Tuesday, 26 May 2009

We have floor

We have floor... in Marina's room again. It has taken A LONG time. After a nap this morning and running a few errands in town, including trip to the rice dehusking ATM machine, I came home and finally finished sorting the kids clothes. All the baby clothes (for a year) and kiddy clothes until Spring next year have homes and all Summer 2010 clothes for all three kids have been sorted and put into one of these zip up plastic bags that you suck the air out of with a vacuum cleaner.

I got the baby bath out of storage and at the moment it has some stuff in it on the floor beside me - waiting for me to find homes for some random things from Marina's room that needed homes to be found for. Really need to do that now - and then the list that I was meant to do last night. Maybe that's what the bunster is waiting for - me to be a bit more organized. So that at least he will get a bath the day he gets home and Granny K will have a list to follow in keeping his older sister and brother in one piece for the week mummy is in the clinic chucking back pina coladas and dancing to abba in her PJs for the whole week - in between a bit of breast feeding and the likes!

Shou and Marina came home from kindy with a letter about influenza in their bags yesterday. I now have two influenza check charts on the fridge with a letter to ask parents to please take their child's temperature EVERY morning before kindy - and check whether they have snotty nose, cough, the shits, shivering, throwing up, ....
There is also a place for the parent to sign after doing this every day - it was this that caught me by surprise and made me re-read the thing about ten times to make sure it didn't say I had to send this list back to kindy every morning. Why else would the parent need to sign it... ???

So that the two year old can't forge his own temperature and symptoms??

I inquired into the letter today and apparently the teachers are still taking the kids temperatures before morning tea every day - as per usual.

What an absolute waste of time. OK to a letter about hand washing and gargling and putting your hand over your mouth when you cough - something I find Japanese people aren't that good at, but taking temperatures every morning - when an hour and a half later the teachers are just going to take it again anyway!!

Anyway, I took their temperatures this morning and I guess I will continue doing it for the time being just in case the swine flu police come knocking at my door, in which case I will tie them to a chair with my over purchased amount of masks and gargle & alcohol wipe them to death.

Oink bloody Oink

Right, better do a bit of sorting and a bit of list writing.


PS - tomorrow is my mum's birthday but the bunster isn't looking like making a grand appearance. But you never know, a few squats and stair climbing before bed...


Brit in Hokkaido said...

As a Kindergarten teacher I can see your frustration, however all schools and Kindys and daycare are getting a lot of pressure on them from external sources- police and health officials to monitor temperatures. I have to take my classes temperature with the parent present every morning for the forseeable future. It is a pain, however it is Japanese Government bullshit not the individual school. Only this morning we had a visit from the swine flu police aka the local police.
Best Wishes to you and the bunster!

Nay said...

It's funny because at our day care centre we aren't doing anything 'extra' in terms of protection for the swine flu. We aren't taking the kids temperatures more than normal, no letters home to the parents, nothing... Sounds like the day care Shou and Marina are attending are pretty strict.

Sounds like a big waste of time to me too!! Although I would probably end up doing it just like you are... just in case :P

thefukases said...

He he. Love the tying down idea. I want to dress my two in 'I love Mexico' t-shirts and see if it keeps the 'kawaiiiiiiii!!!!' hair touching brigade at bay. :)

We got sent home a letter today saying that if there is *one* confirmed case in Nagano *ALL* hoikuen will be shut down and to please state what we would do with our kids while this was happening. Felt like writing 'deliver them to sensei's house on way to work.' Bleeding freak out over nothing!!!

Sounds like nesting is in full swing... not long now....

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Oh I forgot to say...
If we take the temp with the parents present we can send them home directly if they have a fever. It would then follow, if they are getting you to sign that you took it in the morning before school, you would be responsible for sending them to Kindy should they have a temperature.
I know, i know. Flawed as they could develop a temperature between you taking it and Kindy taking it. But I think you signing is the same as me showing the thermometer to the parents...

Midori said...

That is crazy. Given that we live in one of the "original" countries "hit" by swine flu, you would think that there would be something similar going on here but there is nothing other than a pamphlet that went around offices/schools about how to protect from swine flu. They have closed some schools but nothing on the scale that has gone on in Japan by the sounds of things. Am I the only one who thinks it is a teeny bit ironic that the country that was trying the hardest to keep it out by restricting travel/ quarantining flights etc. has been hit far harder from the inside than any of the "original" countries?

gaijin wife said...

Brit - good to know that our kindy isn't the only one losing it and that is national thing. Do you take temperatures normally?? What is 'send home' temperature?

At this kindy they take it every morning before morning tea - regardless of swine flu epidemic or not. It is the extra 'at home' temperature taking being introduced for the flu lark.

I have had a few phone calls (way back) saying Marina (or Shou) has temp of 37.4 and could I Please come and pick her up? Considering they quite often are up at the crack of dawn, have no other symptoms of any kind and are just a bit cranky I am convinced it is tiredness. On a couple of occassions I actually took them home, gave them a nap at home and took them back when inevitably the temp went back down after a good nap :)

I am getting sued to the system I guess but I know in NZ none of the kindy's my friends use take temperatures every morning regardless of how 'absolutely butt fine and genki' the child looks and feels.

Ah well.

I think your way of taking it in front of the parents is better - one taking a day. Better than twice.

Fukases - one case in Nagano and everything gets closed down? Shit. Anybody would think it was typhoid or the bloody small pox. If that is the case in Oita then no doubt the one case will happen at the exact same time I am in hospital with the bunster - meaning hub has to take an entire week off work!!

A bad evil swine snogging American bought the flu to Fukuoka and I do believe life as we know it is about to end.

Brit in Hokkaido said...

In answer to your question, nope I only ever take it if I think they are sick or they are blatantly sick. I had to work out how to use the array of thermometers I was presented ith as they are all more high tech than my usual one. Looked a right idiot in front of the parents on Monday!

We have had major discussion on what a fever is at work; actually in Japan it is anything over 37.5 according to some Government healthcare bollocks. Now the problem with this is that I teach half gaijin kids and us foreigners usually have higher base temperatures than Japanese. I did not believe this either until all staff had to take our own temperatures daily starting last week; the Japanese were practically dead in comparison to the hot sweaty gaijin!!!!!

You should try and enlighten your Kindy to this, however seeing as they only had 37.4 she didn't have a fever anyway in previous cases.

If they usually have a temp of high 36 and low 37 than maybe you just have two extremely hot half gaijin kids and your Kindy staff should be re-educated that 37.4 is not infact a fever for them...

illahee said...

excuse me, i don't swill wine, i sip it! as for the pigs...i won't tell yoshi you said that! ;) ;)

as for getting bunster out, i recommend swinging. as in on the playground, not in the bedroom....

Gina said...

Good job on getting the kids clothes and stuff all sorted! : )

You definitely deserve the pina coladas!!! :P

And lol@ Illahee! You are so funny! : ) : )