Sunday, 31 May 2009

A June Baby!

I am typing this from Jo's house. After a very unproductive day in terms of getting the bunster out the doctor said, at 5pm that I could go home. Why we couldn't have reached this conclusion at lunch time I don't know.

I have had four internals, three drips of penicillin (the joys of being GBS positive) and four baby monitor rounds lasting forty minutes each. I am still 4cm and am still having contractions but nothing seems to be amping up. I THINK I had 'the show' but am not entirely sure as never seen before. Apparently though this could still mean I go round for the next two weeks with no action!!

I was SURE today would be the day. And it is such an anticlimax thinking that it could just be the bunster 'warming up' for the real thing. The day started out so promising with strong contractions which fortunately were still going when I arrived at the hospital - so the nurses don't think I am a complete winner.

When the doctor said I could go home I had just had a call from Jo offering a place to stay instead of going all the way home. There was also an offer of roast chicken and a nice bed in their cottage - which will mean a better sleep than at home. It sounds like hub had a bit of a rough day with the kids not listening to him but we have agreed that better to be closer to hospital tonight. When Jo had her son I think they got to the hospital in eleven minutes. This is good. The nurses think that when it starts getting serious that it will progress fast - but then what do they know! The midwife at nine this morning said things were progressing and that I probably wouldn't need my second drip - and I had two more (at four hour intervals) after that!!

So, thank you for all the comments and advice :) I couldn't find a skipping rope or a swing on the clinic premises, but did resort to stair climbing for forty five minutes!! Must have looked like Barney (and I mean the purple monster this time) to the people coming to visit the babies - in my purple not maternity but very stretchy uniqlo dress. And I don't mean violent purple like Granny K's jumper yesterday! That was priceless.

If things don't pick up by tomorrow morning Jo is going to drop me home. I am still optimistic that things will get going tonight - Jo has me writing times down and have a definite ten minute thing going on.

Fingers crossed.

Sorry for getting your hopes up - I definitely got mine up!!

Time for a cuppa and an early night - if I can sleep.



thefukases said...

that means a summer baby. Yeah, we summer babies rock. :)

anchan said...

nooooooooooooo!! Oh, pants!! Ah well, I'm sure that Jo will look after you well and make sure you get lots of rest for the big push!

illahee said...

man, this is the worst part. *sigh* you know, the third time i went in with false labor, i just had the doctor induce me because i was SO DONE (with tommy). hope the bunster makes his appearance soon!

Nooh said...

Morning, GW! I hope it all happens for you today and your long wait is over soon! Hang in there!