Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy Birthday Hub!

No exciting pictures of either a cake or the ungracious birthday boy who wants nothing. I had planned on spending this morning going to the next town over to get some stuff for the cake and some unagi (eel) for hub's dinner - his favorite and something we seldom eat because it grosses me out and it's generally too pricey.

As it happens hub, after working late last night, said he would be late again tonight as well. SIGH. And after I had gotten Shou all worked up about cake too :( In protest I have decided to boycott the birthday thing today and do it tomorrow instead - when at least the kids will be able to enjoy it a bit and hub won't have to come home to a quiet house and a piece of cake with glad wrap over it and a card saying there is a beer in the fridge.

Doing the whole thing tomorrow means we can have a birthday lunch just the two of us - after trip to docs where will probably be told the saloon doors are completely shut now and bunster has in fact slid himself back up and has no intention of coming out until two weeks after due date.

Yesterday was indeed busy - but the primary school class got cancelled. Or rather, the silly pregnant woman (that would be me) got the dates wrong and is in fact next Thursday - by which time, even if the bunster is still inside, I will have at least finished my last translation. Which, I might add, I am doing a stellar job of procrastinating over at moment. Shou was only 90% off to sleep at English class time last night so had to do repeat performance and bring him downstairs (bugger off mum) where, instead of the smurfs, he decided to sit beside me and help conjugate verbs. Well, not quite. He was very well behaved though.

In between chaos yesterday I somehow managed to order just a few things off FBC and rakuten. Not much. Honest. Don't really even have recollection of searching for Australian cheddar, bakedbeans or mince pies but what do you know - they will probably be arriving on the doorstop in a day or two, about the same time just a few bottles of New Zealand vino and fejio vodka turns up. Hmmmmmm. Is dangerous having NZ credit card that is actually in credit. Gets the better of me every time. Next shop - one of those big mozzie nets that kind of drape down over the bed in style of story book princess bed. Want it for over the baby's cot.

Although here in the land of oversized critters a fishing net would probably be just as effective. Never seen any small insects in the house and the other day I spotted my first 10cm plus centipede - given it was outside crawling around in the recylcing bin. Probably not as drunk as it was hoping seeing as mainly empty diet coke cans and 0% alcohol beer cans in there!! The bull frogs are out too, as are the cute little frogs - that make one hell of a racket at night. Shou was unsure as to what the bull frog sound was so I said was 'oni' coming to chase him for not listening to his tired mother.

Was talking to friend in NZ other day and we were discussing names. Said Ryu was a front runner and she suggested turning it into Ryuta, which is another not uncommon Japanese boys name. Had to turn suggestion down though as Granny A pronounces Ryu as Roo and therefore Ryuta would mean second son was being called a Rooter by New Zealand relatives. Probably not the best way to start his life.

All my English class kids like Riku (Rick) over Ryu. Still open to suggestions though... ???

Better get another page or two done before lunch.



Girl Japan said...

Damn.. and I came here only for the photos! Shit....

Happy B-day to your hubster!!! Have a fab weekend.

gaijin wife said...

I know - because I am so good at posting photos! Just wait till I can find my camera battery recharger and then blog will be overflowing with catch up pics from lst six months.

thefukases said...

Hmmm I like Riku, too. Ryuu is so tricky in English, it's either Roo or Ri-yu. Riku and Rick are pretty interchangeable, yeah?

And for your mum- my kids are my assistant teachers sometimes, too- hey, it's extra English time!

illahee said...

there are so many boy names on my bad list from my teaching days. i kinda like atsushi but i assume that would be hard for english speaking rellies. although, i would just come up with a nickname. that's my MO!!

luisa said...

how about Shun? too close to Shou`s name? or Yuya? I always liked Sora for a boy or girl.
Sorry, most of the kids in classes are girls for some reason..only a few boys..good luck deciding.

Ruth said...

I love Shun too but maybe thats because I have a thing for Oguri Shun?! I like all those short names, Shun, Jun, Jin. My favourite Japanese name is probably Naoki. I like the "ao" sound in it.
Hopefully you'll get to have your lunch tomorrow and a full stomach will push him out the rest of the way!!

Jo Tomooka said...

I'm not even going to get started on the boy's name thing... my advice, just decide and then tell everyone... asking for advice from family members in particular just makes things difficult! Good luck with deciding. Masaki made his appearance approximately 5 hours after we finally decided on his name. Perhaps that's what the bunster is waiting for!

PonkyCatuta said...

Hi GW - I'm a long-time reader, first time commenter...
My personal faves would be 'Isamu' (reverts to "Sam") and 'Taira' (Tyler) - but then I'm biased. These combos have worked beautifully for our family up till now.
But on the Ryuu/Riku theme - what about Rio? Have met a few of those here (Sydney).
Best of luck with the impending birth. Third-time around, they don't even touch the sides!! ::wink::

Midori said...

I like the name Ryu. I dated a really hot Japanese guy called Riki before I met my ex-H. (Should have stuck with him but he was in Tokyo which made it more difficult! LOL!) so that could be an option too! :-)Choosing names must be SO much fun!

BTW- Can you e-mail/facebook me your address please as I need to get your pay it forward stuff sorted out and in the post at some point and I figured you might be too busy soon to send out info!

Nay said...

Happy birthday gaijin wife's hub!! I hope he enjoyed his cake!

Boys names... sorry can't help you there!! We have quite a few girl names that we have agreed upon but boys names are SOO difficult!

If you like names like Riku or Ryuu, what about Reo? I have a Japanese friend with the name Reo but it always reminds of Leonardo from Titanic!

medea said...

Ryu is a terrible name for people back home to pronounce! My poor husband (Ryuichi) is Rootsy or Luigi.

My favourite Japanese boys names are Tsuyoshi and Tatsuya. Those aren't easy to say either!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Hub of Gaijin Wife!

Ohhh names are so fun!!! Boys ones seems to be a bit trickier though.. you've gotten a lot of got suggestions though! If you are sticking to the shorter ones names like Rei, Jun, Kei are all nice in my book.. short and to the point. I've always been a fan of names with -hei but I married one so I think most of those are out I liked Junbei, Teppei, etc but apparently its too dasai for my husband to use his kanji in a future sons name - Zannen!!

I'm sure you'll find a good one! And he'll probably just end up being called Maki or whatever by all his school chums anyways :P

kurify said...

Hello! I hope it isn't too strange of me to leave a comment, but I'm sort of a lurker among Japan blogger sites as my boyfriend is also Japanese, but he is currently here with me in the states finishing up his degree. In any case, not without bias, I recommend his name because while it's still clearly Japanese it has a very pronounceable nickname. 直史 or Naofumi, and Nao for short - I call him Naofy. :D