Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm Bad

Who didn't play their secret Jackson CD today and moonwalk around the house?? Come on come on, I know you did it too! I think after all the news clips on TV today I could probably do all the moves to I'm bad and Thriller. Must say it didn't move me as much as when Princess Di died. I think I cried on the spot - But Jacko, as much as he was undeniably the King of Pop, just didn't do it the same way. Maybe it's the nose or something.

Ryu and I had a bad night last night and I think I got all of about an hours sleep. I hope this will not repeat itself tonight. Needless to say I was not a happy chappy this morning and in this light I think I managed quite well to stay within the realms of sanity and happy mummy - give me a Prozac and I may well have been a tad bit happier but.

Hub just about lost it though and at twenty past seven said he (and his superchinichin) were off to work - ten minutes earlier than usual. I don't bloody think so. Stay and help with that last ten minutes of chaos and getting them in the car. Yip, we usually leave the house for kindy at half seven. The kindy takes them from then though and even when I get there at seven forty they are not the first kids there. I don't feel too bad about farming the kids off that early when they have been up and creating chaos since five. Lucky I'm an early bird.


Really, what person like getting up at five. I CAN'T WAIT till they can get up without me getting worried they will fall down the stairs or burn the house down cause Granny K has left a very tempting lighter in reachable distance at the alter.

I thought Ryu and I could spend the day catching up on sleep but it wasn't to be. The morning was spent with Ryu sucking the boobs dry - but not in one go, so now I look like boobs belong to African tribal woman. Just need a big silver ring in my lip.

When he fell asleep I would do something productive for forty minutes like sort out the washing, finish Shou's sticker chart (yes, you read that right). I would then try and sneak in a bit of a nap but he knew, he just bloody knew and so very little sleep was had. I went to print out Shou's chart and printer packed spaz cause no black ink. I contemplated leaving it until tomorrow but decided to bite the bullet and sort it today. Ryu and I went for a drive. Is only a few km away to the ONLY shop in Kunimi but we went the long way round the coast with 'Billy Jean' up full bore and the windows down.

Hub said he was coming home at nine tonight. After the bath bollocks I packed the kids into the car and we went for a drive to see the ferry. We passed the Kunimi town office - where hub used to work but he now works in the city office in the next town over. Saw a car similar to his so swung by and what do you know... He had been doing can collection (valid - alibi works out and I have had to do this too so all legit) and had cleaned the car (his car got used for storing all the rubbish in) and was 'on his way home' apparently. It was only seven fifteen so my immediate thought was that had he not been caught he would have been visiting the neon lights and silver balls for an hour and a half.

Now that I have the secret debt fund cash card though he would have to be selling his body on the street corner to fund another secret pachinko habit. But you never know, if he has the superchinchin he thinks he does then maybe he is earning some cash from it!!

He has no work tomorrow and as far as I know Granny K hasn't told him to plow the fields, pull the weeds, rah rah. So we can take it easy - although this will include going shopping for beehive spray (have hive right outside we need to get rid of), mukade powder - powder you put round edge of house to stop the poisonous centipedes from getting in - unless they are McGyver mukade in which case they could dive roll over the powder.

Well, as much as hub would like me to befriend his superchinchin tonight I can't see it a happening.


Ps - for those people not in the know, chinchin means willy, penis, donger, ...


Chrysanthemum Mum said...

What's the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson?

One did Majors and the other did minors...

the jokes have started already...

Hope you get more sleep tonight.

Rachel said...

Is Ryu having a growth spurt already???

I'm gearing up for another attempt at the beach this Sunday. Will pack car tomorrow. Let me know if all is well at your end.

illahee said...

i didn't know all the dances but my brother and i would watch MTV endlessly waiting for thriller to come on...again. and again. and again. my sister was about 2 at the time and for about a decade after that, whenever she heard the intro to thriller she'd practically pee herself....poor girl!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

It's the end of an era...hope you get more sleep tonight.

BTW, I never heard the term "donger" before. Thanks for the intercultural exchange! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! at Hubby's superchinchin! Glad he is being creative in thinking other ways to put his superpowers to use! Brisbane no Katie "enjoy shite" yori

Lulu said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad night with Ryu- not looking forward to sleepless nights which from what Sara is saying they start even before baby is born!!!

Loved the photo the other day of the kids holding the apple sauce! So cute!

Ps: You forgot doodle, cock, chinko, oh and the list goes on!!!

Oyomesan said...

I think the Super Chinchin needs a Blog....