Sunday, 10 May 2009

Still Here

Just to let you know there hasn't been any big catastrophe. The bunster is still on the inside, Granny K still lives, hub is I do believe working and not skipping off to pachinko every night, the kids are still being well... toddlers.

Golden Week holidays were tiring and the big translation came in so I have been spending every available minute without going insane (debatable) in front of the computer - hence why it gets switched off when my head isn't in it anymore and that usually means I aren't up for much blogging.

It isn't your standard translation and without divulging any of the juicy technical details I can say it has to be one of the most frustrating ones I have ever had. The technical side is meaning I spend a lot of time looking up terms and jargon but that's not the head doer inner - it's the fact that all the documents I have been given were originally hardcopy PDF files. The first batch stayed that way and I had to translate as well as format. My second batch has been turned into Word documents but this means EVERYTHING is in individual text boxes. So, translating a table isn't just a matter of tabbing across to the next cell it means clicking on the next textbox, changing the font, the size and the margins - as inevitably the English is always longer than the Japanese.

So, I have two batches sent off and another about to send off after adding a bit more bollocksy shite to it tomorrow. The next batch only has one file - a 22 page power point. Oh the joy. Due to the 100% textbox nature it is very hard to figure out how many English words (what I am getting paid in) I am doing, hence I don't know if I will end up with a whole washing machine or just the drum. I can tell you though that if I end up with just the drum I am going to get in and hide in there with a bottle of wine for a while.

Hub has been doing A LOT with the kids which means I can still get a small amount done on holidays and sundays. The house is getting a bit neglected and 'the list'... bloody list. What list?? Although MUST get hospital bag ready tomorrow. Hub is getting paranoid and after a continuous braxton hicks type pain in my lower tummy since last night I am too. I didn't get braxton hicks with Shou or Marina so this is new - and not very enjoyable. With both of them I didn't feel ANY pain until I was suddenly having contractions five minutes apart, and they were both born 6 and 4 hours later. I am scared that two 'good' births has put me in line for a complete bitch of a 48 hour labor only to end up having to be whisked off to have a C-section. I am off to the hospital tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how light I feel on the day :p

Granny K has been being seen and not heard lately although she did try to pull the wool a couple of times today - probably thinking she could get away with it on mothers day. She asked hub at five pm yesterday to go and throw 'hiyo' on the rice paddy. Not the cow shit and not fertiliser - something in between. He said no it was too late he was about to go and pick up the kiddies. So, this morning he is set to go when I ask him how long it will take. He says about an hour but less time of GK would go with him - at which point she walks round the side of the house and I voice very loudly that I had shit loads of work and wouldn't it be fab if they could both go. She looked a bit put out but loaded herself, her oversized straw hat pulled down into a bonnet and bucket and hacksaw jim duggen (??) type machete into the car. Shou went too.

On mother's day hub usually takes her to the onsen about ten minutes away. He arranged with her to leave at four pm as he was going to take Shou and that way they would be home at a decent enough dinner time. Four o'clock rocks round and GK is nowhere to be seen. She thought it was far too early to be going - a thought she had felt insignificant enought to tell hub when they decided on a time. Hub put his foot down and told her to be outside in three minutes or they would leave without here. She gets outside and asks what Shou is doing going with them - as if it makes any fricken difference. Not as if she and hub can have cozy family onsen as the baths are female and male. GK reckons they will only be forty minutes - she said that last year and it was an hour and a half. Ditto today.

I rang the okonomiyaki place up and ordered some fried udon noodles that Marina and I went and picked up at five. She loves them and today had been a funny day and I am altogether not exactly sure how much she ate so wanted her to have big wholesome dinner. She is at that 'wants to do everything for herself' stage, as well as the writing in marker pen all over the door stage. Udon for dinner though and she tends to get most of it in her mouth.

I try to keep up with the news back home - mainly because my family don't ring me enough to fill me in. I was online on Thursday I think and saw that crazy armed man was holed up in his house surrounded by cops - one of whom was dead in the driveway. All within 1km of Granny A's house and even closer to eldest sister and three nieces. Two unarmed police cops (as they usually are in NZ) went in for a standard cannabis bust and got shot. Cops from all over the north island were then flown in and on Friday an army tank was seen making it's way through the middle of town. Now, this is BIG news for NZ. The primary school up the road was closed and people in the immediate vicinity were put up in hotels because the man had long range scopes and explosives and knew how to use it all.

To cut a long story short, it was a lot of drama with gun fire that ended up with the man either being killed or killing himself. The bomb squad were still there deactivating bombs though. So of course I have texted and phoned mum a few times over the weekend to keep updated on the dramas. In one conversation we were talking about Shou and bed times (I know - shoot me in the head, why don't I learn) and THE ONE TIME shou didn't ge to sleep before my English lesson I let him downstairs to quietly watch a DVD while I was teaching - as better than alternative of two screaming kids while other people's mothers are paying me good money to teach their kids English. Anyway, my mothering choices were bad, according to my mum, as I was rewarding bad behaviour. Thank god I didn't tell her about feeding the kids cake, chips and lollies for breakfast every day. When I mentioned Shou getting into his summer time wake up routine - five am - and that I might look into getting black out curtains... she went into spiel about how her friends son and daughter in law have the baby sleeping in the lounge - and how the baby can now sleep though anything.

