Wednesday, 10 June 2009

LOL Ouch

Oh those comments made me laugh. Which in turn was ouchy ouch so me thinking laughing just as good as breastfeeding at shrinking uterus!

The amount of times I have changed S and M in a post.. think was main reason started writing full names!

The milk has started coming and thanks to the pre and post feed weighing system I can accurately say that Ryu had 80ml for breaky. Hub was taking Shou to kindy and GK was missing her pottery to look after Marina.

Nearly mummy breakfast time. HUNGRY.


illahee said...

ouch! sorry about that. ;) hope you had a yummy breakfast!

Sara said...

Hows the food at your clinic?
Glad to hear the milk factory is back in business and your "client" is reaping the benefits.

More pics please... I've been reading your recent blogs half in jealously of your adorable baby boy and half scared out of my mind for lady bits and boobies.

Nay said...

Wow.. I didn't even realise that there was a way to accurately measure how much breast milk a baby is drinking...

I know that Sara has already asked, but yeah, how is the food in the clinic?!? I am always scared that I will end up starving when and if I have to go into hospital :P