Thursday, 25 June 2009

4 bloody litres

Had a very productive start to the day, cleaning, washing and making Zucchini and chocolate cake! I obviously did something wrong though and the cake did not a rise like it did in the photo Jo took of hers. It still tasted OK and Shou in particular thought it was a bit of yum yum alright.

Friend came round for playdate and coffee before lunch - well as much as a four month old and a two week old can 'play'. We still had a good gossip and talking with her I am always reminded of how little a role a lot of Japanese men play in the upbringing of their kids - and how little a lot of Japanese wives protest. Thank you hub for doing as much as you do - and thank you superchinchin for providing us with three beautiful children.

We were talking about various things. I told her about the birth stories site I googled and she spoke of a Korean woman on a program last night who had 4 litres of breastmilk A DAY. She had so damn much that she would bath her newborn in a booby bath - aka cleopatra. Apparently the baby had beautiful skin. But then, what baby doesn't.

I made a pact withself tonight to not lose it during the witching hours. Did an honorable job me thinks and only really lost the plot in the last fifteen minutes before Shou went to bed. We got through all of dinner and the bath and Marina going to bed fine. Of course it helped that hub got home at six. On a few occasions I found myself giving self a 'nope, not important, just let it slide lecture in head'. Hub took Shou up to bed a couple of hours ago and hasn't resurfaced. Me thinks he is probably snoring on the futon beside Shou's bed.

Shou's incentive sticker chart got started - I typed in 'Shou's incentive sticker chart' and I think I even put it in bold and played with the font for a few minutes. Who knows, maybe the chart will be finished by the time he leaves home in 18 years. God, I take that back. He's three already, that means surely I only have 15 years until I can get him out the door - sooner probably as all high schools in immediate area crap. Unless of course you want to learn how to ride a tractor.In an effort to use more of the big bag of zucchinis I have I made a zucchini slice/pie/quiche thing for dinner. It turned out quite well and Shou even asked for seconds. Hub declared it was 'mama oishii jya' after he had topped it with tonkatsu sauce and said it tasted like okonomiyaki. Off the top of my head it had

cup of flour
tsp baking powder
two Tbl spoons apple sauce
1/4 cup of oil
three big eggs (thanks Jo)
Two big grated zucchinis (ditto)
Hmmm, what else
Onion and some garlic (sauted in bit of oil with zucchinis first)
Some powder cheese in the main mixture and some grated cheese on top.

I'm not one for following recipes to the letter (hence why cake probably didn't work properly) and the original got changed a lot. I think some bacon would have been a good extra so next time that will be the goer I think.

Think might be an early night night.


Rachel said...

sleep well it's an unusually late night for me!

How old is your baking powder? Every cake I made flopped until I got new baking powder.

thefukases said...

4 litres???? Good lord! I had enough for a village and kept choking the poor kids with the speed but nowhere near 4 litres. That's crazy. Can't help thinking the kid would be a bit sticky after a boobie bath, too... Imagine all the cake you could eat if you were losing 4L of milk a day though...mmmmm....

Ruth said...

Hey, if you're looking to send your kids overseas for some schooling you can always off load them on me ;) You will have to wait til I get my own pad first though!

sassymoo said...

4 litres?!?!? Oh my god! If that were me, I`d go around shooting people with it, just because I could!Imagine the distance you could shoot with that much milk in supply!

illahee said...

rotfl @ sassymoo!! i did manage to nearly hit my MIL with milk when hiro was a couple weeks old. she stopped leaning in for a look after that!

some american guy i met in the city told me his sisters would use their (extra) breast milk for baking. as in making cakes. ew. i think. i mean, *maybe* i'd eat a cake made from my own breast milk, but probably not.

Sara said...

This post and these comments are fantastic have to muffle my laughter as to not wake sleeping husband!!!

That is incredible... and ewww to the baking with breastmilk... that seems gross but boobie canons would be great for squirting off rude vestlings like the one who made the comment to you in the store the other day!!!

Khea said...

I saw that too. It was on "The Sekai Gyoten News"... I love that show. Looked so painful... she had to pump endlessly. I hope I'm not "blessed" with so much milk!

Nay said...

Zucchini and chocolate cake... sounds interesting!! I might have to try it sometime although I never seem to find zucchini in Japan?

Someone told me that using Japanese baking powder could be the reason that it is not rising... apparently western baking powder is different. I'm not sure though :)

I had to laugh at all the comments - I couldn't imagine having 4 litres of milk... I wonder what it was that caused her to have so much. Hrm... I guess it would be better to have more than none at all... maybe?!?!