Thursday, 28 May 2009


I saved a draft post yesterday but it didn't get posted for one reason or an other and now it is almost obsolete so will start again - in valiant effort to procrstinate from hanging out the washing.

It was Granny A's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Mum! We rang first thing in the morning but got the answer phone - into which Shou did stella rendition of happy birthday to ganny. Spoke to sister and she said mum was on jury duty all week - AGAIN. She seems to get picked quite often, but didn't seem too put out this time as while the crime had the potential for blood and guts there wasn't any.

She rang here at eleven pm NZ time - after getting back from dinner with dad and no doubt several / quite a few large glasses / buckets of wine. Talking to a squiffed person can be quite annoying unless both parties are of course equally squiffed in which case can be quite entertaining, albeit complete pile of bollocksy nonsense. Anyway, last night had surprisingly good conversation during which I didn't hear the word Fiji once - although she did say that we would not talk about that tropical island the whole family is holidaying at next year for belated 60th birthday celebrations. So we didn't.

Instead she told me quite amusing story about how the other jurors found out it was her birthday yesterday, therefore meaning she was cornered into bringing in birthday cake for self to share with everyone. She bought a cake. And, she brought a knife in her handbag - to cut the cake...

She got stopped going through security.

As you would with a whopping knife in your handbag at a gang member related court case.

Fortunately, if you were in possession of a cake and a knife and looked like an innocent 60 year old woman the guards let you through. Doubt very much hairy man with tatooes on face and leather bikey jacket would have same luck!

Anyhoo, the fire engine birthday card just happened to arrive yesterday and I had to apologise as other half still stuck in lamipacker getting fixed at the shop in town. Also, said small something on way via internet shopping. She is at Jury duty all day today and prezzie should be arriving today so can probably spill beans - ordered some ceramic tile coasters with the pic of Shou and Marina laughing her head off printed on them. Set of four or five come with very cool wooden stand. I can't remember using coasters at home so whether that is because we never had any or mum just keeps stashing them in the drawer and not bothering to use them I'm not sure.

Anyway, to the title of the post. The bunster and his southward venture is causing a lot of 'heat' and pressure in that particular area. Body trying to remind me little by little of what birth is like. Absolutely boggles mind that one could forget the pain. I made mistake of saying to hub...

me: asoko atsukunattekita na (literally - it's started getting hot down there)
hub: shitaitte koto (want a shag then?)
me: anna atsukunattekitajyanainn da (not that kind of hot)
hub: ara, zannenn (Oh, what a shame)

Poor hub, has been left out in the cold the past few weeks. Not through lack of effort on his part but. Is almost like he has sign round neck constantly that says 'fiddle with freely'. Unfortunately his gaijin wife can't even find effort to have a fiddle and has to tell him that a bit of self maintenance is really his only saviour for the next while until the bunster is out and she is ready to get back on the waggon. God help him if he tries to get leg over before I can walk properly.

Today, being Thursday is English class bonanza day. Fortunately no primary school class so chaos begins at half three and not half two. I have I think persuaded hub to come home straight after work as big tummy means everything ten times harder than usual and mummy meltdown gauge running at max. He asked me to please ring him at work at five pm so then he can answer phone in front of office and pretend like I am in much pain and he needs to go home. Oh well, I will do it anyway even though I think he should be a man and fess up that really he has to go home early once every four weeks to help exploding tummy wife before she sends the kids, the mother in law, the English students and self all to different rooms for time out. And I do believe that would be the good version of that scenario.

Well, time for nap. Have been awake since three since alarm clock in English teaching room mysteriously went off. Was in such deep slumber it took about ten minutes to register.



Girl Japan said...

Since three? Oh goodness I hope you are able to take a nap = )

thefukases said...

Sending you 'get through this day' vibes. Your Thursday is my Friday and EVERY WEEK I ask if it would be possible for K to be home before 8 and EVERY WEEK it doesn't happen. This morning he proudly told me he'd be home at 7:30. Wow... Nope, 'because I've got a water management group drinking do.' Hmmm hope he enjoys taking the girls with him...

Sara said...

Your conversation with the hub cracked me up!! Poor guy... well not so much really. Theres not action going on here either... a bit hard anyways with privacy shirazu PIL downstairs.

I wonder if the bunster just really really wants to be born on onii-chan and okaa-chans birthday as well... he might be quite the family man you know :P

Have a good one!! I know your Thursdays are pretty rough!!!

Midori said...

Your conversation with your hub cracked me up. If the bunster takes much longer to turn up, you might be approaching him to try and hurry things along a bit!! ;-)