Saturday, 30 May 2009

New Talent

At one of the three ATMs we stopped at during our outing today I got told by the ATM girlie voice to

'gamen no ue ni mono o okanaidekudasai'
Please do not put anything on the screen.

That would be the bunster I believe. I had to take a step backwards.

After dropping the sproglets off at kindy hub and I went to the clinic where today, without even having to ask, I was to be getting the full works. It would take about an hour so hub left to go and get the puncture in the tyre fixed and fill the family wagon up with gas.

Despite being quite busting by the time I got to the clinic I was unable to pee into the cup. Obviously the bigger your tummy gets the harder it actually gets to hold the cup in pee inable position but that didn't seem to be the problem. I would stand up, do a little jig, sit back down and nope - tried to think of gushing waterfalls and nada, zip. Not a coming. Of course as soon as I had paid and was heading out the door to the carpark I was able to go - in the toilet they have for non pregnant women, the one without the cups and the blue marker pens.

Got the lady doctor today. The bunster is fine and I have progressed from 1cm to 2cm. At this rate the bunster will be born in another four months at approximately 6kg. The ultrasound measurements show that the bunster has hub's legs - short, and my head - very large. Always good for balance and learning to sit up and walking. Kaplonk, head first onto the floor again.

After the clinic we bypassed a homecentre to get the last set of blackout curtains for Marina's room and then headed to Best Denki - one of the major electrical appliance stores. It wasn't Yamada - the one we were going to go to but it was closer. After looking very intently at washing machines for close to ten minutes I got fed up. Not one person came to ask us if we needed help - Hub reckons probably too scared as he quite often gets mistaken for Korean (well, mainly on the Air Korean flights when he goes hell for leather scoffing back his babimba) so shop assistant probably thought two foreigners - which would obviously mean one of us knows someone from Mexico and that we do in fact breed flu infected swine.

So we stomped out of there and headed to Yamada - where within approximately one and a half minutes of looking at the washers, a lovely young chap comes over and answers all our pedantic questions about kiddy locks, night cycles, energy savings rah rah, and comes out the other end having sold another Panasonic heat pump front loading washing machine. Was slightly cheaper than budget despite having to pay an extra 3000 yen for delivery to middle of nowhere. Kunimi is the cut off line for delivery from their shop so is getting delivered from Oita and they are fully booked with deliveries until June 8. He did try though when I said I really wanted it before the baby was born - but to no avail. Got to draw the line somewhere I guess.

On the way home we were driving along - nearly in Kunimi - when old woman on side of road starts flapping her arms at us. Turns out was granny K - without her teeth. All gums and flapping arms, in violent purple sweater. She had been having lunch and bit down on some pickles when her dentures broke. She got the 83 year old deaf lady from next door to drive her to the next town to the dentists where upon arriving, she promptly sent the lady home without even waiting to see whether teeth could be fixed and/if how long it would take. When dentist told her would take an hour and a half she therefore had no ride home. She was planning on passing the time comparing spring onion prices at the supermarket. Pure luck we were passing.

As soon as she got in the car she promptly told hub that they had to go and do something in the rice paddie at 3pm - after he had brought her back to pick up her teeth. There goes hub's long awaited nap. We arrived home to two boxes of JA fruit juice on the doorstep with an invoice. In other words - we didn't ask you if you would buy these but we are forcing them on you and will take the money out of your account as usual. Thanks very much.

Hub made the mistake of saying how rude it was and Granny K went off on spiel about how she pays for everything so why was he the one complaining. Hub laughed and said bollocks mummy dearest, you pay for the JA stuff, the newspaper and now the juice. Granny K said - well that's a lot and hub said not considering you don't pay for any house stuff. With her pension she is defiantly the richest out of all of us. But then I guess she does have misc expenses like getting her teeth replaced.

The kids are now in bed and I am in for a foot rub me thinks.


Oooh - hub asked about setting up his own blog today - I said was great idea as excellent form of stress release. Bloody scary though. Christ, if he writes the kind of shite I write about him and his mum I am in trouble.... :)


illahee said...

ROTFL. granny k is defiantly the richest? excellent. poor woman and her teeth, though. how embarrassing. or something. very lucky for her you were passing by.

awesome about the washing machine. good to hear it's in your budget!!! yamadenki is our favorite, too, though best gets us when they offer us free gifts....

wishing (easy) labor vibes your way. went to the mall today and FAR TOO MANY super-cute babies. WTF?? no more babies for illahee desu yo!!

thefukases said...

ha ha ha lucky for Granny K you didn't pretend not to notice and keep driving right past her! ;P

I almost walked right out of my dentist the first time I went- the two other people in the waiting room had their teeth in their hands!

kuri, ping, & the pinglet said...

GW, am sitting here smiling. Always glad to get your updates, although I'm hoping the bunster arrives in less than 4 months! :)

Congrats about the washing machine! Did you get a combo-dryer too? I love ours...makes life much easier. :)