Thursday, 4 June 2009

Crap Technology

Computer still on the blink, bunster still on the inside, gaijinwife still going insane despite fact due date still actually ten whole bloody days away!

I am over at a friend's house borrowing their computer but obviously not wanting to take up the whole afternoon. Will type very fast so please excuse massive typos and whole sentences of complete crap.

I have been keeping a notebook (you would be proud of me Jo) to time contractions. They have come in bouts but nothing seems to last for more than two hours so there have been no more midnight calls to the clinic. I thought we might be getting lucky last night but they didn't seem to be getting any stronger so I decided to go to bed and see. They obviously died out because next thing I know it's five am and Marina's talking to herself woke me up. I have got a horrendously sore 'kotsuban' though - pelvic bone?? All these words I know in Japanese but have never had to use in English before - due to lack of multitudes of off spring running round in New Zealand. I only have my friends' experiences back home to go on.

Granny K was wondering before if I will be making home-made ume (plum) liqueur again this year. I hadn't been planning on it but decided why not - Shou was born ten hours after making that years batch so maybe there is something in it. Granny K has offered to get the plums for me, now at their prime plum liqueur making stage, and I will make it tomorrow. Tomorrow is also 'oshio' which is what? High Tides? Low Tides? Full Moon? whatever that time of month is when men start howling at the moon and the natural gravitational forces of the universe come together and babies all over the country start sliding out those saloon doors.

I would usually laugh at this type of nonsense - but Shou was ten days early and was born exactly in alignment with the natural gravitational forces. It was that or the plum liqueur. No harm in going through the same processes this time! The nurses tell me that they do actually get a surge in babies around this time too - which may well mean that if the bunster does use the natural forces of the tides and the moon to make his last descent, that it is done on the corridor floor at the clinic due to their only two labor and delivery rooms already being in use. We shall see.

Hub, who has done a stellar effort of being home straight after work the past two days, HAS to be late tonight. He did ask me if it was OK - which really didn't get much of a 'sure honey' from me. More of a 'No, I would prefer you were home just in case so why even ask?' response.

The teachers at the kindy are just as anxious about the bunster as I am - although I am sure they aren't losing sleep over it like me. When I went to pick the kids up on Monday afternoon they were visibly surprised to see me. Hub had taken them in the morning as I was still at friends house and at clinic having check up after 'the bunster that cried wolf' episode. Seems everyone thought the bunster was out. Hard luck.

Well, better get off friend's computer and head to the supermarket. Was wondering what to make for dinner but when reading crap chic lit book this morning someone mentioned lasange and that has me on the go - despite impossibility of finding pasta sheets at local supermarket. Will have to improvise.

Thank you for comments - I have been reading them from my phone.

Please send natural forces vibes our way tomorrow. Something anyway. Face the moon and howl or go and stand waist deep in high (low??) tide and pray facing north easterly. That or drink a good glass of plum liqueur on our behalf.



anchan said...

You're never going to last another 10 days! Yep, I reckon that there could be something in this tidal/gravitational theory... Will be thinking of you and of course sending you those good vibes! xxx

illahee said...

well, the last time i wished the bunster to come out, he faked us all out. i could use reverse psychology on him but i'm afraid that would be too cruel for you.

so, i hope you have a uber-fabulous batch of ume shu made up. just think, you'll be able to enjoy it next year!

Sara said...

Gahhh... I hope tomorrow is your day!! What a horrible time to lose internet access as well!!

Sending you slippery slope vibes from one rice paddie to another...

Rachel said...

Erica was born on the full moon! Tons of babies born that night, they were whipping them through the one delivery room.

thefukases said...

Yup, full moon babies here, too. And hospital was buzzing with babies that night. I think Amy shared her birthday with three other kids!

Fingers crossed for you and even if the ume shu making doesn't work I'd say it's worth it just to get the umeshu, yeah? ;P

Nay said...

I can't imagine how much this must be dragging out for you... All those contractions that don't lead anyway! I hope that with the full moon, bunster decides to make his appearance! There are a lot of people here waiting to meet him :)

Midori said...

He he. I am hoping June 6th will be the day to add to the reasons that it is going to be a GOOD day in my life from now on... ;-)Sucks that your internet is down though. My wireless isn't working but at least I have the normal broadband. (and of course internet access at work..)

anchan said...

So... is no news good news?!

Nooh said...

Yeah is the bun still in? Maybe this is good news?????