Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A few Pics

Warning - if you scroll down a bit there is a pic of hub. If you don't won't to see this then don't scroll down. After reading about him and his superchinchin, pachinko, childish antics you probably have an image already and seeing a pic will proabably squelch that. It's not a bad pic though but I agree, as said in the comments, that he does look very much indeed like a Japanese komuin - civil servent!!

Ryu and I have just got back from the supermarket and the post office. He got admired in the vege section and again beside the fish tank and the bread section. I left him in the car at the post office cause it was lashing rain and I didn't think I would be very long - and he was asleep. Got the bloody pleb woman who doesn't know where New Zealand is though and took ages. I wrote on the senders slip what was in the parcel - plastic fruit and chocolate. She called someone else over to enquire as to what I had written - despite fact I am standing less than 1m away and she has just finished having conversation with me in Japanese. They confer over my handwriting. They have deciphered fruit when I just tell them. Put them out of their misery.

They enquired into the plastic fruit and had to explain it was the stuff with the Velcro in the middle that kids cut open with a plastic knife and then stick back together - repeat continuously until it loses stick. They seemed a bit bewildered at a box of plastic fruit and chocolate but I finally got it sent off.

It has been pissing rain all day which made for a fun trip to take the kids to kindy. Hub was taking Granny K to the hospital (for nothing too serious) on his way to work so I had Ryu with me too. Marina fell over between the car and the gate so her teacher was taking her straight to get changed. What is it with little kids and gumboots - both her and Shou want to wear them every day and would probably wear them to bed if I let them.

I think Granny K has declared peace after yesterday's run in. Well, I am presuming that the half a pumpkin, pickled cucumber and boiled fish in soya sauce she left on my bench yesterday was meant as a peace offering? Me and the kids didn't have any just in case though. Hub scoffed the lot :)

He is still acting funny and all moody and pissed off after our argument. I got met with silence after saying good night to him last night. One of the things about not sharing a bed for this first month or two until Ryu gets into a routine - making up takes longer. No finding each others feet at the end of the bed. Ah well, he'll grow up sometime.

On that note, here is hub having his first hold of Ryu after his bath.
The first bath... Ryu's face purple after cord tried to strangle him on way out. Only took an hour or two for the color to catch up to the nice baby pink of the rest of his body though.
The weigh in - 3834 grams

Getting measured - 51.2cm
Elmo keeping an eye on Ryu...
Do you think he looks like Shou did... And for those of you interested, the labor and delivery room at my clinic...

I had a photo of 'the chair' too but it has gotten lost in transition from one computer to the next. Am sure anybody having a baby in Japan has been in one of these already though. Will be interesting for people back home to see though so might try and post it next time.
I best try and be a bit more productive for the rest of the afternoon. Hub late tonight so need to decide how many of the kids and grannies I can fit under the stairs at any one given time. I reckon all of them if I try hard enough.


Brenda said...

Oh, poor Ryu! His face was *really* purple, how scarey! I don't think he looks like Shou at all!

P.S. Men are such babies! I got sick to death of always being the "bigger person" and always "taking the high road", so after our last argument, I sank to his preschool level and gave him the silent treament right back, refused to do his wash or cook him any food, lasted nearly a week, until he finally gave in and apologized. Geez, grow the f*** up already!

gaijin wife said...

It was scary seeing him when he first came out :( I don't think he looks like Shou either - he looks more like Marina as a baby I think but I still need to compare the baby pics. It's hard to see now because she is so much fairer.

A whole week!! Well done. Seeing as hub will be quite late tonight I probably wont wait up which will mean another day of 'just doing the kid thing' and not having an adult conversation.

illahee said...

i've never seen your husband before. quite handsome! sorry he's being a butt. and as always, LOVE the baby pics!!

i should have taken a pic of my L&D room. now the clinic is closed! :(

Sara said...

Ohh first time to see GW hub!!! You know he has a komuin look about him - kind of like Ryohei does. Hmm...

I don't think Ryu and Shou look very alike!! Although I had a good chuckle at Shou's shirt!!

Purple baby seems a bit scary!! Guess he got tangled up while headbutting you all the time.

Sorry to hear hubs is being a bit of a 5 year old... hopefully he'll come around soon enough.

Nay said...

It's nice to see to be able to put a face to the DH we have heard so much about :P

I don't think Ryu looks like Shou much either. You will have to find a pic of Marina to post so we can compare Ryu to her!!

I'm sorry your hub is still giving you the silent treatment :( I hope that he gets over it soon and things go back to normal for the both of you. I can't imagine fighting with your hub whilst looking after 3 little ones is very fun...

I agree with Sara, Shou's shirt is fantastic!! Gave me quite a chuckle, lol!

Lulu said...

First time for me to see GW hub too! Exciting! He is a cutie! Shame he is been a D***head at the moment- I can ring him and tell him to grow up if you want! :-P

I think Ryu looks different to Shou, but I think we definitely need baby pics of the kids at the same age to compare. More photos to go "awwww" over the better I saw.

I love his "I love boobies" shirt though- classic!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

It's gonna be weird to read posts about your hub now we have seen what he looks like!! He looks really nice. Please don't post any pics of Granny K as it would spoil our enjoyment - I bet all your regular readers have a picture of her in their minds already.

Lovely pics of Ryu and Shou. They don't really look alike, do they?

Oyomesan said...

I agree - hubby looks like a sweety!!!

and a pic of super-c-c????



gaijin wife said...


I was debating about posting the pic of hub or not. I know what its like to have an image of what you think and then the real thing is never like that.

Granny K wont be making an appearance - the few pics of her I have make her out to be a cute little old vestling. And I don't wont to mislead anyone now do I??

Tammy said...

Your husband's hair DOES look nice (as I remember he took his time getting ready & doing his hair, right?!) :)

gaijin wife said...

Thanks for reminding me Tammy. LOL - still can't believe that. He will feel safe in the knowledge that the blogworld has only seen the one pic - and one where is hair was so nice!!

Midori said...

LOVE the baby pics. Is cool to see what your hub looks like as well. He does indeed have that "koumuin" air about him! ;-)

Helen said...

I love how they have people in the post office that never studied Geography. My beef with the postal people is that they haven't a clue where Scotland is. No I don't want to write "Igaris" on the bottom...it isn't England.

Nice photos of hubby and baby too :-)

anchan said...

Blimey, he really was purple! Glad Granny K isn't sulking. Hubby shoul move in with her until he can get over himself...

Helen, igirisu is the UK, England is actually Eikoku.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Ryu was massive!!! Ouch. Well done!!
Shou is sooooo cute!!!
Is it Hub's style to gets the guilts and bring you home something yumbo jumbo?

gaijin wife said...

I wish hub brought home gifts of food everytime he got the guilts but unfortunately no. I got flowers once I think and every other time I do believe it has been me putting in the effort to make up !!