This is fantastic news. I am very happy for my friends. I am not happy for hub and I and Marina who get woken up at 5am every morning and if black out curtains for three months of the year is what it takes, then black out curtains it will be.

Does anybody have a mother who actually gives them any praise at all for their mothering skills?? I have no recollection of my mum being the tough love type parent. When I was at primary school I remember being allowed to sleep with a light or a radio on. Shock Horror. My 28 year old brother STILL sleep walks and talks every so often - surely that is direct result of bad sleeping habits when he was a baby!! :)

Anyway, being pregnant is pre-requisite for being able to be upset at your own mother for any reason - and my biggest bitch at moment is that they (the parents) are hinting at possibly helping out the WHOLE FAMILY (four of us kids plus all our partners and offspring) to Fiji next year for mum's 60th. And yet there has been no offer for just my mum to come over and help with the bunster. Actually, flag the help, no offer or hint of desire to even come and meet him. I can't see the logic. Apparantley I am being selfish for saying we probably wont come all the way to island that has no significance to us, with a four year old, two year old and one year old for three nights - amount hub probably able to take off work. I would rather send Granny A a nice DVD of the grandkids and life over here at the moment, some homemade scribble cards from the kids and then stay here and put up a hammock on the deck and make a batch of pina coladas which I will then proceed to drink all of on own in her honor.

Christ, why haven't I been blogging. I feel such a release at all this venting.

Apologies - not the best way to make a comeback but I do feel better.

Lets just hope I can get all the translation shite I have been given submitted by the 20th and that I still have a week or so after that to SLEEP everyday all day, in between dusting the light fittings and scrubbing the ceiling, before the bunster is born. I am officially 35 weeks today I think but I am aiming for the bunster to arrive two weeks early and preferably on a Friday!!


PS - on a positive note, good friend from Ireland has finished booking all her international and domestic flights to come and visit at the end of August. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait. It will be nice for Shou and Marina to meet their European Stylist too. Thanks to said friend kids are best dressed kids in Kunimi and I am fattest pregnant foreigner due to HER mother sending huge easter parcel. Actually am only fat pregnant foreigner in Kunimi.

Actually am only foreigner so not much competition - could also be right saying am therefore skinniest pregnant foreigner in Kunimi.

PPS - my payitforward people - I AM GOING TO GET ONTO DOING THIS. Am convincing myself that by saying over and over again will suddenly transpire like miracle of god. In all truthfulness I have started this though and just need to get suitable boxes and hunt down addresses.


Tammy said...

Gaijin Wife- I follow your blog from Europe, and altho we've not met, when you DONT blog it makes me nervous! Glad all is well. And I vote that you're the skinniest prego gaijin in your city... keep perspective. I'm glad you're feeling better (after blogging)-you sure do make me smile!

Jo Tomooka said...

Hi.. good to see you are back in the blogging world. At least if you take a break and people comment about it you know that people are actually reading your blog! Maybe I'll try it....
Perhaps because Emily and Masaki are my mother's only grandchildren (so far) I have wonderful support... I'm sure your mother is really supporting you, just in her own way - which is sometimes hard for you to work out!
Keep smiling and hope to see you before the sprog pops out.

Slime said...

Hooray! Glad everything is okay, or at least nothing was seriously wrong! LOL

I hear you on the whole mother thing, I've taken the very last load of crap I can bear from mine, just can't do it anymore. I have very vivid memories of being in total control of our house as a kid, I did what ever I wanted, all the time! But you better believe I get criticized if my rugrats don't eat 3 square meals a day, miss a bath every once in awhile, or get to stay up late on a Friday night!And the visiting? Mine mom lived here for 10 years, I was sure she'd want to come, even just to re-visit her old home (as seeing her daughter and grandkids obviously isn't a big enough draw). But nope, not even a hint of desire to come. And she NEVER calls, if I don't ring, we'll go *months* with no contact. I just don't need that kind of junk in my life anymore :(

Hope your BH have subsided, they can be un-nerving, not to mention painful!

Luisa said...

ganbatte! Take care of you and bugger everyone else who makes your life shite..

tj-injapan said...

I saw the druglord shootout news on yahoo the other day and wondered if it was anywhere near your family or Kirsten. crazy stuff.

will try give you a call this week for a catch up - hope the translation work is keeping you entertained (lol)

Rachel said...

Glad you hear your family were at least a few blocks away! I was wondering.

I also thought my luck must have run out and dreadful things would happen with my third birth, just because the universe likes a balance. But no, just another easy birth. No worries! I'm predicting three hours, no tears for you. Over in a jiffy, third-time birthing machine.

I think it goes with the grandparental territory to forget the struggle and the slips. Even I forget what Amy was like, only I have Erica to remind me!

Are you free for a visit this week?

tee hee, my word verification is 'woomism' with all this talk about mums and birth that seems kind of apt. Wonder what definition we can make up for it?

Gina said...

Glad to hear everything is fine. I hope the translation work is over quickly and it's enough to get you, your dryer you've been wanting. : )

And when the time comes, I'll be sending plenty of "easy birth" vibes your way. : )