Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Not from my phone

A bit of a restless night but the new day seemed to bring things to a bit of a halt and the bunster has calmed down considerably. He has definitely positioned himself in the ready to shoot out position and everything from walking, sitting, stair climbing to chasing toddlers is a challenge. I wish I could walk round naked all day too as getting dressed and undressed is a mission too.

The consistent dull pain is still there but whether it has eased a bit or I am used to it I'm not sure. Didn't spend all day on the loo and I don't have a temperature so maybe I will give the medical profession the benefit of the doubt and agree that yesterday's bout was indeed just a bug of some kind.

I finally finished the batch of translating I was aiming to send on Sunday. Sent that off at lunch along with a letter to the project manager asking him to please reassign two of my last three batches as I was in doubt as to actually being able to finish them on time and didn't want to put them out. I have one batch to hold on to and managed to get ten pages of the forty four page power point done today.

Anyhoo, very boring post but thought if I didn't post you might be thinking I was screaming blue murder in the labor and delivery room. Not quite yet.

Save that post for another day - hopefully at least a week or two away. Going to the hospital with hub on Saturday - as only days can go when I don't have to drive myself.



marianne said...

Good luck! Hope you have a smooth labour.

Anonymous said...

Here is to hoping you have "blast off soon" Better you than me "wink"!

Translation is NOT an easy job by any means, we just finished doing some brochures, so tiring sometimes.

Sara said...

Hope that the last couple days - weeks of your pregnancy go smoothly!!

Otsukare on the translation! Its always nice to get one done and even nicer when the yen come rolling in :P

Ruth said...

How exciting!! I hope the bunster doesn't leave you hanging on too long!

Brit in Hokkaido said...

Good Luck Gaijinwife :)

Nay said...

Good luck!! I hope that the last stretch of your pregnancy goes by without a problem. Soon you will be blessed with another little boy who I am just dying to "meet"!! I hope you have a easy labour!!