Sunday, 17 May 2009

Cheese and Bread

Would you believe that everything I ordered the other day arrived - and in fact the fejoa and manuka honey vodka arrived the day after I ordered it. The wine apparently arrived this morning and Granny K has it stashed out in the shed somewhere. FBC boxes also arrived. Had forgotten about the hokey pokey ice cream. Had to hide it all in the freezer - bar the cheese of course that got opened straight away. Shou has decided he is huge Australian Cheddar fan which I'm not too excited about. Will need to battle him for the cheese slice.

Had one comment saying thrush was called a 'yeast infection'. Am liking this title a lot better as only makes me feel like big loaf of bread as opposed to skanky hoe. Hub had the cheek to ask me if perhaps it was because of lack of personal hygiene. He said this after 'not hearing' the chemist lady, who was standing a meter away from him, say that such infections quite common in pregnant woman with hormone balance all out of whack.

Hub did grand performance with the kids today. I played the 36 week pregnant drama queen and had two hour nap with Marina in the morning while 'the boys' went out and then tried to keep elphantitis feet up on couch for much of the afternoon. Kids were on full volume though and grumpy mummy had to stand in a few times.

Lunch was one of those typical lazy Sunday affairs - although my picklets (hot cakes) in the shape of trees, stars and hearts took longer than anticipated! Dinner was much of the same with home made pizza on tortilla bases with Australian cheddar. Marina munched hers back and Shou, as per usual, took a lot of persuading.

Hub has rung his brother in the city, two hours away, and said he wont be staying the night this Wednesday when he is in the city for a three day promotion orientation conference bollocksy thing. He said to me 'if you don't wont me to stay I wont'. Now, I don't get the logic in this kind of statement. He knows full well I will probably worry myself into labor if I know I haven't got transport to the hospital in the middle of the night. Why even ask me if he can stay or not!! As conference finishes at half four on Wed, Thurs and Fri afternoon, and seeing as he isn't staying, I just presumed that he would then arrive home two hours later - at half six. But, almost in childlike retaliation for being told he couldn't stay over, he said he would drive to work and do a few hours there before coming home.

I have good mind to set his place for dinner each of those nights with a packet of frozen fried rice - still in the packet on a place mat.

Another man comment came out this afternoon - as I was putting away tortillas and ice cream in freezer (something freezer has NEVER seen the likes of before) when hub said

'there's a lot of frozen food in the freezer'

To me, this is akin to making comment like

'you're getting big (said to 36 week pregnant wife)'

So obvious it almost hurts being the person on the receiving end of such a profound statement.

Anyway, I shouldn't really bitch about the man as he did go above and beyond the call of duty today. He even made me sit on the couch this arvo and put my feet up on his lap for an ankle rub.

I am getting better at the wo is me pregnant woman act.

I just wish he was around more for me to take advantage of it.



Girl Japan said...

haha I am laughing at your "monostat" encounter-- infectious yeast infection-- lol

The only time I had one was when I was preggie to and it was horrible, so bad I thought I had crabs or something and went to the hospital...

Hormones were out-of-whack, never want to feel that again...

Oh.. I had Hokey Pokey last month, my husbands favorite..

illahee said...

your husband is funny, hey. kind of on both sides of the spectrum: loving, kind and sensitive one minute, complete boneheaded idiot the next. cute!

i'm hoping the next few days (weeks?) left of pregnancy are happy, calm and healthy!

Corinne said...

haha, My husband said exactly the same thing when I was preggers and got a yeast infection! He was all like "Honey, maybe you should use more soap down there"
I gave him the appropriate disgusted look, slap in the back of the head and direction to a website about pregnancy and how common yeast infections are. Good luck with what's left of your pregnancy!

The Boss said...

oh my god I just wrote my first blog - it was just as easy as you said although I do feel a bit funny about it - maybe we can keep up with each other better with this? 6 kids does make for BUSY life!

thefukases said...

So I'm not the only one with a logically bipolar husband? Don't know whether to scream or say thank you sometimes!

And overly hygenic care can cause problems too. Just ask DH who thought little girls needed lots of soap...

Oh and yup, I had a yeast infection, too and both mine turned out OK. ;)