Sunday, 3 May 2009

Granny K on Spin Cycle

The translation work finally came in - or rather I emailed them and requested some stuff to start on before the mayhem of the next three days. I spent a whole day on it yesterday - or as much as I could in between doing the minimal kids to kindy, washing, vacuuming, dinner making and evening kiddy dinner, bath and bed lark. I got a good chunk done and today I got more done than I was planning. Still have a bitch of a document to do but have until Friday for that. And no I don't usually take on technical stuff as... well... am not very technical. Had to put files into a zip folder and upload to sent link. Took me half an hour - such is the inbred bastard technological set up I have here in Kunimi.

So, I am that much closer to my new washing machine and perhaps a bottle of bubbly for my birthday if there is any loose change left over. Is hard to believe that by my birthday next month the bunster will be here. He has been an energetic little &$%#$ the last couple of days and am not entirely convinced he hasn't gone and turned himself around, planning to come out feet first. Because that sounds like a whole lot of fun. At least if need C-section could the doctor not stick in liposuction pump at the same time?? If not then sad to say may well be breast feeding this child until he leaves home if plan on getting back down to desired weight.

Hub made some random man comment this morning that I took offense to and proceeded to get in woman huff and not speak to him for few hours :p When I did open my mouth I think this is 'roughly' the conversation that followed...

Gaijinwife: you realise I am fine about jumping on plane with three kids on my own.
Hub: running away??
Gaijinwife: you never know.
Hub: will have to have five kids then.
Gaijinwife: not possible as never shagging again.
Hub: I'll sort something out.
Gaijinwife: well, will have to involve plying me with loads of alcohol and a room full of oversized spiders or perhaps some horse tranquilizers so I don't know what's going on.

Anyway, we have made up - ish - I guess.

He has a drinking thing tomorrow afternoon - a christening thing for someone he used to work with and who he never sees but who did give us some towels or something when Shou was born. So, in addition to having to give this bloke 150 dollars as congratulations for his wife giving birth to their first son (he would have to give the money whether he turned up at christening or not) I also lose him for about four hours tomorrow afternoon. He has been given a strict warning about coming home at three o'clock too inebriated to help with the evening chaos. I have good mind to drop him off home and then bugger off myself for four hours!!

Marina's new trick is jumping - or rather, the type of one foot followed in quick succession by the other foot jumping that only a toddler learning to jump can do. She gives herself big clap after 'jumping' off the harth / hearth (can you believe people actually pay me to translate shit!!) around the fireplace - a whopping ten cms or so. Is extremely cute to watch though.

Shou hasn't got any new tricks really - although he is getting loads better at buttoning and unbuttoning his clothes. First few trys and he just tried to incredible hulk his shirts off. Have found that most things that usually take long time with him can be sped up tenfold by turning it into race. That said he did just about choke on his udon tonight though. Feed him and he eats fine but leave him to his own devices and you may as well set the timer for about thirty or forty minutes - such a difference to Marina who sits their like a hungry chick with her mouth gaping for the next bit of food.

Granny K is behaving herself quite well lately - although yesterday morning she did stand outside her door for ten minutes with Shou trying to get in, saying but mummy doesn't want you in there. I was trying to coax Shou - and Granny - in here when I heard her door close - she had taken Shou in there after ten minutes of not letting him in and knowing full well I was about five metres away. I really don't know what she is thinking some times. When hub went in to try and get Shou to come back in here Granny K ended up getting in huff and saying 'well, just bloody well pick him up and take him out then' - or equivalent thereof.

She was hungry.... ???? and wanted to have her breakfast.... ??? Fair enough, but why even come out at that time anyway if you are only going to say good morning and then run back to your room before having a proper play with the kids - especially as she complains about how little she gets to see them.

She went off with Hub and Shou for lunch. I asked if they could take Marina and hub at first said no - which just led to me doing the big 'so when I look after them I do it on my own but you and granny can't handle it together?' He changed his tune though and offered to take both of them but saying in same breath that there would be no messing round if he had both of them. Rightio then crap daddy - take Shou and bugger off for at least two hours with Granny K and leave Marina and I to have lunch on our own and have nap. Which we did.

It's frustrating that while I have to suck it in about him going off to work all day whenever I have to work it is such an ordeal - and I end up feeling guilty. Arrrgghhhh.


PS - do they let one adult on a plane with five kids?


illahee said...

sometimes yoshi is nearly as useless. *sigh* i HATE that i have to stay with them while he gets to choose. of course, it doesn't help that they want mommy to do EVERYTHING. men.

Sara said...

I enjoyed the convo you posted up, more please! Glad to know I am not the only one who married someone who says "man comments" which equal "huffy (pregnant) woman"

Congrats on the translation!!!! Hope you get the washing machine of your dreams!!! I want to get on that has the drying function as well.. how nice would that be... might have to sell a kidney, but you only need one right?