Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ouchy Ouchy

And no, not the contraction type - well not the bad contraction type anyway. We are still hanging out having loads of braxton Hicks and trying to find comfortable sleeping positions at night. The ouchy ouch is for my left thigh - if I didn't know better I would think it was from trying to get a leg over but unfortunately for hub there have been no such antics of late - especially as now am yeast infected pregnant woman with itchy tummy skin, sore back and tender boobs. Oh the joys.

Of course it could be from baby sliding down leg - as that is where Marina thinks baby is hiding of late. Every few days she will point to different wobbly bit and say 'baby?'. Sorry darling, if I had babies for every bit of wobbly bit you thought was housing a baby I would be being featured on 60 minutes.

As much as I wish, for hub's sake, that I could get through a whole week without blogging about his man brain - which means he walks round in oblivious household and kiddy haze - unfortunately I can't. His behavior is just gagging for me to share it with all of you.

Yesterday morning he came into kitchen with one of Marina's tops, one she wears A LOT, and said he just HAD TO cut the tag off. When I enquired as to why he said 'do you have to question everything I do?' (silly question - of course I do. That's why you got married isn't it sweetie, so you could be nagged by a constantly pregnant or breastfeeding hormonal foreign woman?)

Off comes the tag. choki choki choki. (need him to get used to sound of choki choki choki) Five minutes later I spot Marina looking very cute with her dress on over her t-shirt that is now tagless and on back to front - with three domes down the front and no doubt the left overs of the tag itching her neck. Hub comes in as I am taking her top off to turn it round and has a go at me for not liking the way he dresses his own daughter. Christ, will someone get this baby out so I can have a glass of wine at seven in the morning.

He goes strangely silent when I say top was on back to front and no bloody wonder he thought the tag needed to come off as would have been flapping in her face - which is usually sign to normal person that top is round the wrong way. I do worry about the week I will be in hospital with the bunster - not enough to want to only stay three nights though - which is an option if you have older kids at home. No bloody way nursey. If I'm paying the same price either way then I want the full five nights - more if possible. Nevermind if Marina ends up going to kindy with all her clothes on inside out and back to front.

Had some kiwi friends come over yesterday for lunch - and when I say for lunch, I mean they brought with them everything. Pasta (but only cause can't spell canaloni ??), bread, muffins, chocolate, flowers, English magazines... Talk about spoilt. It would appear that magazines were hand picked for articles such as...

1. Is your marriage honest? (is my marriage honest? snort snort secret bank accounts giggle giggle)
2. Burn extra calories with no exercise (will have to cut article out and stick under pillow in hope osmosis will turn me into size 10 three days after birth. Will be under pillow along with 'baby WILL just slide out piece of paper too)
3. I'm pregnant and sick! What can I take! (only those white girlie bum bullets sorry - which might add seem to be doing the trick)
4. Am I normal down there? (snort snort, three babies, a bit of choki choki choki by the doctor and a yeast infection and I can confidently say no, not normal down there)

Their vist was loads of fun though and good to catch up on the goings on of two other foreign wives with kids.

I am now clearly procrastinating from my translation - which actually is going well as had roaring run yesterday afternoon and evening and only have ten pages to go. If I want to warrent having an afternoon siesta I best get back to the slog and get a good few pages done before lunch - which could be bakedbeans or a mince pie. OMG - bunster just about came out at thought of such gourmet delicacies.



Rachel said...

I'd tell you how to write cannellonni only I threw the box out so I don't know either.

Wishing you just enough pain and discomfort that labour will look like a picnic...but not so much that you can't enjoy the last few weeks rest and sleep (?) before the new little bundle of joy comes and messes everything up.

PS, do check the back pages of the Oh! Baby magazine for competitions, I don't think they've expired yet (and I already wrote in some answers)

Oyomesan said...

Don't worry about posting the Man stuff...I love it...can you hear the giggles from up here in Hokkaido?

5 days in hospital? oh yes!!!! It's almost worth having a baby to get that...yes please...

ChrysanthemumMum said...

I love reading about all the things your hubby says/does. My hubby is equally dopey when it comes to things domestic and finds it hard to remember he is a member of a family. Putting kids clothes on back to front? Check. Asks where things are before even looking for it himself - his glasses, the TV remote control etc...Drives me insane!!! The best has to be when I asked him to pick up something for dinner as I hadn't had time to prepare dinner. He turned up empty handed and announced that he'd been to Yoshinoya! Rightee Ho! What is your lovely wife going to eat for dinner??? I should perhaps put it all in my blog, eh?

Lovely to know I am not alone.