Monday, 11 May 2009

Nearly Here??

I spent the morning doing bits of translation and taking trips to the loo. I still have a sore lower tummy and the added trips to the toilet (the last time this happened was the day before Marina was born) made me decide to go to the hospital today. Also was obviously lighter as had nothing left in stomach and may well have been getting rid of lard by the end of it. Here's hoping.

I spent twenty minutes fluffing round getting my hospital bag ready. Hunting out old post-birth underwear, new toothbrush, strawberry and vanilla infused hair conditioner and the likes. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and, one of life's small miracles, I still don't have an appetite. I did by an energy bar and some chocolate coated almonds at the conbini on the way though - along with new tape for video recorder. By half way to the hospital I had convinced myself this was it and the bunster was going to be five weeks early - not an altogether bad thing as I myself was six weeks early. Obviously at this stage though the longer they stay in up until about 38 weeks the better.

Got to the clinic, did pee test, blood pressure, blood test, ultrasound, baby stress test and GBS scrape - which is an internal exam. At the same time the doctor had a bit of a feel round and what do you know the bunster has his head down low and in touchable by internal exam distance. I have started dilating - which I know could mean I walk round for the next three weeks two or three cm dilated before any more action takes place.

The baby stress test is a test where you lie down for forty minutes with a dopler thing belt round your tummy - to record the number of contractions in forty minutes and how much the baby is moving. Bunster was having a field day and the record showed three big tummy tightenings in the forty mins. However, the trips to the loo and a 37.8 degree temp had the doctor thinking all I had was a tummy bug - despite my telling her that the 'pain' wasn't that kind of pain.

Anyway, I got sent home again with an array of tummy pain and the shits tablets and instructions to go back in a couple of days if the pain hasn't subsided.

I wasn't going to make it in time to get the sproglets from kindy so hub left work on time (five o'clock) and got them instead.

My tummy is still sore and I'm not sure how much sleep I will be getting.

Fingers crossed the bunster can hold out a bit longer - although this Friday is hub's birthday and having Shou on my birthday and the bunster on his birthday would be quite fun!!

Anyway, here's hoping the next post isn't from my phone in the car on the way to the hospital at three o'clock in the morning!!



thefukases said...

Oooo! How exciting!

Here's hoping it all happens between 9 and 5 on a weekday to make childcare easier. :)

Jo Tomooka said...

I hope all goes well and that it is just a tummy bug... although an early birth would be nice since it is getting so hot! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Sara said...

Wow!!! Thats so exciting - oh my gosh I'm so excited for you.. living through you a month ahead at a time! Can't wait to read your next post - would be very cool if hubs got to share his birthday too instead of putting 3 out of the 5 of you in June (lol)

Sending happy vibes from Niigata!

midorismusings said...

oooh.. THAT is exciting!! Having him on your hub's birthday would definitely be cooL!

ローラ said...

It's the home stretch! I'm excited for you. :)

Though I'm sure that going into labor at 3am is too ungodly of an hour. My fingers are crossed for a (much) later time!

You must be getting so eager to see the bunster. Good luck! :)

anchan said...

Hey GW, I've been a bit quiet lately but am always lurking here reading... Just HAD to say, will be thinking of you and praying that all goes well - can't wait to here more exciting news!! xxx

Slime said...

I know how agonizing those tummy pains can be! You say you're not ready and hope the baby will wait a few more weeks, but then you convince yourself it's time, you can't help but get excited, then end up so disappointed when the dr. sends you back home!

Hope the bunster has the decency to schedule a convinient arrival!