Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Back on-line

Our inbred electrician came round this morning and after much pissing around things got sorted out and I am back in the world of crap technology again. Not complaining though as being out of the link for two weeks was a bit of a bummer - although not having the choice meant I didn't spend hours logged on reading blogs, ordering Australian cheddar from FBC and manuka honey flavored vodka off rakuten. Best I make up for lost time then!!

Our stay at Jo's house was indeed a luxury and had it not been for the fact that I hadn't seen Shou and Marina for a week I might have stayed a bit longer!!

Home on Sunday night after the kids were asleep and back to life as we know it plus one from Monday morning. Marina still wasn't one hundred percent but the teachers were very good about it and let her stay the day - despite a bit of a cough and a slight case of the runs. They were both a bit clingy and quite badly behaved (putting it mildly) for Monday and Tuesday but this morning they seem to have come right again. A week without mummy rules and Shou and Marina ruling the house!! All of a sudden mummy comes home and they can't get away with as much - meaning a lot of running to daddy, which I might add he is thoroughly enjoying!

Ryu is a gem during the day and a semi-gem during the nights. Not to worry though he still sleeps better than both Shou and Marina so I am still optimistic that I will have a baby that sleeps seven to seven at three weeks old.

Yeah right.

At the moment I am sleeping downstairs but from tonight I am relocating upstairs to our room where the baby bed is. Hub is going to put a futon on the floor in Shou's room. I need to get into the routine of sleeping, getting up and feeding properly and then sleeping again. The last few nights have been me sleeping with boobs out so that can get sucked on demand. Bit of a suck, back for a sleep, bit more booby, bit more sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Last night hub and I reflected on the last three years. On June 16 three years ago we had been living in our new house for half a year and it was still just the two of us. I had also just made some plum liqueur and it was the night before the full moon ;) Now, I have to turn a blind eye to the bright green crayon decorating the tatami room (happened last week :( ) and we have two toddlers and a newborn. A lot can change in three years...

Today is Shou's third birthday. It's also my birthday and this time three years ago I was in my hospital room with a newly bathed,nicely kimono wrapped first baby beside me - no doubt I was feeling extremely chuffed with self for doing part in populating the world, if not at least my little corner of the rice paddie.

Ryu and I have had a lazy, are in the process of having a lazy, day. Some flowers got delivered from hub this morning.

And the postman arrived with some goodies from our UK stylist and her mother. Once again we have been spoilt and the kids will continue to be the best dressed kids in Kunimi! After the sproglets are in bed hub and I are having yakiniku - albeit inside but never mind. Hell, the festivities might really get going if I have a glass of wine. Ooooh, don't tell the booby police. That will be all the 'festivities' happening though. Woe is hub, he is still going to have to wait oh, about another three years, to get any really 'festive' action.

We had the first of the freakishly big roaches out and about last night. It was downstairs so had to be dealt with - for fear of it crawling (flying) into room with me and Ryu and crawling into mouth - deep fear of roaches festering inside self aka species or alien. Therefore is of extreme importance to exterminate any roach upon sight. The tissue box did the trick and hub did the after kill clean up.

All I can say is thank bloody god it wasn't a spider. Hub has made at least a couple of comments over the last ten days since Ryu was born - relating to cuteness of offspring and if they were all that cute then what would be the harm in just one more...

The harm she says, while sharpening her scissors...

Well, the little chap is trying to suck milk out of his knuckles. Best sort him out.



Sara said...

Hi GW!!! Welcome back to the internet and Happy Birthday to you and Shou as well!!! I have to admit I love reading your blog these days as more times than not there has been an adorable newborn picture to make me go all soft and mushy inside!!

You've been my one month ahead rolemodel since the beginning and hoping to be in your shoes and on the road to lady bits and body recovery around this time next month!

Hope you enjoy your yakiniku and wine birthday sup!!

Lulu said...

Happy Birthday and welcome home!

What is your address again because I want to come and steal your baby as he is just so adorable- and he sleeps a bit during the night. WOO!

I hope you enjoy your birthday!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday GW and Shou!!! I bet you're glad to be home. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds yummy!

PS, love that picture of Ryu!!! He is such a cutie pie! : )

Slime said...

Back on-line! Hooray! And happy birthday too!

Were Shou and Marina excited to see you Monday morning?

Oh, the tiny baby toes! Ryu is adorable!

Hope you enjoy your dinner!

illahee said...

rotfl about the scissors!!

happy birthday, and i'm so glad to 'see' you online again. have a lovely evening!

tj-injapan said...

Happy Birthday!! hope you are enjoying your yakiniku celebrations. And where did hub find those flowers - very exotic!! Give Shou a big happy birthday cuddle from us too.

Loving the photos of Ryu - how cute is he!?!? I want one!!!!!!!

chrysanthemum mum said...

Happy Birthday to you and to Shou.

I bet the kiddies were pleased to see you? Mummy goes missing for a week and comes back with a baby!

Enjoy your birthday evening

Oyomesan said...

Happy Birthday!

3 years...and such major life

3 more years...and what???

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you! And may the sweet sleep fairies bless the both of you. Personally I found I got much more sleep and less stress sleeping right next to them. Off to sleep now, everyone, it's far too late!