Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Thursday already??

And here I was thinking I might get out of this one by being in nice clinic with nice cuddly new baby suckling at bosom. Bugger it. And tomorrow is a mission cause have primary school class on top of three normal at home classes on top of getting as much translation done as possible on top of racing out in car to get dinner cause damned if I'm going to make it.

Hub offered to come home early tomorrow night on the off chance Shou not asleep by English class time. I declined though as he said that would mean he would be late on his birthday on Friday - and that's just not fair. I think I will need to make a cake despite his protests - just because well, birthday and cake go in the same sentence don't they? Besides, I want some.

I officially took Hub and Shou's name of the kindy outing list this morning. The trip is to the African Safari about an hour and a half away by car. It is the 23rd of May so too close a call considering I have no one else to drive me to the hospital as Granny K can't and my backup are going on the kindy trip!! Met solar panel man's mum in the supermarket this arvo and she said could ring anytime if needed to get to hosp and hub not readily available. She might wish she hadn't said that as me being a foreigner and all I tend to take people up on what they say.

Oh, just pop in anytime.

Will do then.

Every day for the next month.

I am up to page eight out of my ten want to finish translation pages today. Have lost some oomph.

On completely random topic - I have my ankles back. Fully back, as in could possible wear strappy black victoria secret fuck me stilettos and get away with it. Although christ if someone took me up on it I think my waters would break.

As paranoid hormonal pregnant woman have right to be - I have convinced self bunster MUST stay in for at least another two weeks as otherwise will be hooked up to breathing tubes and all sorts and probably have trouble sucking boob and come out all yellow with jaundice. But, he is so low down now that feel like one big jump off a step and the saloon doors will slide open, well, that's what sister says.

I find that the closer I get to d day the more of a toilet nazi I become. Obviously I'm on the damn thing more than usual but I also start 'keeping an eye out' (so to speak) for the 'show' - which I never saw with Shou and Marina but which sounds completely disgusting, especially as other friendly name for it is the 'mucus plug'. Awesome. Nice to know something substantial keeping the bunster up there.

Anyway, I am procrastinating. Must... get... back... to... translation...



Sara said...

LOL amused with your toilet antics (wait, that sounds bad)... sure I will be following in your foot steps over the next few weeks!

I think you don't EVER need an excuse to make and/or eat cake. Birthdays are a great reason and I'm sure hubs will be thankful when he's scoffing it down!

I can't wait to hear about the bunsters impending arrival!! Are you going to have blog access from the hospital? If not is there anywhere to sign up for the gaijinwife alert system?!

PS- going through the stuff you sent a while back! Thank you so much!! totally cute - esp. love the peachy hat with snowflakes and pink gown sleepers. BG and I thank you and Marina!!

thefukases said...

the waiting is a killer, hey? I remember being on tenterhooks with the whole 'Next Wednesday? I *might* be free but then again I might be holding a baby...'

Good luck with the final weeks!

Rachel said...

Don't worry about that head between your legs/2-3cm dilating/braxton hicks all day everyday....I had all that for at least a month before Erica is born, I think it just works that way the third time round. You'll hold him in for a few more weeks yet!