Sunday, 7 June 2009

... Hello there baby boy...

After my last post I got sent to my room to 'wait' but instead things took a step backwards. Back to ten minute intervals. Not for long though and when things got serious it was all I could do to not scream for drugs or at least some scissors to choki choki hubs smug bits off.

I dont think I even said fuck. So, a bit belatedly..


ouchy bloody ouch.

The bunster made his arrival just before lunch. 3864 grams. After daddy video-ed his first bath he got a token go at my boobs. Straight on. Very proud gaijin boob moment.

As is the norm at this clinic he is in his little crib at the nurses station while I sleep and try and forget that some parts of post birth really actually very bloody sore. I have made it known that I intend on whipping the boobs out from today. The bunster is getting another session shortly.

I will post a pic then.
There will be a no holds bar birthing story when i am back home. I will give warning so you can choose to not read if you want.



Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Congratulations!! Glad your baby boy arrived safely. Get some

Helen said...

Oh, congratulations!

I'm so glad that he's finally here. I've been lurking for so long that it's almost embarrassing to come out now, but since the bunster finally decided to, so did I.

I've been regaling my husband with tales from your blog so when he gets home tonight I'll fill him in.

Rest up and enjoy this time!

illahee said...

yay yay yay!!! i am so happy for you! and yeouch!! 3800 grams?? none of mine made it past 3060 so you have my deepest sympathies!!

can't wait for piccies!

Melanie said...

Another lurker here, Congratulations on the boy finally arriving!

Definitely looking forward to hearing how it went so I have a better idea of what I am going to go through come October.

Nay said...

Congratulations Katy!! I am so glad to hear that he has finally arrived. I can't wait to see a pic of your little baby boy!

I am really happy for you :)

Nooh said...

Congrats! How exciting!!!
Glad to hear everything went well! Rest up and we look forward to hearing more. YEAH!!! love to see photos and what your little guy's name?

Sara said...

Congrats!!!!!! I can't believe he's here!! Way to go GW and Bunster!!! You sound pretty genki from your mail - and I salute you for being cool enough to post updates from the hospital.

Holy crap 3800 +
Well done!!!! I can't wait to see the little guys picture and here what you ended up picking out for his name!

Rachael in Sydney said...

Another ex-lurker coming out of the closet - congratulations! How exciting and i'm looking forward to the picci and story too ::) 3 kiddies!

anchan said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Congratulations, omedetou!!! Well done GW, we are sooo pleased for you! Phew, now I don't have to sit here clicking on 'refresh' to see if there's any news!

Slime said...

Hooray! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy he finally decided to show up! But not nearly as happy as you are, I'm sure! Enjoy your week of pampering in the clinic! Can't wait for the pic!

thefukases said...


Having had two at 3600 I can't imagine 3800.


So glad the wait is over for you now. :)

Can't wait to see the pics of the little guy. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love, Brisbane no "ejjoy shite" Katie! Look forward to hearing the full story, seeing pictures and finding out Bunster's new name!

maggietoki said...

Congratulations and thank god he decided to arrive this time round!Hope you are royally pampered for the next few days and that your boobs do stirling work;)Have a good night and good luck forgetting the sore bits...!?

Vicky said...

Wheeeeee! Congratulations and WELL DONE! 3800. Ouch indeed. Yoshi was 3750 but emerged via stomach so it was ouchy in a different way. My lady bits were still intact even if my guts felt like they were going to fall out any minute!

I can't wait to see pics and hear what you have settled on for his name. Marina's going to have two handsome, strong brothers to boss around. Yeah!

Corrina said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics and the name you decided on. Dubious of the birthing story as have not had kids (3% chance I will, so will read it anyway!)

Rest well if you can! Hope you heal quickly,

Your secret fan in Kagoshima,

Lisa said...

Yet ANOTHER lurker...found you in the US. Now am in Japan for a few months with my hub and daughter. Welcome to your beautiful baby! Cheers!

medea said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your clinic time!

kuri, ping, & the pinglet said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 3800?!?!?! Yikes. :)

I can't WAIT to see pictures and to hear all about his arrival! Looking forward to seeing what his name will be as well.

Congratulations to the proud parents!!!

ailsa said...

Congratulations to all (incl the spider that started it all off!).

Hope you enjoy your holiday in the clinic but look forward to you resuming your posts once you're back home.