Sunday, 24 May 2009

Nee Naw Nee Naw

Appologies for size of pic - was on phone and trying to make it bigger just made it fuzzy.

The photo does it more justice. It was a lot more pink in real life despite using two packets of red food coloring. I made the sponge last night and cut the shape out - cut as little as possible though. Only space for wheels and windscreen and ladder. Nothing too complicated as pregnant women shouldn't be given complicated projects, and perhaps I should have stuck with anpanman.

Hub saw it half way through when it was just a bright pink sponge. He made the mistake of saying 'wake wakaran koto nattann jyannai' (can't tell what it is). Ooohhhooo.Silly man. Of course he knew as soon as the words left his lips that he shouldn't have said them - laughing as I kicked him out of the kitchen.

Had wee cleaning frenzy in morning while hub occuppied the devil child. The house was as respectable as can be with two toddlers. His friend from kindy, his two brothers and mum and dad turned up. The parents are my age and I worked with the dad for three years on JET. The dad is always amazed at 'how much' hub does. I don't know why I get deffensive as I am sure the wives know that it isn't hub cleaning the inside of the house and making cakes, but for some reason the dad makes it sound like hub is doing everything while I sit on my big pregnant ass. Which, fair enough, I was when hub was washing the cake plates but still. Humph. Bloody men.

When I was cleaning the inside of the house this morning hub was doing his 'genkan' and window cleaning bonanza followed by cleaning the inside of Shou's winter kindy shoes with an old toothbrush. Not making that up either. Was ridiculous. Here I am trying to ice a cake with a two year old and a one year old hanging off each leg and hub thinks that now is the exact time he just has to find an old toothbrush to clean shoes. Rightio then.

Anyway, gay fire engine cake was hit with the boys - and the two mummies who both order cakes for fifty dollars a pop and have to drive an hour each way to pick them up. This makes me think gay fire engines are worth it. Besides, if you start with one awesome super duper store bought cake with professional artist impressions of the masked rider on it then there is just no turning back. Nothing home made after that will cut it.

It actually tasted OK too - although taste was secondary to looks when was making it. It had cream and strawberries in the middle just so the Japanese people wouldn't feel completely left out. Shou sang happy birthday to himself (happy birthday to shou-kun) very loudly and blew out his three candles.

The festivities broke up just before lunch and surprisingly enough, despite the no doubt sugar rush both Shou and Marina had, they both slept for two hours - as did hub and I. Got up and went to the beach to get Shou's crabs some more water and sand and have a go down the rolly slide - me too. Trying to get bunster used to whole 'slide' idea. Also thought a bit of bumpty bump wouldn't hurt the cause. Hub thinks if I am starting a 'move round a lot so the baby will come out' regime that I should clean the bathroom tomorrow. Not too keen on that though and may have to suggest a 'meeting' instead - that's meant to hurry things up in the last few weeks isn't it? Will need to spend next few hours mustering up enough enthusiasm though.

The kids are in bed and my feet are puffy enough to warrent a good massage. They start getting a bit tingly at the end of a busy day.


PS - I have taken a tummy picture that I may get around to posting - or otherwise will have to be a before and after. And by that I mean the bunster - on the inside and then on the outside. Not picture of my post-birth belly. No need to be sharing that with you. Mainly as not much immediate bloody difference.


anchan said...

Oh, GW, it looks fab!! Well done!

Nay said...

It does, it looks fantastic! We always had home made birthday cakes for our birthdays and they rocked!!

Sara said...

ohhh its awesome!!! things are so much nicer homemade i think (even if you use packet!)

want to see the belly pic!! come on i'll post (another) one if you do!!!
I lol'd at the before and after part by the way...

no one is going to be taking a look at my post-partum body either thank you very much... :D

tj-injapan said...

very cool gay fire engine. well done. love the photo of shou as driver on it.

can I place an order for April next year for K you ship to Tokyo??

illahee said...

it's awesome!!

Gina said...

The cake looks pretty awesome to me too!!! : )

Ruth said...

Cool cake, I seem to remember it was a gay train last year!! Keep up the good work ;)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Fantastic cake! I must try and do something less traditionally round and with fewer strawberries for James' birthday cake this year. Must try harder to be more creative!

medea said...

Excellent cake, I am very impressed.