Friday, 22 May 2009


The bunster remains on the inside. I thought he was getting ready - moved down a bit, things slowing down, but then this morning as I was dropping the kids off at kindy one of the grannies said 'oh but you still haven't dropped'. And here I was thinking if he dropped any lower I'd be falling over him. Definitely a lot more uncomfortable doing a lot of things and I have had a wanting to clean frenzy the last few days. So you never know, he may come tonight, he may come on Granny A's birthday next Wednesday, or he may come out two weeks over cooked.

I finally finished the translation work and said probably shouldn't take on any more big projects as very high risk at moment. I got some more that night - Wednesday, but was editing and smaller loads so easier to sit down and do one file in one sitting. Was meant to get big chunk done yesterday morning but computer had complete spaz and didn't like file at all and ended up having to re-do everything three times taking me therefore shitloads longer than anticipated - crap as getting paid on time for that and can't exactly charge for bastard computer having spaz. Was going to start another file when realised it had loads missing and I would in effect be translating half of it. Contacted project manager and they have their own technical difficulties at the moment so things put on hold until sorted out.

Therefore, after crazy day swearing at computer, making primary school kids jump through hoops (well almost - we were doing numbers and they had to form groups in different numbers in the hoola hoops on the floor), plus three regular English classes, I now have today - a day of nothing pressing that needs doing. Although do have a lot of little things would like to be able to tick off list. Send pay it forward things, send birthday card to Granny - the making of which was bloody saga as the new laminator (called the 'lamipacker' which for some reason just sounds rude) I bought at local store on Wednesday started eating my laminator films on about the tenth page. No, Granny's birthday card is not ten page booklet is in fact just a fire engine card laminated - as per Shou request as to what Granny would most like.

But, I was laminating oversized dominoes - as you do. Made out of paper of course. Was not blond enough to try and laminate actual dominoes. God, if could find industrial size laminator good enough for that I could probably roll Granny K through it. Death by lamipacker!!

Am off back to shop today to get money back.

Also need to write wee list to stick on fridge - upcoming kindy things, exactly what the kids have to take with them everyday, instructions for GK on current kid schedules - nap times, milk for Marina rah rah. Will try and be very restrained and not write list of things they were allowed to eat - as did last time. Figure I have to show at least bit of gratitude for her part in helping look after the kids while am in hospital. Hub tried to have go at me for not talking to her about it yet. My come back was that I do the kid stuff on my own almost every day. The fact that he felt he needed help was his own choice and therefore he should be talking to her. All very petty I know and I will pull my head in an talk to her - even if it means forgetting until I go into labor and having to call her in between contractions.

Hub has apparently found some very auspicious characters for 'Riku' and coupled with the number of strokes for surname is going to have bestest most luckiest most auspiciousessesssess name in whole family, going back ten generations. I don't really mind what the characters are unless they are are cow and shit but as it happens the 'ri' is the same as the 'ri' in Marina and the 'ku' is tora - or tiger. Roar Roar. I am man.

So, I think Riku (Rick) will be his name. If he comes out looking like a George or an Andrew then we might have to have a few more discussions.

Well, I should try and get some things ticked off my Friday list - so then come nap time I can tick have nice long nap off list too.



thefukases said...

Good luck with 'the list'- at least Granny K reads Japaese so you don't have to add 'how to use the microwave in pictures' info... been there done that!

My homecentre purchased laminator is a LamiBox and is a wonder- even after I lost the cleaning sheet and it's gone 6 months or so without being cleaned...

Sara said...

Aww... another day without the bunster! Do you think he will stay in until June at this point? I can imagine that you probably JUST.WANT.HIM.OUT by now. I am getting there sister... although according to my pregnancy dreams BG has an identical twin sister that will be staying in my womb even after BG makes her appearence... (um wtf?!) Glad to hear that you made progress on your translations!! I had one come in to my "translation" mailbox that I haven't checked forever so I missed it.. opps... oh well. It didn't pay a whole lot anyways :P

So bunster is Riku! Cute - and may his life be as auspicious as his kanji make it out to be! Nice that he shares one with his sis.. aww :)

Ruth said...

I was actually going to text to see how things were, but wasn't sure if I would be interrupting labour!
Riku with tora in the title is pretty Kakkoii. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Lulu said...

Come on Bunster- I want to see him! I can just imagine how crazy you are going.

Oh I had to laugh at the fire engine card that Granny K is going to love- Great! I had one of my student draw a picture for me and Shun when I was finishing my job (They had met Shun at family days and on weekend events) and it was a picture of Shun & I (ME with GIANT blue balls on my face- my eyes apparently) and on the picture it had some strawberries, a beach ball and a mikan. Apparently they are my three favourite things according the little boy, Shion. It was great!

Midori said...

Just to let you know that I got your address! :-)
Love the name Riku. It is quite exciting waiting to see when he will arrive although I imagine you are DONE with the being pregnant thing! Hope all goes well. xx

Jo Tomooka said...

I've got a book called "Where's my Baby" and guess what the baby's name is when they finally find him? ... Rick! Should I send it over so you can read it to him and he can see that it is okay to come out now?