Monday, 22 June 2009


Melons... literally :)

Five of them. I think. A huge watermelon and then a box of normal melons which I am guessing holds four. They are sitting in front of the alter at the moment but Granny K will have to give them up first thing tomorrow morning because damned if we are getting expensive nice fruit like that and having it rot in front of the gods. Solar panel man's mum brought them round as a 'congratulations' on the baby gift. They arrived right in the thick of dinner and evening routine and solar panel man's wife looked sorry at calling at such an inconvenient time. But hey, if you have watermelon and boxes of yummy melon then I don't care what time you come.

On the produce front I also left Jo's house this morning with a dozen farm fresh eggs and a big bag of zucchini.

Just got text from solar panel man's wife saying sorry for 'coming at such an inconvenient time' !!

Hub was home early tonight - in time for Marina and Shou's bath which was nice. The late late nights are over for the meantime I think. Will mean next months pay check looks a bit anorexic compared to this months and last months but never mind. I should be back into the English by then. I am meant to be starting again next week but shite - that doesn't seem like much of a break to me. Maybe I will do a ring around and see if parents plan on bringing kids during the summer break, and if so then having July off too wouldn't be so bad. The bitch translation money should be coming in soon too. Other than that we will be waiting for all that money to fall off those there trees.

Hub bought some tickets in the 100 man (twenty thousand dollar) lottery a while back and seeing as I was heading over that way I offered to get them checked and he hesitated for a second and actually said he wanted to do it. Had to laugh. He knows that if I took them (which I did end up doing and we won zilch) and we won then things would get split five ways - what with being a family of five and all. If he took them and we won then they would get split one way (hub's way) and I would probably be non the wiser.

Got lots of errands done today - bank, dry cleaners, buying cotton for Granny K, new shoes for Marina (not the pink gumboots hub wanted me to get though), laminator - and what do you know I found it stashed in a half price bin. Minus the box and instructions but shite, you feed a laminator sheet through it and thats it - presuming the sheet is around the right way of course. Ahem.

Granny K has decided that we wont be growing our own rice next year - too much of pain in the ass for her. We don't do much of the 'growing' as it is. Our inbred builder from down the road plants it with his tractor and then harvests it again in October. Granny K is in charge of chucking a few bags of stuff over it and making sure the water levels are OK - which can be hard when we are the last one in the tiered rice paddy system and someone is pilfering water from the river. My god. The scandal. This is apparently serious business though and the vestling pilferer is not in anyones good books.

So, next year Granny K will stop paying for rice fertiliser and to get the rice planted and harvested and we will start paying for ten bags of rice a year - big bumper inaka bags. She will continue to be the richest member of the family. Perhaps I should offer her some investment advice - see that there old people's home Granny K. Invest your pension in it, you'll be living there in seven years. More likely she will just start buying more shite through catalog shopping. Probably lucky she can't use the internet really!!

Well, just need to email the fam dam before bed. I got invoiced for a thousand dollars of lawyers expenses that are apparently separate from lawyer shite council that I was given to do with the business and lending the family money. Considering that was the only reason I used the lawyer I am wondering why I was billed when I was under the impression all lawyer bills would be being paid by the company. Hmmm, am I missing something? Is this common practice?



illahee said...

oh man, i thought this was going to be a post about boobies!! ;)

Slime said...

LOL illahee, me too!

gaijin wife said...

As I was typing the title I thought that would be the case :) As it happens my 'melons' are doing superb feeding job and just the last day or two I can really feel the milk coming in. Ryu got his first face spurtage yesterday but he's a quick study so now stays latched on during his breather too - suck, break, suck suck, break...

Sara said...

Yum melons... watermelon is my absolute fave. Isn't there some place in Kyushu that is really famous for delicious watermelon?! I feel like I saw it on TV some where.

And glad your melons are doing their job!! (lol) Do they ever shrink by the way? I think mine maybe be 2-3 times pre-pregnancy size and I sort of miss how average they were in comparison to my grapefruit sized boobies nowadays.

thefukases said...

K's family is Christian so no butsudan and I've always wondered- how long do offerings stay on the altar and is there a protocol for removing them? I agree, the gods would want you to eat the watermelon!

gaijin wife said...

Granny K's offerings stay on the alter until Shou pilfers them off and eats them or they get so old that only Granny K is willing to eat them. When Shou was little (er) he had a liking for the little offerings of cooked rice!!