, I think! Alas, not I, bubs has to work at it with mine.

How about a tripod and timer for the bath?? i wanna see your bath octopus. That's what I called it when we all got in together (cos we had eight legs). Two octopi counting the arms.

Sara said...

Wow... I can't imagine bathtime for four?! How do you do it?

Sorry to hear that your birthday present was a gero cocktail with a side of un**. What a horrible way to spend your day... :( Hope you can get a raincheck on that yakiniku as I'd say you deserve a little something nice!!

Love the pic.. but the belly button thing freaks me out as well... a big ball of dying skin on my baby... yuck yuck yuck... but Ryu is cute as always!!! Dako shitai na!

Nay said...

I'm sorry your birthday plans didn't go as planned :( Poor you - catching a stomach bug just after getting out of hospital. I hope you are feeling better now :)

I have to agree - 3 in the bath?!?! You are one amazing woman!! Especially when one of them is a newborn - they are such slimey creatures when they are young!!

The belly button does take a bit to get used to!! I remember when my sister brought home my nephew when I was 14 years old - I was horrified to even look at it :P