Monday, 1 June 2009

The Baby that Cried Wolf

I am at home...


and the bunster remains inside.

I had some serious movement in the night and must have only gotten about two hours sleep. Contractions got down to six minute intervals and a couple of times I was about to wake Jo and get her to hold my hand at the hospital. This morning however, when I got up at half six they had almost stopped. I have definitely been 'unplugged' though and so thought a trip to the clinic just to make sure everything had stopped was a good idea before coming all the way back here.

The nurses where having their morning meeting when we got there and there was obviously a bit of banter going on about the over-paranoid foreigner. Although they were all still very nice. The doctor came up and did another internal, during which we discovered that in fact the saloon doors are closing back up. The 4cm has gone down to 3cm - although she tells me this is the difference between doing the exam while tummy is relaxed or tight. Give it another couple of days and the doors will be completely shut and possibly padlocked until June 14th - in which case I plan on crossing legs until the 17th. If the bunster can play games with me and keep me up for 48 hours with his silly man antics then I sure as hell can play dirty back.

I got told to come back if I have contractions less than ten minutes apart that continue for more than two hours. This is not very comforting though as this has been whats been going on for the past two days and I am now starting to doubt myself. That could happen another couple of times before the real thing hits and every time it does we have to drive an hour to the clinic, sort out the kids and pay an extra 150 dollars for being hospitalised for the day and put on penicillin drips rah rah.

Anyway, for the time being I am at home where even if the bunster keeps me up all night I have nothing during the days - no translations and no English - so I can sleep away the afternoons.

Got back to a very tidy house considering the supposed mayhem the kids caused yesterday. I spoke to hub last night and he actually apologised for the last two months of late nights - after him having to do one night last night of the kids dinner and bath routine on his own, and he had Granny K helping with the bath. It is nice to know he realises and more importantly acknowledges my part in his working overtime.

This whole false labor thing is very unnerving and feel like bit of a wally going through all the huuha just to be sent home again. Just goes to show that just because you have two 'easy' normal births that number three can throw you absolutely sideways and leave you guessing if every contraction is the start of the real thing of just a bit of 'fooling you mummy'

I best have sleep - am on sleep deprivation high but.



illahee said...

that's great that your husband apologized for all the late nights! good for him to recognize all your hard work!

sorry to hear about the false start. that's one tricky baby! you'll have to keep your eye on that one, methinks.

sleep well!

maggietoki said...

Blimey,what a total anti-climax for you!Here's hoping that the little one will make up its mind to evacuate the premises very soon;)

tj-injapan said...

got home after a weekend away to see all your posts - like the bunster is starting his own soap opera!! what a crazy weekend for you.

Jo Tomooka said...

I hope you got more sleep than I did... I figured I could get in an hour and a half before going to get the kids, but after 5 phone calls, the car being returned and a fax I completely gave up!
Looking forward to the next episode... and seeing you in hospital. Can't wait for you to share your previous travel experiences on the way to the hospital with the rest of the world!

thefukases said...

Hang in there! It must be horrible doubting yourself. :( Hope you get some better sleep tonight!

Nay said...

I can't believe how much I have missed and I have only been gone since yesterday!!

How dissapointing that bunster put you through all that and then decided he wanted to stay inside a little bit longer! I hope that you don't have anymore false starts and that when it does happen, it is nice and quick for you :)

Slime said...

I've heard castor oil is a good contraction starter. I wonder what the Japanese equivalent would be? (Whatever it is, I DO NOT recommend sucking out the middle of a Bavarian cream donut and filling it with the oil in an effort to make it go down easier. You'll never look at Bavarian cream donuts the same way again!)

Hope morning brings some serious contractions, followed quickly and painlessly by a beautiful, bouncing baby bunster!

kuri, ping, & the pinglet said...

Ah! I lost my internet connection just as you were posting from the hospital. I was on pins and needles expecting to see a birth announcement today, so was totally unprepared for the news that you're home.

Hoping those contractions get going again (painlessly, of course. That goes without saying!) and that the bunster gets here soon!

shufuinjapan said...

hi Gaijin Wife, great blog, I laughed a lot reading about your various antics. Nice to find a fellow NZer in similar situation (although I don't currently have bun in oven like yourself).
Best of luck with birth. May he pop right on out.